Best Refrigerators With A 15 Or 20 Amp Power Supply

There are a lot of different types of refrigerators on the market these days. If you’re looking for a refrigerator 15 or 20-amp, there are a few different options available to you. They are more energy-efficient and use less electricity. They also keep food fresher and longer and help you save money on your grocery bill.

If you are looking for the best refrigerator with a 15 or 20 amp power supply, here is a list of the top five models:

Top 5 Refrigerator 15 Or 20 Amp


The LG LFXC24726S is a great refrigerator. It is Energy STAR Qualified and has a Tall Ice & Water Dispenser. The Smooth Touch Control makes it easy to use, and the Smart Cooling Plus System keeps your food fresh. The Glide N’ Serve Drawer is a great feature, and the overall design is very sleek and modern. This is a highly recommended refrigerator!


The Samsung RF28HMEDBSR is a great fridge for families who want to be organized. The fridge has two compartments, a top freezer, and a bottom refrigerator. The bottom refrigerator has an LED display with a water and ice dispenser. You can also adjust the shelves to fit your needs. The EZ-Open handle makes it easy to open the fridge. The Samsung RF28HMEDBSR also has a sleek design.

The Samsung RF28HMEDBSR is Energy Star certified, meaning it meets strict energy efficiency specifications. The fridge uses Twin Cooling Plus to keep food fresh. The fridge also produces up to 10 lbs. of ice per day. High-Efficiency LED lighting is designed to use less energy.

GE Profile Series ENERGY STAR

The GE Profile™ Series ENERGY STAR® refrigerator is one of the best refrigerators you can buy. It has a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish and hands-free autofill feature that makes it very easy to use. The temperature-controlled drawer ensures that your food stays fresh and accurate settings deliver the optimal temperature. The second icemaker option is a great feature to have if you need extra ice on hand.

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The separate climates in the fresh food and freezer sections help keep your food fresher for longer. This refrigerator also uses the RPWFE replacement filter which is very easy to find and replace. The showcase LED lighting is another great feature that makes it easy to see what is inside the fridge. The quick space shelf and drop-down tray are also great features that make this refrigerator very user-friendly.

KitchenAid KRFC704FBS

The KitchenAid KRFC704FBS is a high-end refrigerator that offers plenty of features and space to keep your food fresh. The Preserva Food Care System includes two humidity-controlled crispers, a meat drawer, and an adjustable shelf that can be used for either produce or meat. The under-shelf prep zone has a cutting board, storage for knives and spices, and a built-in colander.

The slide-away shelf makes it easy to reach items in the back of the fridge, and the platinum interior design with premium wood finish accents looks great in any kitchen. This fridge also has full-extension self-close fresh seal crispers that keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2368TF

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, you may want to consider the Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2368TF. This fridge is certified by ENERGY STAR and features an external control lock, water filter indication, and auto-close drawer. The basket divider and LED interior lighting are also nice touches.

In Terms Of Amps, How Much Does A Refrigerator Use?

As a general rule, the normal refrigerator draws 725 watts of power and 15 to 20 amps, which may account for 10% or more of your entire energy consumption in your house. You need to know a few technical words to fully comprehend them.

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The rate at which energy is converted to electricity is expressed in watts, with one watt equaling one kilowatt-hour. At the absolute least, the wattage of your refrigerator should be shown on the appliance’s energy usage label. Using this value, you may figure out how much current your device is putting out.

refrigerator 15 or 20 amp

How Much Power Is Drawn By A Refrigerator Compressor?

It is the amount of electricity consumed by a refrigerator compressor to chill the compartment that is measured in Refrigerator Amps. Typically, 120 V refrigerators have an amperage range of 3 to 5. Dedicated 15–20 amp circuits are required since the beginning amperage might be rather high. Aside from checking the compressor’s power usage, you should also take note of its overall specs.

Is A Refrigerator Necessary To Have A Dedicated Circuit?

When planning a new house, it’s essential to consider the electrical needs of the kitchen, which includes anything from stoves and freezers to microwaves and toasters. With the arrival of today’s modern appliances, a single circuit was often sufficient to power a kitchen in older houses, which were constructed before their debut. However, if many contemporary kitchen appliances are utilized at once, the circuit breaker may be tripped. Creating a separate circuit for the refrigerator is one method to avoid this problem.

If you want your refrigerator to run at its optimum, it’s ideal to put it on a separate circuit from the rest of your home’s wiring.

Typical domestic refrigerator power consumption ranges from 500 to 750 watts. A 750-watt appliance will use 6.8 amps of power when connected to a 110-volt supply. Watts divided by Volts Equals Amps is the formula for converting watts to amps. A conventional 15-amp circuit will consume around half of the available amperage, while a 20-amp circuit will use about one-third of the available amperage.

Remember to include a 20% to 30% margin of error. During normal operation, a circuit should only be able to handle 80% of its rated load. Under these conditions, a 15-amp circuit’s actual load rating would be 12 amps. 5.2 amps is the recommended operating reserve capacity for a 6.8-amp load on the circuit. However, even with a bigger safety buffer of 20 amps, caution is advised. When the refrigerator’s compressor is running, a 15-amp circuit would probably not be able to handle a microwave or toaster, resulting in a tripped circuit breaker.

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The chance of an unexpected power loss is another reason to have a separate circuit for refrigerators. The breaker will cut electricity to the circuit in the event of an overload. The circuit breaker will need to be manually reset to restore electricity in this case. Even if the power goes off for a few minutes, this won’t be a big deal. It’s possible that food in the fridge and freezer can rot during long power outages when no one at home is there to check on it.

Final Thoughts

A refrigerator is one of the most essential appliances in any kitchen. Not only does it keep food fresh, but it also plays a vital role in food safety. When shopping for a new fridge, be sure to consider its power usage. A fridge with a higher wattage rating will use more electricity than a similar model with a lower rating.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be more expensive to operate. Some newer models are designed to be more energy-efficient than older models, so they may cost less to run despite having a higher wattage rating.

When choosing a new fridge, it’s also important to consider the amperage rating of the compressor. A fridge with a higher amperage rating will require a dedicated circuit. If you’re not sure whether your kitchen has the electrical capacity to support a new fridge, consult with a qualified electrician before making your purchase.

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