Everything You Need to Know About BMR Suspension

If you are reading this, you probably have a late-model Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, or Pontiac G8 that you would like to improve. While most people believe making a car better is all about the engine, getting new suspension products can make a world of difference.

With that in mind, let’s discover BMR Suspension and how its suspension parts can improve your vehicle.

About BMR Suspension

BMR Suspension was first created in 1998, when it was difficult for performance car enthusiasts to find the right suspension products with the required quality construction and innovative design at a reasonable price. BMR Suspension took it upon itself to fill this nice, creating an operating philosophy that has been serving the needs of its customers.

At this moment, BMR Suspension offers drivetrain, chassis, and suspension parts for 22 different vehicles. This range makes it one of the leading suspension manufacturers in its niche.

BMR Suspension prides itself on creating the required BMR suspension components for all applications, be it handling, hardcore drag racing, or street performance. The new products are constructed in America with American workers cutting, bending, notching, drilling, and milling components from US-sourced chrome-moly and DOM steel.

The new products are then fixture-welded to create consistent quality. The new suspension parts are then bead-blast and powder-coated using BMR’s patent powder coating line. Once done, the finished parts are assembled and packaged. This in-house production to package process ensures that BMR Suspension can maintain quality at every step of the manufacturing process.

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Customers should not doubt the quality of BMR Suspension products as they have been track-tested and street driven on BMR project vehicles. The following are some of the project cars:

  • 1968 GTO
  • 1967 Chevelle
  • 1970 Chevelle
  • 1971 Camaro
  • 1990 Mustang LX
  • 1998 Camaro
  • 2000 Grand Prix GTP
  • 2003 Mach 1 Mustang
  • 2008 Trailblazer SS
  • 2009 G8 GT
  • 169 Camaro
  • 2010 Camaro
  • 2011 Mustang GT
  • Three 2015 Mustang GT
  • 2016 Camaro
  • 1994 Camaro
  • 2004 GTO
  • 2005 Mustang streetcar
  • 2005 Mustang drag car

While the list of vehicles used as project cars is impressive, the proof lies in that almost every BMR employee is a hot rodder or racer. This love of racing is constantly demonstrated in the manufacturing quality, design innovation, and customer service at BMR Suspension.

This passion has caused BMR to constantly strive for design and manufacturing technology innovation. This expertise and passion ensure that BMR Suspension will continue to create the most quality-oriented, innovative, and affordable suspension products.

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BMR Suspension Products

Unlike other aftermarket suspension companies, BMR Suspension is known to work with sedans and coupes. BMR makes parts for the following brands:

  • Ford Mustang
  • Dodge Challenger Mopar
  • GM Mid Muscle Cars 1975-1996
  • GM Classic Muscle Car 1964-1974
  • GM Late Model Cars 1993-2019


Anti-Wheel Hop Kit

Anti-Wheel Hop Kit

The anti-wheel hop kit has been created to reduce bushing deflection, cradle movement, and wheel hop on your vehicle. This BMR suspension part is crafted from DOM steel tubing, aluminum plate, and CNC-laser cut steel plate.

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The Anti-Wheel hop kit has upper bushing lockout rings that capture the bushing sleeves. This process helps to eliminate any movement on the vertical, lateral, aft, and fore planes. The cradle brace also connects mounting locations on the cradle, providing additional strength to the IRS.

This BMR Suspension part has been crafted for just about any application. As a 100% bolt-on kit, it utilizes existing hardware and bolt holes, enabling easy installation with basic hand tools.

Pinion Support Brace

Pinion Support Brace

The pinion support brace is necessary as it helps increase launch consistency, U-joint life, and driveline efficiency. The pinion support brace helps significantly lower pinion rise, giving your vehicle a more stable feel. This product utilizes a 95-durometer polyurethane to inhibit pinion movement.

This restriction helps eliminate the spongy feeling the driver feels when the accelerator is pushed down. It also has the added effect of increasing throttle response by dramatically reducing the differential bushing deflection.

Suspension Kit

Toe Rod Kit

Toe Rod Kit

These BMR Suspension on-car adjustable toe rods help you launch harder, increasing cornering consistency and reducing wheel hop. Stock-stamped steel toe rods come with peculiar adjustment bolts prone to deflecting under load, which can change the rear wheels’ alignment.

BMR Suspensions’ on-car adjustable toe rods do not have the same issue as they are constructed from heavy-duty 1-inch DOM steel tubing. The adapters are TIG-welded chrome-moly tube adapters with heavy-duty rod ends, which make on-car alterations easy and simple.

The design of this performance part significantly improves adjustability. The other end of the toe rods are zinc-plated, heat-treated, X-series, self-lubricating, chrome-moly, and Teflon-lined rod ends. You also get 6061-T6 billet aluminum on the rod end spacers.

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This performance part has been constructed to work well in high-horsepower applications and even a hard launch with sticky tires. This part enables you to fine-tune the rear toe settings to handle any type of performance driving.

Trailing Arms, Spherical Bearings

Trailing Arms, Spherical Bearings

These trailing arms from BMR Suspension replace the stock-stamped steel parts. These stock trailing arms typically have soft rubber bushings that easily deflect under load, absorbing power rather than transferring it to the tires.

BMR Suspension changes this by using non-adjustable, spherical trailing arms. These tubular arms are created from heavy-duty 1 ½-inch DOM steel tubing. This unique thickness and design provide a strong trailing arm that significantly improves street performance. Furthermore, spherical bearings provide the highest levels of articulation and strength.

By design, these trailing arms can work effectively in a road race, drag race, and other street performance applications. While stock trailing arms typically flex under cornering load, these heavy-duty constructed trailing arms eliminate control arm flex, providing enhanced repeatability in corners, on the starting line, or the streets.

These spherical bearings have been manufactured to handle high loads typical of a performance environment. They can seamlessly handle the high compression loads of hard acceleration and hard launches while simultaneously offering sufficient articulation for improved handling.

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