6.4 Hemi vs 6.7 Cummins

Are you unsure which engine to choose between 6.4 Hemi vs 6.7 Cummins? Or are you currently using one of the two kinds of engines, but are open to the idea of switching?

For those who replied yes to any of the above questions, please read on. The following comparison of the 6.4 Hemi vs. 6.7-liter Cummins engines is provided for your convenience.

Features Of The Engines

6.4 Hemi

  • 4 liters of displacement
  • Powered by Gasoline
  • Combustion Chambers Shaped like a hemisphere.
  • The 2019 Ram 2500 has 410 horsepower.
  • The 2019 Ram 2500 has a torque of 429 lb-ft
  • The 2019 Ram 2500 pickup has a towing capacity of 16,320 lbs.
  • Minimum 89-octane gasoline is recommended.
  • Oil Cooler is Oil-to-water

6.7 Cummins

  • 7 liters of displacement
  • Powered by Diesel
  • The 2019 Ram 2500 has 370 horsepower
  • Torque of 850 lb-ft.
  • The 2019 Ram 2500 pickup has a towing capacity of 19,780 lbs.
  • The Net Engine Weight is 1060 lbs
  • Automatic transmission: 66RFE 6-speed
  • The fuel system is Bosch HPCR

6.4 hemi vs 6.7 cummins

Differences Of The Two: 6.4 Hemi Vs 6.7 Cummins


For a certain kind of car, the Hemi is generally more powerful than the 6.7 Cummins. For example, the 410 hp on a 2019 Ram 2500 is an example of this. Faster engine and speed owners choose to utilize this.

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Compared to the 6.4 Hemi in the same 2019 Ram 2500 model, the Cummins offers less horsepower (370 hp). Torque output makes it an excellent choice for heavy-duty vehicles. As a result, they’re best suited to heavy-duty vehicles that often tow trailers.


Because of the high production expenses, Hemi is often more costly whilst the Cummins engine costs less.


Because of their high durability, Hemi engines may be anticipated to last up to 250000 miles. However, if you don’t regularly haul hefty weights, their lifespan is extended. On the other hand, there is a maximum mileage of 350000 miles for Cummins. Since they are so long-lasting, they are ideal for pulling vehicles.


On the 2019 Ram 2500, a Hemi delivers 429 lb-ft of torque as a standard. For the same car models, Cummins engines have always been known to provide more torque than the 6.4 Hemi. To put it another way, while using the basic Cummins engine on the 2019 Ram 2500, the engine produced 855lb-ft of torque.

Towing Capacity

Hemi’s maximum towing capacity for the 2019 Ram 2500 was 16,320 pounds. As a result, the engine’s maximum speed would be limited to 35mph when hauling a big cargo up an inclining road for a lengthy period.

On a 2019 Ram 2500, Cummins can haul a whopping 19780 lbs thanks to its powerful engines. In addition, an air-leveling rear suspension is supported, which lets the vehicle adjust to shifting loads or situations. If you’re going to be hauling a lot of weight, a Cummins engine could be a better choice.

Fuel Efficiency

The Multi-Displacement System (MDS) engineering in a Hemi helped to drastically reduce gas usage. When not in use, up to four of the engine’s eight cylinders are turned off. Fuel pumping losses may be reduced by turning off the cylinders’ fuel supply.

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As a result, Cummins provides superior fuel management and a higher MPG of 17.5, compared to 15.7 MPG for the 6.4 Hemi on the Dodge Ram 2500 when tested.

Payload Capacity

For the 2019 Ram 2500, Hemi delivers a maximum payload capacity of 4050 pounds. Because of its high-speed automatic gearbox, this is feasible.

The cargo capacity of the 2019 Ram 2500 is marginally reduced when powered by a Cummins engine. The total weight was 3260 pounds. However, this engine’s towing capacity was increased as a result of a greater torque rating.


The cumulative mileage of a Hemi may reach up to 250,000 miles or more with proper usage and care. Heavy towing, on the other hand, usually results in a much worse gas economy than light towing.

For Ram pickups, Cummins can drive up to 350000 miles on a single charge. Regular engine maintenance, on the other hand, is required regularly.


Oil filters may be cleaned or a spare air filter can be kept on hand for Hemi’s basic maintenance. Furthermore, you should only use the prescribed oil.

Cummins demands extra maintenance, such as EGR coolers, head gaskets, and so forth. In addition, it is required to do routine maintenance on the air filter.

6.4 hemi vs 6.7 cummins

Related Questions

Which Is Better Hemi Or Cummins?

The Cummins is considered better than the Hemi in terms of long-term reliability and durability. However, the Hemi is typically more powerful. So, it depends on what you need the engine for.

If you need a powerful engine for speed, the Hemi is a better choice. If you need an engine that can handle heavy loads over long distances, the Cummins is the better choice. Ultimately, it depends on your needs.

 Is A Cummins Faster Than A Hemi?

It is common knowledge that the Hemi engine is more powerful and quick than the Cummins engine. However, the Cummins engine outperforms the Hemi in terms of durability and towing capacity for hauling big goods over long distances.

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 Is The 6.4 Hemi Good For Towing?

The 6.4 Hemi is good for towing, but the 6.7 Cummins is better. The Cummins engine has more torque, which is what you need for towing heavy loads. The 6.4 Hemi is still a good engine, but if you’re looking for the best possible towing performance, the 6.7 Cummins is the way to go.

 Is The Hemi 6.4 A Good Engine?

In general, the 6.4 HEMI is a robust, dependable engine with good power and fuel economy. It is undeniably not the most dependable engine on the market, but it is way ahead of the worst options.


We’ve done our homework and compared the 6.4 Hemi and 6.7 Cummins engines, and it’s clear that the 6.7 Cummins engine offers greater maximum towing capability, more torque, and superior fuel economy. They also had a better mile per gallon ratio than the 6.4 Hemi in terms of fuel economy.

Despite this, the 6.4 Hemi engines were proven to be more powerful and capable of carrying a heavier load than their predecessors. Compared to the 6.7 Cummins engine, they are more reliable and do not need as much upkeep.

So, although the 6.7 Cummins could seem to be superior on the surface, the choice between the two engines should be made solely based on the intended use and application.

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