The Best Pegboard Hooks in 2022

Are your carpentry tools or garage tools scattered randomly in your workshop? Such improper organization leads to time wastage as you look for a certain tool and even take up more space. To solve that problem, you decided to get yourself a pegboard.

Sure, a pegboard will help you to hang various tools for convenient access. But, you can’t use it on its own! Instead, it must be accompanied by pegboard hooks!

These hooks come in many designs, which can be very challenging for consumers. In this article, we’ll help you choose some of the best pegboard hooks out there. They are durable, sturdy, and stylish. Moreover, they’ll help you to hang your tools securely on the pegboard. With that in mind, let’s go through each of these products!

10 Best Pegboard Hooks Reviews

1. Frimoony Pegboard Hooks Assortment with Pegboard Bins for Organizing Various Tools

FRIMOONY Pegboard Hooks Assortment

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If you’re looking for the most versatile and durable pegboard hooks, these FRIMOONY hooks will be a great option. The package comes with 80 pieces containing 13 different kinds of hooks. Therefore, you don’t have to buy another set of hooks for different purposes.

Regarding durability, these heavy-duty hooks are crafted from long-lasting and sturdy iron. Not to forget that the nickel coating, which makes it both rust- and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, you can even use them in moist and humid areas. The coating also enhances the hooks’ attractiveness.

These hooks are compatible with most standard 1/4” and 1/8” pegboards with a spacing of 1”. For that reason, they’re perfect for any mounting storage around your home.

The package also comes with pegboard bins, which are made of superior polypropylene material. So, rest assured these pegboard hooks for tools can hold items weighing at least 2 pounds. If you want to hold heavier weight, use more than 1 hook.


  • Resist rust and corrosion
  • Different hooks are ideal for various purposes
  • The pegboard bins can hold tiny objects


  • Short hook on the bins

2. Neiko Pegboard Hanging Hook Garage Organizer Kit

Neiko Pegboard Hooks

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To create a stunning workspace in your home or garage, you might need different pegboard hooks. That’s why manufacturers like NEIKO offer products like this 50 pcs assortment! Besides, these hooks are extremely strong that they can hold tools weighing up to 4 pounds. This is because they’re hardened to increase strength. Thus, they can hold heavier tools than same-sized standard steel rods.

Since all hooks are L-shaped, you can use it for a workshop, shed, workbench, and garage. You can even use them in your kitchen to hold a few items. Each of these pegboard hooks is 4 inches long.

Another great thing with these hooks is that they’re compatible with all universal pegboards with 1” spacing. They are 1/8” wide, making them ideal for pegboards with 1/8” holes. In addition to the hardened steel construction, they have a nickel coating. This coating protects the hooks from both rust and corrosion.

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  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with all universal pegboards
  • Corrosion- and rust-resistance


  • Limited use since they only have one design

3. NAVSEEK Pegboard Hooks Assortment

NAVSEEK Pegboard Hooks Assortment

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When versatility is the main thing you’re looking for in pegboard hooks, then this NAVSEEK product is all you need. The package comes with 114 pieces of assorted pegboard hooks. And that’s not all! The entire pack includes 15 different types of hooks.

These pegboard organizers and hooks can fit in any standard-sized pegboard. This includes those pegboards whose holes diameter measure 1/4” and 1/8” with 1-inch spacing. The hooks have clips that make them attach firmly on the pegboard.

The package comes with 5 bins for storing small objects. You’ll also note that the attachments feature metal hooks. These hooks enable you to attach the bins to the pegboard strongly. Thanks to the 2 hooks on each bin that you fit well in the pegboard without sagging. So, unlike in typical plastic pegboard bins, these are very durable and they will not snap or break. However, these bins are not that large.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Fits in most standard pegboards
  • Great assortment of pegboard items


  • Not ideal for heavy tools

4. WallPeg locking Pegboard Hooks

WallPeg locking Pegboard Hooks

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J-shaped pegboard hooks are considered to be more beneficial than L-shaped ones. This is because they’re one of the easiest types of hooks to use. And if you’re looking for the best J-shaped hooks out there, then this product from WallPeg will suit your needs.

Unlike most J-style hooks, WallPeg hooks are lightweight, yet very strong and durable. Hence, they can hold items weighing up to 3 pounds. They’re crafted from heavy-duty recycled polypropylene material.

The entire set comes with 100 pieces of black J-style pegboard hooks. This black color enhances its appearance and offers a good finishing.

Each hook fits tightly on most pegboards. Also, they have a patented flex lock that holds the hook firmly. Therefore, you can even move the pegboard without the mounted items falling off.

To add more safety, their hook system features a smooth surface. For that, your items will not be scratched when mounted on this hook.


  • Easy to attach to the pegboard
  • Environment friendly
  • Attaches firmly to the pegboard


  • The pegs break easily during installation

5. Presa Heavy-Duty Metal Pegboard Hooks

Presa Heavy-Duty Metal Pegboard Hooks

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Imagine having good looking, durable, and strong pegboard hook in your garage! Well, that’s what you’ll get when you buy these Presa pegboard hooks. All thanks to the heavy-duty long-lasting construction.

The product comes with 50 L-shaped durable hooks. This gives you enough pegboard accessories to organize most of your tools. Each hook is 8 inches long and fits in ¼” pegboard holes. It’s ideal for holding cords or wires, household tools, and other items.

The heavy-duty construction of this pegboard hooks for tools offers enough strength to hang heavy items. So, feel free to hang any item, including heavy accessories, provided you pegboard can hold it!

These hooks have a chrome-coated finish that gives them a nice clean look. Thus, this tool is a great addition to give your garage or house that attractive look. Besides, this coating protects them from rusting and enhances their durability. So, you don’t have to worry about the coating chipping off as while hanging your tools.


  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty construction to enhance durability
  • Rust resistance


  • Not compatible with 1/8” pegboards

6. NEIKO 53102A Pegboard Hook Organizer Kit | Great for Wall Hanging and Shelving

NEIKO 53102A Pegboard Hooks

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Seeing that this is the 2nd product on our list from the same manufacturer, you know that NEIKO is a reputable brand. The NEIKO 53102A model comes with a set of 50 L-shaped pegboard hooks. Each hook has a length of 6” and weighs 2.5 pounds.

You can use this multipurpose organizer assortment for hanging or storing various tools on the pegboard. Even though the hooks are thin, they do a great job. This is because they are made with hardened steel, which provides more strength.

Their ends are also angled to add more strength when attached to the pegboard. But, you can also add a zip tie at both ends to enhance optimum hold. They’re then coated with nickel to prevent corrosion and rusting.

These pegboard hooks can fit in all ¼” pegboards, provided they’ve got a spacing of 1-inch. Because of their versatility, you can use these hooks in various workspaces like offices, kitchens, and garages.

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  • Ideal for many tools and applications
  • Rust-resistant and durable
  • Great value
  • Quality construction


  • Only includes L-shaped hooks

7. Right Arrange Steel Pegboard Hooks that Don’t Fall Out

Right Arrange Steel Pegboard Hooks

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Most pegboard hooks have peg locks that hold them tightly on the pegboard. However, even with those locks, some hooks fall out after some time. If you’re experiencing such problems with your pegboard accessories, it’s time to advance. And get yourself this Right Arrange Pegboard hooks.

Unlike most hooks, this set of pegboard hooks doesn’t have plastic peg locks. Instead, the unit has 2 prolonged hooks that ensure the product stays in place. Once you install them, they’ll not snap or break! The hooks are slightly angled upwards. This allows them to hold items more conveniently.

Another plus is that they’re compatible with any universal pegboard out there. So, whether the holes of your pegboard are 1/8”, ¼” or even 3/16”, these hooks will work for you.

This package comes with a set of 50 hooks and it’s available in stainless steel and black color. This product is considered as the best pegboard hook for pliers.


  • Compatible with all types of pegboards
  • Multipurpose hooks
  • Affordable


  • Only 1 type of hook

8. Calax Metal Pegboard Hook J Style for Peg Board Tool Organizer

Calax Metal Pegboard Hook

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As one of the best pegboard hooks set from Calax, this product comes with 85 pieces of accessories. The best thing about these hooks is that you can adjust them to 2 pegboard sizes; ¼” and 1/8”. Thus, these hooks will be very useful for various home organization projects. For instance, you can use them to store stretch cords, tools as well as organizer items.

Each hook has black removable locks that hold the hooks to the pegboard tightly. This also makes them extremely easy to install and remove it from the pegboard.

With different kinds of accessories, this set will enable you to organize your things better. Whether it is in the kitchen, garage, shop, basement or even tool shed, this product offers everything you need.

Instead of buying extra pieces of pegboard accessories, we recommend buying this assortment, Doing so will save you money, time as well as effort. You’ll also find the bins very useful for storing small items in your home.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Affordable price
  • Fits all ¼” and 1/8” pegboards


  • Little bins

9. Oyydecor Pegboard Hooks Assortment Organizing Tools for Kitchen Craft Room

Oyydecor Pegboard Hooks Assortment

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Some items are too heavy to hang on pegboard hooks. Also, most pegboards bins are too small to hold such items. So, if you’ve many bulky tools, consider buying a pegboard hook for power tools like this Oyydecor product instead!

The product comes with 122 metal pegboard hooks as well as 3 different-sized pegboard baskets. Unlike bins, pegboard baskets are strong and large enough to hold bulky items. You can use these baskets and hooks on both 1/4” and 1/8” pegboards. They have black peg locks that hold them on the board tightly and make them easy to use.

As for the construction, these hooks are made of superior, durable iron material. The hooks are then electroplated to protect them from corrosion and rusting. While the baskets have a long-lasting vinyl coating, making them extremely easy to clean and rust-resistant. You can use the baskets to store paint brushes, athletic equipment, extension cords, and other tools.


  • Resists corrosion and rust
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Ideal for various applications


  • The baskets could be better

10. NAVSEEK Pegboard Hooks Assortment with Metal Hooks Sets

NAVSEEK Pegboard Hooks Assortment

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NAVSEEK is one of the best manufacturers of metal and plastic pegboard hooks among other items. This product ranks among the most versatile pegboard accessories available today.

With a total of 228 pieces of various metal hooks, you can use it for a wide range of applications. Whether you want to organize your basement, kitchen, shed, workshop, or even garage, this is a product for you!

The hooks are crafted from professional-grade, durable metal. Thus protecting them from corrosion and rust. Also, each pegboard hook has a removable peg lock that holds them tightly to the pegboard. Not to forget that they’re compatible with every standard 1/4” and 1/8” pegboard with 1-inch spacing. For the storage of small items, the package comes with 10 pegboard bins!

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You’ll also love that this product comes with a 1-warranty as well as a 45-days money-back guarantee. If that doesn’t convince you about the reliability of the product, we don’t know what will!


  • Worth the price
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Highly versatile


  • The removable peg locks come uninstalled

What to Look For While Buying a Pegboard Hook?

When buying any product, there are those factors that you consider, right? Well, pegboard accessories are not any different, especially if you want to choose the best pegboard hooks. Some of these factors include;

Pegboard size

Before you settle on a certain set of pegboard hooks, you must consider your pegboard’s size. You can’t just buy any pegboard hook! So, make sure that the holes you intend to buy can fit in your pegboard’s holes. Otherwise, you might end up hooks that aren’t compatible with your pegboard.

Number of pegboard hooks

This will also be affected by the hole’s spacing and size of your pegboard. From the listed products, you can see that different brands come with different numbers of hooks. Therefore, you should buy the right number of pegs that will fit in your pegboard


Construction of the pegboard hook is important since it determines if it’s durable and strong enough to hang various objects. Thus, consider the material type used to make the hook before you make a buying decision.

Some pegboard hooks are made with plastic, while others are made with metal. So, make your decision wisely!

Frequently Answer Questions

How much weight do pegboards hold?

This is dependent on various factors like pegboard material and thickness. In general, thicker and metal pegboards can hold more weight than non-metal and thinner pegboards. Standard non-metal pegboards can hold about 100 pounds, with each hold holding approximately 5 pounds. However, you should not hang the maximum weight on the pegboard to extend its lifetime.

How do you attach the hooks firmly on the pegboard?

Pegboard hooks are designed to attach firmly to your pegboard. However, they can become loose with time. If that happens, you can use glue or wire to secure them tightly. Alternatively, you can buy peg locks to keep them in place. You can also buy hooks with a lock system since they never fall off any pegboard.

Are pegboard hooks durable?

Most pegboard hooks are crafted from high-quality sturdy material to enhance their durability. Moreover, they are coating with chrome, zinc, or nickel to prevent corrosion and rusting. Thus extending their life even further!

What is the best type of pegboard hooks?

With so many types of peg hooks, it’s very hard to settle on a certain type. However, you should always choose a pegboard hook that fits in the holes of your pegboard.

How much space should be left behind the pegboard?

Although some people may think that this is a non-issue, you have to consider the space behind your pegboard. This is because that space ensures that your hooks are installed properly. We usually recommend a space of about 1/2”.

Final Thoughts

Before you settle on a certain pegboard hook, you have to identify your needs first. If you don’t know your needs, you might end up buying an ineffective product. Meaning you’ll have wasted both your precious time and money.

Luckily, by going through this article, we’re certain you’ll not experience any of that frustration. Especially considering that we’ve only included the best pegboard hooks out there on our list!

Just consider the factors we’ve stated above and go through the review of each product. Once you do that, feel free to pick the product that will meet your needs! Besides saving you time and money, you’ll have chosen a high-quality and durable product that guarantees better organization!

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