How to Clean Car Battery Terminals: Step By Step

how to clean car battery terminals

Battery slime causes trouble and reduces the life of your car’s battery. It can cause leaks, therefore leading to serious effects on your batteries. Maintaining the cleanliness of your batteries helps cut down on unnecessary costs that you may incur due to battery failure that may be caused by dirt. It is quite hard to …

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How to Clean a Car Engine Safely? Guide in 2021

how to clean a car engine

Must I wash the engine of my car? Just in case your engine has the instruction on top to clean it, ensure that you find measures in doing it the right way. The engine is a very costly component among other parts of your vehicle. Interestingly, people tend to concentrate on servicing and changing other …

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How to Remove Smoke Smell from Car?

how to remove smoke smell from car

Even if you are a chain smoker, still the smell of smoke inside your car drives you insane. As you are here, we assume that you have tried hard to get rid of the smoke smell from your car but you could not. Well, know that you are not the only one. If smoking takes …

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How to Use a Clay Bar? (Easy Guide)

how to use a clay bar

Claying works miracles with its puzzling and outstanding abilities to its proficient users. It means getting rid of dirt particles that attach to the clay during the time it’s scrubbed along the surface of the car. Many talk about how a clay bar helps eliminate impurities and create a smoothing surface, yet they don’t try …

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How to Use a Grease Gun Properly?

how to use a grease gun properly

Have you ever imagined how painful it would be working with machines if there was no grease? I bet, you cannot even think of repairing work without this essential liquid. Using a grease gun makes the grease work even easier. But how to use one, is something you need to learn first. I am not …

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