5 Best Grease For Ball Joints 2022

Are you in search of the best grease for ball joints to eliminate that groaning when making a turn? Or is the increasing vibration in the front of the car giving you sleepless nights? Well, considering that you’re looking for ball joint grease, then you’re on the right path!

Such problems occur when your ball joints and other automobile components need greasing. So, what you’re hearing is friction! Why not listen to your car and give it what it needs? Grease!

Grease is a multipurpose lubricant that reduces friction by promoting smooth rotation and free movement.

There is one problem though! With so many options of grease for ball joints out there, which one do you choose? Relax!

Here are the 5 best options in the market at this very moment!

Our Top Picks

Best grease for ball joints – Valvoline General Purpose Amber Grease
Best grease for Moog ball joints – Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease
Best grease for U joints – Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Grease

Best Ball Joint Grease 2022: Review

1. Valvoline Moly-Fortified Gray Full Synthetic Grease 1 LB – Best ball joint grease

Valvoline Moly-Fortified Grease

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Besides temperature tolerance, you must consider the weight the grease will endure. So, if you’re applying grease on the ball joints of a truck or trailer, it must be powerful. This is because it will have to tolerate a lot of weight!

In that case, there is not better grease for ball joints than Valvoline Full synthetic grease! It will hold heavy loads, yet maintain its effectiveness.

Being a Moly-Fortified product, this grease has incredible film strength to tolerate heavy loads. Moreover, it’s also strengthened for extreme pressure. As such, you can use it on trucks, trailers as well as farm equipment like farm tractors.

Another great property of this grease is that it works well in temperatures ranging from -60 to 425°F. Thus eliminating hardening or depleting issues.

Its formula contains oxidation and rust inhibitors to enhance the components’ durability. Also, thanks to the relatively thin formula, you can easily pump this grease out with a typical grease gun!

Although this product is highly fortified, you can easily separate the components, even after prolonged storage. Just note that this product is not ideal for marine applications!

Highlighted Features

  • Exceptional pressure tolerance
  • Rust resistant
  • Ideal for ball joints in trucks/ trailers
  • High-temperature tolerance
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2. Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Grease 14.5 Ounce

Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Grease

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One thing that every car-owner considers when buying grease is its temperature tolerance. You intend to use your grease over and over again, right?

If the grease is not temperature-stable, it will either liquefy or harden under extreme conditions. This means that your money will go down the drain just like that! Who would want that?

That’s why you should consider investing in a product like Lucas Oil’s heavy-duty grease!

A product that can withstand high temperatures and pressures, even at top speeds! Also, thanks to the temperature-stable formula, you can use it in cold and cold environments!

This reliable greasing product will ensure that your vehicle’s ball joints are well lubricated. Even better, it’s a very budget-friendly option!

As if that’s not enough, this product has a unique water-resistant formulation. This ensures that it lasts up to 4X longer than typical grease products. Thus, with this grease, expect the durability of your car’s components to increase!

The product comes in a convenient 14.5 oz. grease gun cartridge. Because of its bright green color, you’ll be able to know if you’ve done a good job or not!

In addition to all those amazing features, this product is highly versatile. And you can, therefore, use it for various applications!

Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof formula
  • Ideal for high-speed ball joints
  • Withstands high temperatures

3. Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease

Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease

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Want a synthetic grease that you can use in any automotive application that needs lubrication? Whether you want to use it for chassis or even wheel applications! Then this multi-purpose product from Mobil might just be what you’re looking for!

Not to forget that you can use it in your car, truck, or even a trailer. It’s also considered the best grease for Moog ball joints. 

This product is available in a 12.5-ounce cartridge. Therefore, you can easily apply this grease to the desired area with a grease cartridge gun

The best thing about this grease is its lubing power guarantees durable structural stability. It has an added package that offers great EP properties. These properties enhance the product’s corrosion and oxidation resistance. It’s also worth noting that this grease is NLGI Grade 2 certified.

Regarding the temperature tolerances, this synthetic grease works well in temperatures ranging between -40 and 302°F. Therefore, this product is not affected by temperature when in use.

The only issue with this product is that you might observe some leaking from the grease gun during storage. Otherwise, it’s a highly versatile product that you can use for various automotive applications.

Highlighted Features

  • Temperature resistant
  • Structurally stable
  • 12.5 oz. grease cartridge

4. Mystik Multi-Purpose Grease

Mystik Multi-Purpose Grease

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Just by looking at the product name, you can easily tell that this grease is highly versatile. Therefore, you can use it for almost every automobile application that needs greasing. So, whether you want to lubricate tie rods, ball joints, and other components, this is the product for you!

You can apply this Mystik grease on a wide range of equipment, including race cars, trucks, and lawnmowers. Moreover, it is ideal for heavy-duty uses like farm tractors. All thanks to its high-pressure tolerant formulation.

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In addition to being highly versatile, you’ll be impressed by this product’s shock-absorbing ability. While every grease can absorb shock, this product takes it to a completely different level!

With this product, you’ll forget about any problem of tension or squeaking in the ball joints. This is because Mystik grease ensures a smooth, flawless movement!

Regarding the issue of temperature, this grease can withstand temperatures between -60 and 400°F.

Compared to similar products, this grease is a bit expensive. But, considering its exceptionally high-performance and versatility, it’s worth the price tag!

Highlighted Features

  • Superior shock-absorbing ability
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Multi-purpose red grease

5. SFR 2522 High Temperature Grease – Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Grease

SFR 2522 Grease

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To wind up our list is yet another universal product that’s ideal for comprehensive greasing applications. SFR 2522 grease is ideal for lubricating various automobile components including ball joints.

But wide-range applications is not what makes this product so unique! That would be its pressure resistance ability! This grease offers excellent lubrication for heavy-duty applications regular grease cannot handle.

What makes this product so superior in terms of pressure resistance? Well, just look at the product’s 14-oz can and you’ll see that its lithium complex formula is molybdenum-fortified. Besides, this grease contains additives that can withstand extreme pressure and heavy loads.

So, if you’re looking for the best ball joint grease for mining, excavation, and earthmoving machinery, look no further! Such heavy machinery exerts excessive pressure on their ball joints and bearings. That’s why you need this product.

As for temperature stability, this product can withstand temperatures ranging from -30 to 300 ° F.

Seeing that this product is designed for heavy-duty applications, you might expect it to be very costly, right? But that’s not the case at all! Instead, this product is one of the most affordable greases on this list!

Highlighted Features

  • Extreme pressure additives
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Ideal for all automotive and equipment applications

How to Choose The Best Ball Joints Grease

There are certain things you should always remember when buying grease for ball joints. Knowing these factors will increase your chances of buying the right grease. Here are some of them:

Pressure Resistance

Regardless of where you apply the grease, you’ll be subjecting it to some pressure. However, some applications result in more pressure than others. So, if you subject a grease with low-pressure resistance to extreme pressure, it will sheer, rendering it useless. Therefore, consider buying a grease that can withstand high pressure.

Temperature Resistance

Poor quality grease hardens and dries when exposed to cold temperatures. And when exposed to high temperatures, they liquefy and drizzle. Either way, the grease becomes paralyzed and unusable.

Avoid this problem by choosing a product that’s temperature stable. This will ensure that it does not harden or bleed in extreme weather conditions.


After applications, grease will stay on your ball joints for some time before losing its lubrication power. Some last for a few weeks, while others can even last for months. Which one would you prefer? The one that lasts for months, right? Otherwise, you’ll be forced to apply grease frequently if you go with the less durable option!

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Grease contains 2 main ingredients; a thickener and lubricant. Lubricants reduce friction, while thickener ensures grease consistency. Consistency is the property that determines how the grease resists flowing, otherwise known as viscosity. This in return determines how easy it is to apply the grease to your ball joints.

Viscosity is measured in numbers ranging between 0 and 6. 6-rated grease products are very hard, while 0-rated ones are nearly liquid. The best grease for ball joints should at least have a rating of 2.

Frequently Answer Questions

1. Can you drive a car with bad ball joints?

Of course, you can. But it’s not recommended since its steering wheel will be unstable. This will cause the car to drift sideways, which might cause an accident if you lose control! Quite risky indeed!

2. How do you apply grease on ball joints?

Applying grease to ball joints is a straightforward and quick process. Just load the grease on a cartridge gun. Then aim the destination closely and trigger the gun. Easy-peasy!

3. Can I apply grease on ball joints without a cartridge gun?

The benefit of using a cartridge gun is that it makes work easier and saves time. If you don’t have one, you can apply the grease with a spray tube. However, this technique wastes lots of greases and doesn’t allow perfect penetration.

4. Why does grease for ball joints have different colors?

The color of the grease indicates its ingredients. For instance, green grease products contain lithium as one of their ingredients.

5. What kind of grease is ideal for ball joints?

The best kind of grease to use in ball joints is heavy-duty lithium synthetic grease. This is because this type is more durable than others.

Final Words

Before you buy the ball joint grease, always think about the quality you’re looking for. Besides, ensure that it can withstand heavy load as well as a wide temperature range. That will always help you choose the best product and save you some money as well.

Lucky for you, those are some of the things we considered carefully when choosing the above products. So, feel free to choose one of these products. And, rest assured, you’re choosing one of the best grease products out there!

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