Cummins 12v Vs 24v: Which Is Better?

Cummins is well-known as one of the most prominent diesel engine producers globally and several vehicle enthusiasts are familiar with their engines which are used in Ram trucks. The 5.9L Cummins is partly to blame for the popularity of diesel pickup trucks, and it has seen a few modifications throughout its history. Simply put, there are two distinct types of the 5.9L engine. The engines have 12 or 24 valves, respectively. In this article, we’ll compare them to see which one is superior! Let us find out Cummins 12v Vs 24v!

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Before we get to Cummins 12v Vs 24v, please know the following.

Please Note!

Before we begin, I’d like to make a point that there are several distinct variants of the 12 and 24 valves. 1994 to 1998 P-pump 12-valve engine and the 1998 to 2002 ISB 24 valve engines will be discussed.

We’ll ignore the earlier 12-valve and later 24-valve engines. This will make things a lot simpler to comprehend and less difficult.

For those who aren’t familiar with the 5.9L engine and its history, let’s have a brief rundown. The 5.9L was first introduced in Dodge vehicles in 1989.

It’s possible that it was used in the previous AD Dodge chassis. The Cummins option, on the other hand, boosted Ram sales considerably.

In the meantime, competition caught up to the 5.9L’s performance, and more rigorous emission standards were implemented in 1994. The engine remained virtually unaltered until it was again updated for extra power and reduced emissions in 1998.

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Finally, in 2007, the 24-valve engine could no longer keep up with emissions standards and was replaced by the 6.7L Cummins. There are a few different kinds of 12 valve and 24 valve engines, but the versions being discussed today are unquestionably among the most popular.

How Do You Tell It’s A 12v or 24v Cummins?

The exact stroke, design, and many other characteristics are shared by both motors. The most significant modifications concern the fueling system, cylindrical head, turbo-charger, and electronics.

Cummins 12v Vs 24v

The Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins engines are regarded as some of the most dependable light truck turbodiesel engines ever created. The 12v Cummins, commonly known as the 6BT, is well-known for its durability.

The new Cummins 24v 5.9 (ISB 5.9) is still a fantastic and dependable diesel engine with several special features of its own, whereas the previous Cummins 12v 4BTs was a great engine and still is today since it has been modified for higher performance through increased output at lower RPM ranges.

There is no right or wrong option; instead, it’s a question of your demands. However, in this post, we’ll compare the two 5.9L Cummins engines head-to-head to see which one reigns supreme.

Now, it is time to address both of these separately.

About Cummins 24v

First, let us round off the pros of Cummins 24v.

Cummins 24v Pros

  • High in Reliability.
  • Comparatively High Stock Output.
  • New truck.
  • Chip Tune

The Cummins 24v motors are excellent overall motors. Numerous fanatics provide a subtle advantage to the more aged 12v, but the 24v engine does have its advantages. For one thing, it produces more power in standard form.

This is a significant benefit for those who don’t want to mess with the 5.9 Cummins engine’s tuning and modifications. The 24v Cummins is also a more recent engine and the vehicle in general. They have additional features, greater interior amenities, and so on.

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Tying into that, as we previously mentioned with the Cummins 12v vs 24v engines, the 12v has a slight advantage in dependability. The 24v is, however, the more recent engine and may not need particularly as broadly T-L-C simply because it is older.

Along with advancements in electrical equipment for 24-v Dodging vehicles, the system also supports “chip” tunes. It makes it a bit easier to tune-up.

About Cummins 12v

First, let us round off the pros of Cummins 12v.

Cummins 12v Pros

  • It has a higher HP potential.
  • Simple structure.
  • Minimal in electronics.
  • Highly reliable

Why Is The 12v Cummins So Good?

The simplicity of the 12 valves 5.9 Cummins engine is one of its most significant advantages. The engine was designed in an earlier time period when technology wasn’t as advanced. The P-7 100 injection  pumping system, which is used in Cummins 12v engines, is thought to be more dependable than the Bosch V-P 44 injecting pumping system

However, we’d like to make one thing perfectly clear. Both the 12V and 24V Cummins are very durable turbodiesel engines. The earlier 12v motors have a minor edge. When it comes to modifications for the two versions of the 5.9L Cummins diesel, the same can be said. They both have advantages when it comes to mods. The simplicity of 12v Cummins engines is a benefit, but tuning isn’t as straightforward.

Problems – Cummins 12v Vs 24v

You’ll find that these motors are surprisingly comparable beneath the cylinder heads. The pistons are shaped differently to improve efficiency with the many injection systems.

You’ll find that both of these engines employ the same forged I-beam connecting rods, which have been verified to easily withstand 800whp or more.

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Unfortunately, every engine has its flaws, and both the 12-valve and 24-valve engines have several serious drawbacks. The Killer Down Pin is the most significant program for the 12-valve engine.

A tiny dowel pin is pressed into the front of the engine during assembly to ensure that the timing cover is properly aligned. The vibrations of the engine may dislodge this dowel pin over time.

If it becomes loose, the pin is likely to get caught in a row of timing gears behind the front cover, resulting in significant, if not catastrophic damage.

The number block problem is the weak point for the 24-valve engine. From 1999 to 2001, approximately 100,000 crankcases were produced with thinner water jacket walls than those previously and subsequently available on other and later model engines.

The freeze plugs, on the other hand, are prone to fatigue and cracking. When these blocks crack, it’s not because they’re guaranteed to do so; rather, it was a significant enough issue that Dodge had to replace many cracked blocks under warranty.

Cummins 12v Vs 24v: Which Is Better?

Both engines have tremendous promise if you put a bigger turbo on them, and both may be used as excellent towing vehicles or everyday drivers. It all depends on what you value most.

Which Is Better A 12v Or 24v Cummins?

While the 12-valve is more regularly with the mechanical P7100 pump, altered injection pump components are required to tune it. The 24-valve isn’t nearly as dependable as the 48-valve, but it’s still quite reliable and can be tuned with a handheld tuner easily.

The 12-valve is often believed to be a little better if you’re purchasing a vehicle with the objective of achieving massive power numbers. However, if you want something simple for the street that can be quickly tuned, the 24-valve may be preferable.

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