Everything You Need to Know About Roadmaster Active Suspension

When searching for the best rear leaf spring suspension for your pickup truck, it is important to have the best. Getting the best is all about taking the time to assess what your pickup truck needs, what your goals are, and the available brands. The brand you select to deliver your suspension upgrade must have a track record of excellence, safety, and innovation.

One such brand is Roadmaster Active Suspension. This suspension upgrade brand has roots in South Africa, where its active suspension was initially created for pickup truck owners looking to improve ride quality and reduce bounce in the bush. The company and the idea were brought to America in the 90s by owners Clive and Andrea Schewitz.

Schewitz, a car enthusiast with an engineering background, worked to create precise, custom-fit kits for various American-manufactured vehicles during the 90s.

At this time, Roadmaster Active Suspension and Schewitz continued to design, upgrade, innovate and perfect a suspension system that can now seamlessly meet the hauling and towing demands of pickup trucks in America. All this is done while ensuring the driving experience and performance are unmatched.

Various upgrades to the coil springs and other components resulted in the innovation of the easy-install brackets in 2010. These brackets offered the perfect balance of improved stability, strength, simplicity, and unloaded ride quality—all achieved with less than an hour of installation.

Roadmaster Active Suspension is a family-owned and operated organization that prides itself on creating proven suspension upgrade systems using high-quality components manufactured in the USA. This organization has been in the industry for more than 23 years, developing a reputation for unrivaled customer service and satisfaction.

Roadmaster Active Suspension Offerings

Roadmaster Active Suspension Kit- Suspension Upgrade

Before we highlight the numerous offerings offered by Roadmaster Active Suspension, we need to highlight the vehicle brands that can use Roadmaster Active Suspension. They are:

  • Chevy
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Lincoln
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes
  • Mercury
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Plymouth
  • Toyota
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Roadmaster Active Suspension Kit- Suspension Upgrade

The Roadmaster Active Suspension kit is perfectly suited for a large range of vehicles and conditions. Whether your pickup truck is towing your RV, carrying a load, or pulling a horse trailer, the Roadmaster Active Suspension kit can provide an upgrade that reduces bounce and squat while enhancing stability and safety.

The Roadmaster Active Suspension is a one of its kind suspension upgrade. It is a rear leaf spring suspension upgrade that transforms simple passive leaf spring suspension systems into mechanical or active suspension systems. This suspension upgrade helps to strengthen the rear leaf springs by dissipating and absorbing load force energy.

This, in turn, results in drastically improved road and load handling without sacrificing ride quality. The suspension upgrade also adds stability and strength without maintenance or adjustments.

RAS believes in its product so much that each suspension upgrade comes with a 5-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. The 5-year warranty starts from the day of purchase and is against defective materials and components.

The Roadmaster Active Suspension kit has a unique design that drastically improves and strengthens the rear suspension, enabling it to handle heavy loads. This also results in a reduction of rear squat by about 3 to 4 inches.

The suspension upgrade minimizes vehicle weight shift by reducing body roll and swell, with and without a load. This feature helps to improve the control and safety of your truck. When you install the Roadmaster Active suspension kit on your Ford F 150 or any other truck, you ensure that excessive bounce when hauling or towing is reduced. This suspension upgrade also improves wheel hop and axle wrap issues.

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When you install this active rear leaf spring suspension on your truck, you gain improved handling and ride quality, resulting in unparalleled driving performance, even without a load. The suspension upgrade significantly reduces body roll making your pickup truck considerably safer and more stable.

Installing this super-duty suspension upgrade is easy as the Roadmaster Active Suspension kit comes fully assembled out of the box. The instructions are easy to follow, with installation taking less than 1 hour to complete. There is no welding, cutting, or drilling.

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The Benefit of Roadmaster Active Suspension

Due to the demand and market size, the Roadmaster Active Suspension kit is typically compared to traditional helper type suspension upgrades or airbags. While the Active Suspension system helps reduce rear squat, this suspension upgrade can do much more. Comparing the Roadmaster Active Suspension kit with an air bag suspension kit isn’t a true comparison.

This is because the Roadmaster Active Suspension offers all the benefits associated with helper springs, airbags, traction bars, and sway bars. You can find all of these benefits in one simple-to-install product.

Moreover, the Roadmaster Active Suspension kit is matched and tuned for each truck size. This is possible thanks to the variable-rated tension coil spring, which applies the right amount of tension at the required time. This is a simple but innovative concept that, when combined with high-quality rear leaf spring components, results in one of the well-rounded suspension upgrades to be found on the market.

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The Roadmaster Active Suspension has been designed to offer numerous benefits by combining the advantages of a sway bar, an onboard controller with an air compressor, and a traction bar into one seamless product.

It also helps that this suspension upgrade has been created using high-quality materials certified to last a long time. This suspension upgrade can reduce body roll and rear squat and improve wheel hop and axle wrap issues.

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