The Best Undercoating for Trucks in 2022

Your truck’s underside is a very sensitive part. It comes into contact with various elements like water, chemicals, and other dirt and debris from the road on a regular basis. As such, the metal components end up being affected by corrosion and rust. Hence reducing the useful life of your truck and lowers its value.

What can be done to avoid that?

For starters, you can maintain and wash the truck regularly. However, that process is both time-consuming and a little expensive. And that’s why you should consider using the best undercoating for trucks instead!

We have researched many undercoating products and highlighted the quality ones in the market at the moment. Furthermore, we’ve created an extensive buying guide to help you choose the best one for your truck.

So, let’s get started right away!

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5 Best Undercoating Products to Keep Your Truck Rust Free : Review

1. Rust-Oleum 248656 Professional Grade Undercoating

Rust Oleum 248656 Professional Grade Undercoating

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Rust-Oleum is one of the best and most reliable brands when it comes to undercoating products. That’s why we’re recommending that you try out this Pro-grade & paintable undercoating spray from them.

This spray forms a black rubberized coating that protects your truck from corrosive elements like salts, moisture, and chemicals. Moreover, it has the ability to withstand abrasion and deaden sound as well as road noise efficiently.

Another plus for this product is how simple it is to use, even for beginners. It comes in a 15 oz. can with a comfortable spray tip. As such, you can easily spray the undercoating at all angles without fatigue. As for the coverage, this can cover an area of about 10 to 15 sq. ft. and it takes less than 1 hour to dry to touch. For excellent results, we suggest that you apply 2- 3 layers of coat.

In addition to trucks, you can use it on primed or bare chasses of cars, RVs, trailers, and recreational vehicles.

You’ll also be surprised to know that this product is among the most affordable and best undercoating for new trucks out there. So, don’t let price hinder you from getting rid of that rust on your truck’s underbelly!


2. 3M Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating

3M Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating

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If you’ve got an older truck, you’ve probably noticed that the undercarriage becomes noisier over time. Well, why not get yourself this 3M rubberized undercoating and minimize that noise! This is because it deadens sounds by sealing small cracks and holes.

It’s also considered as one of the best truck undercoating sprays, thanks to its rubberized coating and convenient application. That coating provides long-lasting protection from various eroding factors like weathering, abrasion, chipping, and rusting. In addition to preventing rust formation, 3M undercoating gets rid of all the existing traces of rust!

Regarding application, this asphalt-based product comes in a simple-to-use 16 oz. aerosol can. Not to forget that it has a no-run formulation. Therefore, you can easily apply it just like paint without causing messes. Besides, it has better sticking power than most undercoating sprays.

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After spraying, an even layer builds up on your truck’s underside. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can only use this 3M undercoating on trucks. Instead, it also works on recreational vehicles and cards.

The only issue with its application is that it leaves an unpleasant smell. Luckily, that smell completely wears off after a short period of time. However, you should always wear a protective mask and gloves during application.

3. Rusfre Automotive Spray-on Rubberized Undercoating

Rusfre Automotive Spray-on Rubberized Undercoating

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Unlike the two undercoatings above, this one from Rusfre coms in a large 1-gallon container. So, if you want to buy an undercoating in bulk for a long-term solution, it’s the best option.

It has a rubberized chemical formulation that prevents rusting effectively. Even better, it offers great adhesion to unpainted as well as painted surfaces. Moreover, it has bound fibers that enable it to prevent chipping, peeling, and cracking.

Another great thing about the formula is that it has rust inhibitors. In addition to the prevention of rust, this formula minimizes sounds coming from the undercarriage, when wells, quarter panels, and fenders.

When it comes to application, you can either brush on this undercoating or use a spray bottle. So, the application process is all up to you! After application, the coating dries very fast, ensuring that it doesn’t crack or even sag.

One issue with this product, though, is that its formula is tar-based. Therefore, its application can be quite messy. Also, it’s only ideal for undercoating your vehicle’s underside. But, if that is what you’re looking for, then this one from Rustfre is such a great option!

4. Dynatron Dyna-Pro Undercoating

Dynatron Dyna-Pro Undercoating

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Powered by 3M, this Dyna-Pro product also ranks among the best truck undercoating since it makes the underbody rust-proof. Its formula has an electro-mechanism that bonds its molecules tightly, forming a strong protective barrier against chipping and rust. So, even when applied on rusted surfaces, it leaves a smooth, glossy look!

This rubberized coating also forms a long-lasting barrier against other elements like weather and salt spray. As such, using this undercoat is similar to covering a vulnerable car’s undercarriage with a layer of rubber. Just that it’s paintable and matches different kinds of undercarriage colors.

During the application, you can either use a brush or spray gun. This is because it is available in a 1-gallon container and it has a flexible, yet fast-drying coating. You can also find it in 5-gallon containers, meaning you can finish any sized task. Furthermore, it has excellent anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion, and sealing properties. Not to forget that it deadens any noise coming from the truck’s undercarriage.

The main drawback of this undercoating is that it does not have great adhesion on older undercoats or greasy surfaces. Therefore, you’ve to rub and prepare the surface before application, which can take a lot of time.

Other than that, its superior corrosion resistance formula does a great job of protecting your truck from rust damage.

5. CRC Industries Rubberized Undercoating

CRC Industries Rubberized Undercoating

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Imagine spraying your truck, only for the surface to be left with defects? What an unattractive look, right? Well, that’s one indication that the undercoat is not very effective. Luckily, with this rubberized undercoat from CRC Industries, you’ll be able to avoid such problems!

This product offers a low-cost solution, and yet it’s very effective. So, rest assured that your truck’s undercarriage will always be properly maintained.

It’s a heavy-duty undercoat spray that has the ability to withstand elements responsible for corrosion like salt and humidity. Besides, it’s very versatile and you can use it in various areas like electrical connections, metal surfaces, and engine components.

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In addition to that, this undercoat is soundproof as well. Therefore, it will help to insulate the truck’s cabin from outdoor noise. It’s also worth noting that its formula has low VOCs. This helps it to dry fairly quickly, providing noticeable results in the shortest time possible!

This spray also ensures that you have got a long-term undercoat solution, thanks to its extensive durability. You just need one coat to keep your truck’s undercarriage in great shape, saving you both time and money!

So, if you want a low-budget, yet the best truck frame undercoating solution, this one will not disappoint you.

Features to Look For When Buying The est Undercoating For Trucks

Before you decide to settle on a certain undercoating for your truck, there are some things one should consider. Some of those considerations include;


If you are a D-I-Yer, then it’s good to choose an undercoating that is extremely easy to use. This can be a product with a straightforward application technique like aerosol spraying. However, if you are a professional, there is no problem in choosing a pro-grade undercoating.


Ensure that you select undercoating for trucks that are reasonably priced. You can do that by comparing the prices of various products online through sites like Amazon. Alternatively, you can head to any repair shop and make your comparison from there.


The truck’s underside is usually vulnerable to eroding elements. As such, you should choose an undercoat that has enough strength to resist those elements. It should also be water-resistant to some extent. This will ensure that water doesn’t erode the coat when you are washing the truck.


Another important thing one should consider is the coating’s thickness. If the coat is too thin, you’ll have to apply at least 2 to 3 layers. Besides, it may not be effective in rust-proofing your truck. Contrarily, if the undercoat is too thick, it can cause damage to your truck’s underside. Therefore, the best option is to go with an undercoat with a medium thickness.

Benefits of Undercoating

Benefits of undercoating

When done correctly, applying an undercoat to your truck can have many benefits. Knowing these benefits will hopefully encourage you to get you one for your truck. Here are some of them:

  • Provides an extra protection layer against corrosion: By undercoating your truck, you instantly give it an extra layer to protect it from rust and corrosion. Therefore, when you’re on the road, corrosive elements and debris will encounter the undercoat, instead of its metal components.
  • Extends your truck’s life: Corrosion tends to affect various car components including metal surfaces, wires, and cables. When these parts are eroded, the life of the truck will automatically reduce. However, if you apply an undercoat, you protect those components and extend their life.
  • Reduce Interior noise: since undercoating for trucks has a rubberized coat, they seal the whole undercarriage, creating a noise barrier. This makes the interior of the truck quieter when you’re on the road.
  • Saves Money: Repairing the underside of a truck can be very costly. Sometimes, the repair costs can even exceed the value of your truck. Luckily, since undercoating protects the underside from damage and rust, such costly repairs will be eliminated.

Types of vehicle undercoating

There are various types of undercoating for trucks, depending on their key ingredients. The most common types in the market today include;

1. Rubber & Petroleum-based

Petroleum-based sprays have oil as their main ingredient. This makes them ideal for protecting your vehicle undercarriage against salt. Furthermore, they have better water resistance than water or paraffin sprays. You can find their formulas in both paint and spray form.

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2. Asphalt-based sprays

This type of undercoating provides a higher protection level that is perfect for heavy machinery, recreational vehicles, and large trucks.

They are also ideal for sealing cracks and holes or creating a strong barrier for the undercarriage. However, when these products dry, they are not paintable. As such, they’re only available in spray form. Besides, they’re very durable and works on various automobiles, including trucks, cars, military, and all-terrain vehicles.

3. Paraffin & Water-based sprays

Water-based sprays have a fast drying time and they’re very easy to apply. Nonetheless, they’re quite thin, meaning you need to apply many coats to create a thick barrier. On the other hand, paraffin-based are similar to water-based products, but they are slightly stronger. They are available in the paint-on formulation and aerosol spray cans. Furthermore, they’re more durable than typical water sprays.

Frequently Answer Questions

1. How often should I undercoat my truck?

We recommend that you apply a new undercoating to your truck’s underside at least once a year. You can also apply it before the start of the winter season since tires tend to flip ice, rocks, dirt, and moisture to the truck’s body. However, for people living near the sea, they should apply a fresh coat twice a year, as the undercoat is removed by salt particles.

2. Is it necessary to undercoat a new truck?

Most modern vehicles have been galvanized with steel, making them rust-resistant. Galvanized steel contains a zinc coating that provided extra protection by ensuring iron doesn’t react with oxygen. Therefore, it may not be necessary to undercoat the new models of vehicles.

3. Can I undercoat the underside without removing the wheels?

Even though removing the wheels when undercoating the underside isn’t a requirement, it’s highly recommended. This is because overspray can happen during the application process, and you don’t want it to stick on the wheels. Besides, having an undercoat on the wheels can make the vehicle wobble or throw it off balance when driving.

4. Can you apply an undercoat over rust?

Of course. It is possible to undercoat a rusty vehicle, and doing so will prevent further damage. Just note that it may not be as effective as it would be on a brand new vehicle. Furthermore, if you don’t use a quality undercoating, rust below the coat may start to grow again and eventually pass through the coverage.

5. Is undercoating a truck worth it?

Yes. The undercarriage of a truck comes into contact with corrosive elements like water, dirt, debris, and chemicals. So, by undercoating the underside, you’re protecting it from rust and corrosion.

Final Words

Applying the best undercoating for trucks ensures that your vehicle is protected from rust, corrosion, and other harsh elements. Regardless of the option, you choose to go with, all of them provide an excellent rust-proof solution for your truck’s undercarriage.

Just remember that all the undercoats we’ve included on our list are not created the same. Therefore, you’ll find out that they have different features. So, make sure you choose an undercoating that meets your needs. Also, ensure that it meets the factors we stated in the buying guide above!

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