Best Wood Screws In 2022 – With expert Buying Guide

Connecting pieces of wood are not an easy task while doing wood-related jobs. Woodworkers mostly use wood screws, which are mainly useful as a wood fastener.

The market never fails to offer a variety of wood screws. This variety makes buyers confused. Whether you are a professional or a newbie carpenter, it is essential to have the right product.

Stop being confused. You are in the perfect site. Our team is here to help you out. We have narrowed down the search and listed some of the best wood screws.

If you read further, the detailed reviews of the wood screw will unveil all the necessary information to help you choose the right product. So, we hope reading this won’t be a waste of time. Let’s get started.

Top Picks 

10 Best Wood Screw Reviews 2022

Here we have tried to provide you some applicable information related to wood screws. We hope this will make your decision more comfortable to get the perfect one for your woodwork.

Let’s look at our top 10 picks of wood screws:

1. Kreg SML-C125-500 1-1/4 Inch Coarse Washer Head SELF Tapping Screw – Best Overall

COARSE Washer Head SELF Tapping Screw

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Repairing, DIYs or any of your woodworking applications can be fulfilled with Kreg Zinc Screws. If you need to complete your indoor applications, then this one will be suitable.

These have two types of threads, i.e., fine and coarse, to suit a variety of woods. These have a length of 1 ¼ inch with a dimension of 3×4.9×4.2 inches. The material these screws are composed of is zinc and carbon steel.

This screw has a feature of the self-tapping tip so that it drills the hole on its own. It serves in quick and easy driving of the screw. You don’t have to worry about the wood splitting or breaking up. Softwoods like plywood that are not dense or thin sheets can be drilled with this coarse threaded screw.

Kreg screws’ head style is quite different from other woodworking screws. Most of them have a conical shape screws. But Kreg offers a flat shape that is perfect for a flat bottom in the pocket hole. This helps you applying force towards the screw tip. The washer head feature does not allow overdriving towards the pocket hole.


  • Maximum bearing surface
  • Great holding power
  • No rusting


  • Splits the ends

2. Black Wood Screws RH-5112BO-A Truss

Reliable Hardware Company RH-5112BO-A Truss

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This reliable black wood screw is primarily originated from the United States. They are made of black oxide and wax. This is a Truss Headed Wood Screw of 8×1/2 inches.

The head point of this screw product is quite sharp. The threads and slots are amazingly clean and deep. The waxing feature of this screw allows easy driving. They can quickly drive into stainless steel materials with strong holding power.

If you are looking for repairing your small furniture, then this will be a great choice. These black screws have a fine smooth finish that makes the material look good. For example, you can fix your railings or racks or curtain rods with this piece of item.

This item weighs about 2.88 ounces and is well known for its sturdiness. For small projects, they are sized correctly. Smaller in size, but these screws remain secure for a long time. They are packed in the 50s.


  • Durable
  • Bur-free
  • Small and sturdy


  • Head is not big enough

3. Rok Hardware 8×1/2 inch Wood Work – Best For Plywood & MDF

Rok Hardware 8x1 2 inch Standard Thread Truss Head Screws Wood Work MDF Zinc

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Rok hardware is a reliable product brand for all your woodworking applications at affordable prices. Not only this, but they have immense reliable holding power for plastic and particle board composites.

The package dimension comes in 4.4×3.1×0.5 inches. With a weight of about 4.8 ounces, these have great threads for holding correctly. In the case of plywood, these screws are remarkably good in gripping.

They have a truss head that is wide enough with good quality. Even if the hole gets misplaced, the feature of the washer head would help in moving it slightly. This little thing is entirely made with a flat head for fastening the sliders.

This brand of screws is made of zinc finishes, and the drive is of Philips. It is highly reviewed in use for drawer slides or drawers or even full extension slides. This is because the head is wider but kind of shallow. In this case, the drawer slides can be opened up or closed smoothly without catching.


  • Great on installing something like drawers
  • Good holding power on softwoods
  • Consists of a low-profile head


  • A bit expensive

4. Hard-to-Find Fastener Philips Flat TwinFast Wood Screws

Hard-to-Find Fastener No. 4 Phillips Head Flat Twin Fast Wood Screws

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Many of the customers usually face difficulties in rusting issues. Well, this brand is designed in such a way that resists rusting. Well made with light zinc plating over a steel plate, this product is a remarkably rust-resistant wood screw.

These manufacturers come up with a wide variety of fasteners that deal with many applications. These applications include home, business, industrial, or farming projects.

This product is of ½ inch length with a black phosphate finish. Hence, this steel wood screw has a flat head style. They correctly work with a saddle fastener. Even on the hardest of woods, they are easy to start on. Moreover, they accomplish tasks with sharp points.

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Hard to find wood screws that are excellent when used on rough lumber. Besides, they perfectly match the color of the woods giving your woodwork a nicer look. They can grip the materials together firmly.


  • No possible stripping
  • Durable and easy
  • Perfect for DIYs
  • Less rusting


  • Quite pricey
  • Not great on heavier applications

5. WoodPro Fasteners 2-1/2-Inch – Most Strongest Wood Screws

WoodPro Fasteners AP9X212

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Are you searching for a wood screw that would not need any pre-drilling and can smoothly go through the wood? Interestingly WoodPro brand is the suitable one for the woodworkers here!

As you can see on the name itself, this is an all-purpose wood screw. Yes, they can be used for many kinds of applications, whether exterior or interior. It is known as one of the best wood screws for woodworking easily without prior drilling. They are coated with a Golden Electro-Polyseal coating.

Woodpro screws have nibs under the head featured for clean finishes on various types of materials. These are quite durable and can be used in any kind of weather. This is because of the coating; it will not wear off quickly on any climatic conditions.

This wood screw is featured with a Stardrive recess that prevents stripping of the woods. Not only this, the PPG coating is first proven and checked over by using on-treated lumber. Thus, there is no doubt in their served quality. It is a guaranteed product for using the tool as it needs to be used.


  • Self-drilling product
  • Can be driven easily
  • Strong holding power


  • Star heads are a bit weak

6. GRK CAB8212HP Cabinet HandyPak 8 by 2-1/2 Inch – Best For Cabinet 

GRK 772691120793 CAB8212HP Cabinet screws

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Some of you might look out screws for cabinetry works. Well, GRK product is specifically ideal for cabinets. That is why they are named as cabinet handyPak wood screws. Manufacturers have specially designed them with patented coating for installing and constructing cabinets.

These screws have a diameter of 8 gauges that is 4mm. The actual weight of this item is 12.8 ounces, with a total dimension of 8x4x2 inches. Unlike other screws, these are very much thinner. Hence, they are suitable for not splitting any material.

The tread design of this product is W-cut and self-tapping. These can ensure secure construction with enough strength. They consist of a washer head to create a flush in opposition to the surface of the material. Moreover, these are made of a dark brass finish that gives a more elegant look.

Not to forget that they also have a climate coating for using it in every weather condition. This coating also helps in preventing corrosion or rusting. Hence, they can be used on high corrosive treated woods. Altogether, they are great to use for interior as well as exterior applications.


  • Comes with a Bit T-15
  • Sharper zip tip
  • Effortless driving


  • Does not support massive cabinetry works

7. FastenMaster FMGD003-75 GuardDog – 3-Inch Exterior Wood Screw

FastenMaster FMGD003-75 GuardDog Exterior Wood Screw

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This wood screw brand is manufactured in China. Justifying its name, these are, in reality, can be used easily. Interestingly, Guarddog wood screws can be used multi-purposely for fastening exterior woodworks. These have been tested thoroughly over treated lumber as cedar, redwood, or pressure-treated ACQ.

It weighs about 1.1 pounds with a dimension of 4.5x3x2 inches. Wood decking tasks can be done quickly with this product. They are guaranteed products for anti-corrosion or anti-rusting.

These wood screws are fully threaded as well as aggressive. This ensures a robust gripping power of the material. Additionally, the bottom point is quite sharp for quicker and easier installation.

This wood screw comes in a package with a PoziSquare drive in each box. This design allows you to use square or Phillips bit according to your convenience. They have a head style in a versatile manner that can be constructed with this drive.

They don’t need any pre-drilling. You can easily drive them into the wood effortlessly. This 3-inch gold-colored wood screw won’t disappoint you with its quality. They are highly durable, reliable, and sturdy for most outdoor or indoor applications.


  • Great on softwoods
  • Coating design prevents stripping


  • Bends easily

8. Bolt Dropper 6×3/4″ Xylan Coated Stainless Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw

Xylan Coated Stainless Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw

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Looking for hardware that would last longer and will prevent you from repairing the same work? Then be happy to know that the Bolt Dropper screw is one of the most durable products in the market.

The reason for its durability is because of the excellent quality stainless steel with a flat head. Not only this but these are also made of black xylan coating too. The great combination of 18-8 stainless steel and the xylan coating makes it corrosion-free screws.

This hardware is convenient for any weather conditions. Wood or composite materials can be best worked on with them. Manufacturers claim a guarantee of 100% quality served. They are built-in for the firm and secured gripping ability of the screws.

Bolt Dropper consists of Phillips drive of deep cuts that ensure less to no- stripping. Pre-drilling is recommended here for tighter grips. Moreover, these are best when used on MDF and particle boards with the full threaded system.

Not only this, but this brand also offers a variety of sizes for the user’s convenience. Bolt Dropper brand is highly rated for using exterior and interior woodworking projects.


  • Can be used in a saltwater environment
  • Matches perfectly


  • Expensive

9. WoodPro Fasteners  1-1/2 Inch Wood Screws- Best For Self Tapping

WoodPro Fasteners AP8X112 All Purpose Wood Construction Screws

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This is another model of WoodPro brand for your woodworking applications. They, too, work on all types of wood materials. They weigh 1 pound and come in 210 pieces.

The package of WoodPro comprises of T-20 Star bit of 25mm. WoodPro is a reliable brand when it comes to the quality of the product. Since 1995, a WoodPro fastener is being manufactured primarily in the United States.

These screws are perfectly glided into the wood without any risk of slippage. The sharpness of this screw is type 17, which ensures no pre-drilling. They are designed with Golden Electro-Polyseal coating manufactured by PPG Industries. The coating will remain intact, as it is highly durable.

It is also featured with self-tapping and self-countersinking on the materials. The countersinking is quite even and clean on almost every type of material. WoodPro screws offer a thin coating of PPG coater that amazingly maintains prevention from the salty environment for at least 1000 hours.


  • Great on thinner materials
  • Sharp bites
  • Stardrive ensures good gripping


  • The head is smaller than other products

10. Lightning Stainless 8″ Deck Screws – Best For Outdoor Use

Deck Screws Select Length in Listing

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Deck Screws weigh up to 6.4 ounces with a dimension of 3 x 1 x 6 inches. From top to bottom, the screw is measured as 1″ length and 0.340″ is its diameter. These screws are made up of 18-8 stainless steel designed for rust-free hardware for outdoor applications.

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They comprise a remarkable feature called Robertson Drive, also named Square or Scrulox drive. This drive has a squared socket in the head of the screw for preventing slippage.

These screws can control any work challenges because of their slim planks that allow installation against any rough environment. Moreover, they can countersink easily and smoothly on the surface of the material. They can also come in as self-drilling, self-laying of screws with a non-corrosive coating.

Deck screws consist of a shank, which means a variety of lengths and widths with many different driver shapes. With a square-shaped head, these hold materials tightly and prevent stripping too.

You don’t need to drill pilot holes, because deck screws come in with sharp and narrow points. Some of the deck screws are treated with lubricant for easy driving into the wood. Hence, if you are searching for working outdoors without any damage to your application, then go for deck screws.


  • Deep thread
  • Unbreakable screws
  • Inexpensive


  • Less holding power

How to Select the Right Wood Screw For Yor Project

Appending below are some key points to be considered while choosing the best wood screw. These factors will help you in opting out of a convenient tool for your project. Why not give it a read?


For indoor usage, you can easily pick up budget-friendly screws. Usually, these less expensive screws are made from zinc. The high-end material for the screw is bronze with silicon coating and stainless steel. They are better suited for outdoor works as they prevent moisture and corrosion.

So, determine your task and then select the material of the screw.


The size of any product is always important, so as for the screw. Here, size is an annotation for the length. According to the experts, the length of the screw should be half of the bottom surface material. However, apart from this, the diameter or the gauge of the screw needs to be taken into consideration.


The head is known as the most integral part of a screw. The shape of the head of a screw has an intense impact on the works of a screw.

The head of a screw consists of two different units. They are drive type and head shape.

  1. Drive Type

For woodworking projects, there is an array of drive types. But fortunately, it is not necessary to know all of them. The most usual types include- flathead screw, Phillips screw, square drive, trox drive.

  • Flathead Screw

It is the pristine type available in the market. On top of its head, there is a slot. For that, it is also known as a slotted screw. Use a flathead screwdriver to drive this screw. You can even use it with a power tool because sometimes it is difficult to use with a driver.

  • Phillips Screws

These are sustaining in the market since the beginning of the 20th century. Its head remains in place, and it is easy to drive in. The drawback is that its head is not sturdy. It may ruin the driver.

Nonetheless, they are easily found in the market. If you want to use it, make sure you are using the same size driver to that of the screw head.

  • Square Drive

This was introduced in the market as a great upgrade over the Phillips screw and flathead. Another name for this is the Robertson screw. This is much common in Canada than in the U.S.

Its top shape is square. This shape excellently eradicates cam-out and lessens the slipping of the driver. However, the pocket screw offers similar features too.

  • Trox Drive or Start Drive Screw

It has the shape of a star on top. Because of its shape, it has become much popular. This unique shape prevents slip out. Moreover, you will not face any cam-out. It is of premium quality and comes along with a driver tip. Trox can sustain great torque, so it does not break easily even if you tighten them much.

  1. Head Shape

You will find a variety of head shapes. The two most conventional head shapes are a flathead and a round head. Slotted screws are also known as flathead screws. As the name suggests, the head shape is flat that can likely take all drive with the diagonal head. You won’t face any issues of splitting if you choose this type.

On the other hand, you can look for a roundhead shape that is also called Panhead. It is designed with shallow domes.

Thread Types

Thread types are important too while purchasing screws. There is a coarse threaded screw that has more gaps between the threads. This is better for use with drywall and plywood. It is comparatively less time-consuming to fit and remove the coarse threaded screws.

On the other hand, fine threaded screws are used to pre-tapped holes and can also be used with nuts. Due to the smaller space along the thread, it provides a tighter hole. It is great for using in hardwood.

But this type of thread takes much time to fix and remove. Check the thread type once you determine your task and then buy them.

Thread count or pitch is another factor to look at. In a regular screw, a higher thread count is measured in threads per inch (TPI) which indicates better threads. TPI is generally used in the USA. A lower pitch of thread or the distance in millimeters between threads imply thinner metric screws.

You will also find the dual thread, twin thread, and serrated thread. These types of threads help to lessen the problem of splitting. Also, they offer better fastening, quick, and easy driving.


Shank is the part where threads are wrapped around. This portion of the screw gets into the material. Shanks come in different sizes.

A number determines the thickness or diameter. The higher the number, the thicker the shank. Depending on your usage, you need to choose the number of shanks.  The most common sizes of the shank are 6,8, and 10.

Tip or Screw Point

Pointed tip screws are most common for woodworking jobs. It is best for accurate drilling. If you want to cut the wood like a drill bit, go for the split point tip screw. This is also known as a self-drilling screw. You can easily use it with power tools.

Type- 17 Auger point has been seen using in modern days, and it delivers excellent performance. This point is as sharp as a needle.

Screw Coating and Platings

Coating and platings are important because they bar corrosion and lessen friction. It even enhances a product’s appearance. A bare metal screw gets plating. Whereas, a coating can be done both on bare and plated metal.

Steel screw without coating becomes rusty within less time if exposed to moisture. For plating, bright zinc has been used for years on wood steel screws. Though bright zinc enhances outlook, it still resists corrosion. But golden yellow zinc works better to resist corrosion.

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To prevent rust stain, wood screws may have black oxide plating. But it does not offer much to keep it safe from corrosion. For outdoor usage, these days, manufacturers use high-tech coatings. Some well-known coating methods imply HCR, Blue-kote, Epoxy coat, and weather Maxx.

Considering all these facts mentioned above, you can get the best wood screws without any doubt. Let’s move to the next section now.

Different Types of Woodworking Screws


Before you intend to buy, you should know that there is variation in screws depending on its usage. To let you know, we have detailed some common types of screws. These are mostly used to fasten wood pieces.

Wood Screw

This is the standard and most common screw to get from all hardware shops. It is very inexpensive and comes in all types of diameters and head shapes. It is designed with a smooth shank top and threaded shank. Not all of the shank is threaded through. Its head is tapered to offer a neat finish.

Drywall Screw

If you need something cheap for doing a shop or jigs project, you can choose this screw. It is widely used in the woodworking trade. This one is within easy reach as almost all hardware stores have them.

Drywall screw’s head shape is bugle, and the shank is fully wrapped with thread. This is somewhat delicate as the shank is thinner. It even tends to snap easily if you try to use it on the hardwood. Therefore, it will be a wise choice to avoid them if you need to accomplish any serious project.

This bugle shape head does not fit the countersink’s shape. Nonetheless, on drywall, it does not wear out the paper. In the USA, you will find it with Phillips’s head. It has become mainstream in the present time.

Production Screws

Another well-received name for this screw is multi-purpose screws. It is also considered as one of the most expensive screws available in the market. It is constructed with hard steel; hence, it is incredibly sturdy.

An amazing feature of the production screw is that it has self-drilling tips. Because of this feature, there is no need to make pilot holes. Its drive type can be a star or square that is too convenient.

This screw is also best to halt splitting. As it does not slip out, it remains in its place. Being the strongest wood screw, it becomes the best screw for wood projects. You can get a driver bit if you buy the full set. That driver matches the head of the screw.

This product won’t give you a chance to grumble. What may bother some of you is its price, as we mentioned earlier. But considering its features of not being snapped easily or split the wood, prevention of slippage makes it worth the investment.

Deck Screws

This screw is the perfect choice for all outdoor projects, especially woodwork. It prevents corrosion as it is made of hard steel and sometimes of copper.

The threading wrapped around the shank is deep. The screw point or tip is sharp. The sharpness is high enough to install it easily into the boards. This screw is suitable for both softwood and hardwood fastening.

Even if the atmosphere of the workplace is harsh in terms of whether you can use it with ease, it sustains rough weather and salty water. Thereby, it will ensure a tight and strong bond within the wood pieces.

Stainless Steel Screw

If you go for comparing the corrosion resistance, then know that stainless steel wood screws are better than the deck screws. It even withstands in marine areas as they protect from harsh weather.

Sheet Metal Screw

It’s head type is pan; otherwise, it shares the same features of a wood screw. The shank of this screw is wrapped with thread. It has a pointed sharp tip to be installed easily into the sheet metal. In terms of size, it is tiny. It can be used as a good alternative to a wood screw.

Pocket Screw

The best feature of it is its self-drilling capability. Its head is wide and connected to the even shoulder of the screw. If your wood has pocket holes, you should trust this screw. It glues the wood firmly. This comes with the square-type drive.

Due to the square drive, it remains in place properly. The pan-headed screw works as an alternative to the pocket screw. Kreg is best known to manufacture the best pocket screw. For more of details related to wood screw, you can check out the video link below-


1. Is it possible to use fine thread drywall screws for wood?

It can be used while driving drywall into the wood stud. But you cannot use a coarse thread drywall screw with the frame with steel stud.

2. A fine or coarse thread which one is stronger?

A fine thread is stronger than a coarse thread. It is not prone to be loose because of smaller thread incline and off torque.

3. What is a pilot hole?

A hole that is a bit smaller than the diameter of the thread is known as a pilot hole. It is commonly used in working with softwood.

4. Is drilling a hole necessary before installing the screw?

You don’t need to do it always. Some screw has the self-drilling capacity.

5. What is a better screw for plywood or softwood?

For softwood, go for the self-tapping screw.

Final Words

We hope that we have provided all the related details about the wood screws. Your little investment in wood screws can offer satisfactory results to you and your works. We have tried our best to narrow down and pick the best wood screws through intensive research.

We are open to comments and feedback. Don’t hesitate to ask for any queries. We will try to reply within the shortest possible time. We appreciate your time for reading us.

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