6 Benefits of Carrying A Cordless Tire Inflator

The weight of your vehicle is supported by the desired pressure in your tires. These same tires enable you to load the car to its full capacity and move to whichever destination you choose. A cordless tire inflator can therefore be included among the must-have components of your vehicle survival kit. While it is inevitable that the wheels will need pressure adjustment at some point, you may not always get the opportunity to measure air pressure at the gas station.

Because we appreciate the liberty that comes with gearing up with the right equipment automotive tools, we are going to highlight the key benefits of carrying a cordless tire inflator. By the end of the article, you will figure out why we recommend you always have it fully charged and within reach.

The 6 Benefits of Carrying a Cordless Tire Inflator

1. They Help Sustain Optimum Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI) Of Tire Pressure

All tires are designed and constructed to perform optimally at specific PSI levels. Maintaining optimal tire pressure enables you to experience the tire comfort and performance for which both the tires and the vehicle were designed. It also increases the life of the tires, enhances fuel efficiency, and improves road safety for you as well as your fellow road users. A cordless tire inflator is highly effective in countering both over-inflation and under-inflation and their associated dangers.

Consequences of Tire Over-Inflation

Excessive pressure against the walls of the tire causes it to become taut and rigid and it will bulge out at the center of the thread. The bulge compromises traction and grip as the area of the contact patch between the tire and the ground is reduced. This leads to loss of maneuverability and an increased braking distance, especially at high speeds. There will be accelerated uneven thread wear, starting at the crown as only the bulging center tread has contact with the ground.

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The rigid tires translate to a bumpy ride as they will have reduced shock-absorbing capabilities, and this subjects the entire suspension system to wear and tear. The tires are also prone to tears, breakages, loss of pressure, and blowups from the slightest impact against debris on the road because of the tension buildup.

Consequences of Tire Under-Inflation

The tires will deform under the weight of the vehicle and start rolling excessively on the weaker sidewall. The deformation increases the tires’ drag and rolling resistance which means the vehicle will require more energy to cover the same distance. You will experience plummeting fuel efficiency and an associated increase in emissions.

The extra roll will also cause uneven wear, this time the tires’ shoulders will bear the brunt. Part of the sidewall is also subjected to the unforgiving ground which can lead to premature losses as they tear easier but can’t be plugged or repaired. The wheels are also subjected to damage as they ride closer to the ground.

With low tire pressure, there is increased friction and more heat is generated, especially if you are carrying a heavy load. These extremes intensify the wear of the rubber, bringing them closer to premature failure and might even cause a blowout, especially when driving at high speeds.

A cordless air inflator mitigates these losses by correcting the small pressure irregularities before they become significant enough to damage the tire’s internal structure

2. They’re a Helpful Emergency Backup

The road is unpredictable, and emergencies occur in many forms. Having a solid backup plan like a cordless tire inflator can promote peace of mind. Countless scenarios where it will come in handy come to mind. You might hit a pothole and the sudden shift of air causes the tire to deflate, catch a nail on the road, have a faulty brake caliper that is sticking out and producing friction against the wheel, or relatively worn-out tires finally giving in after colliding with hard objects.

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You could successfully repair a flat tire but remain stuck in the same place if you don’t have a means of adding or reducing tire pressure on site. A cordless tire inflator will go a long way in getting you out of the situation and the vehicle will be back on the road in no time.

3. They Offer Versatile Application

A cordless tire inflator provides instant control over the air pressure in each tire and by extension over the quality of the ride despite dynamic circumstances.

Sometimes you need to reduce the pressure and soften the tires because the terrain is rough or just to reduce their grind against rough surfaces. Grinding unsettles dust and silt which might compromise the braking system. You will also increase the contact patch with the ground which improves traction and maneuverability, especially on softer grounds. The reduced vibration and shock loading are good for the entire suspension system. Your portable inflator will still be on hand to reverse the process when you get back to the hard tarmac.

The best portable tire inflator can also be used to inflate other items besides your car’s tires. You can use it on a bike tire, motorcycle tire, scooter tire, inflatable boats, pool floatation items, sports balls, inflatable toys, or even an air mattress. They deliver you from the hassle of using a manual air pump.

4. They’re Convenient

Hand holding pressure gauge for car tyre pressure measurement

They are designed to be portable and are therefore compact, lightweight, and will not occupy much of your storage space. You can easily carry them along on your trips, ready to be deployed. You don’t need to run down to your local service station every time your tires need to be inflated or search for those elusive stations with air supplies if you are in unfamiliar territory.

It is easy to keep tires filled to the required levels as you can even inflate your tires at home as you complete other tasks or prepare for the trip. You end up saving a lot of time and avoiding scenarios that might lead to more time wastage in the future, like repairing tires or dealing with tire flats.

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5. They’re Self Sufficient

Cordless tire inflators are battery-based and can be deployed instantly without having to think about finding a power source and plugging them in when you need to use them. Selecting the right size power cord is not easy and navigating around them in an emergency is cumbersome. There are high chances you might come up short, especially if you are dealing with a larger vehicle like an SUV, van, or motorhome.

The best tire inflator will enable you to give each car tire the personal attention it requires for a balanced, smooth, and safe ride.

6. They Save on Costs

In light of the above, the cost savings that are made possible by having a cordless inflator in your car are numerous. You can save the money you would otherwise spend at your local mechanic checking pressure or repairing tires.

Because you can respond to your car’s pressure sensor, you are less likely to damage your tires and the extended lifetime expands your window for getting back returns on your investment. Other components of the suspension system also benefit from optimally inflated tires saving you on added maintenance expenses.

Final Words

We are yet to invent tires that can maintain their PSI indefinitely and the need to add or reduce pressure is a constant maintenance requirement if you want to optimize your driving experience. A cordless tire inflator or air compressor has multiple benefits with far-reaching advantages and should be one of your preferred hand tools for the job.

Remember to research your portable tire pump by comparing features like duty cycle, anti-vibration feet, digital pressure gauge, and air hose durability. Choose from top brands like the Avid Power Tire Inflator and Milwaukee Tool Compact Inflator for trusted air tools to send keep you on the move with ease.

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