Everything You Need to Know About Supreme Suspension

If you are interested in lowering or lifting your truck, you are undoubtedly interested in having the best products to achieve this. Getting the best means selecting a brand known for excellence and high-end quality.

The last thing you want when lifting or lowering your vehicle is to select a product that doesn’t meet the standard. Not only could this cost you money, but it is also dangerous.

One way to go around this is to search for brand names that have been in the business for years and have a history of providing quality suspension parts. With that in mind, let’s discuss Supreme Suspensions and what you should know about Supreme Suspension products.

Supreme Suspension is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality automotive aftermarket products. It has been in the business since 1991 and has a fine heritage that extends beyond just suspensions – offroad racing, dedicated ASE-certified technical support, and research and development.

Every Supreme Suspension product is backed by a limited lifetime guarantee. This goes to show how much confidence Supreme Suspensions has in its products.

In terms of products, all the aftermarket automotive Supreme Suspensions products have been developed by ASE-certified specialists. These parts are also premium lab tested before they head out to consumers.

Now that we have discussed the company, it is time to highlight the Supreme Suspensions products available to buyers.

Supreme Suspension Products

Before highlighting the various Supreme Suspension products, it is imperative to note that this company creates aftermarket parts for many automotive brands. They are:

  • Toyota
  • Suzuki
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mazda
  • Jeep
  • Infiniti
  • Hummer
  • GMC
  • Ford
  • Dodge
  • Chevrolet
  • Cadillac
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Lift Kits

Lift Kits

The Supreme Suspension complete lift kits are Max-Torsion Key Lifts designed to be twice as strong as stock systems. They are also precision indexed to ensure your truck doesn’t sacrifice ride quality for ride height. You can use this kit to replace your stock torsion key, and its design can lift and level your vehicle’s front end by a maximum of three feet.

This complete lift kit includes rear coil spacers, which have been precision engineered to level and lift the truck with ease. The rear coil spacers are CNC machined from Supreme Suspensions’ special Delrin thermoplastic or solid 6061 T6 billet aluminum.

These two materials – Billet and Delrin—are specifically used for precision parts that demand low friction, excellent dimensional stability, and high stiffness.

Compared to polyurethane-style spacers, the rear spacers from Supreme Suspensions will not dry up, ensuring that they provide the proper lift for your vehicle’s life.



The complete lift kit comes with Pro-Billet Series Wheel Spacer Adapters, precision engineered to widen your vehicle’s track width. This helps improve your vehicle’s look and allows it to accommodate wider custom tires and rims.

Like everything made by Supreme, this Supreme Suspension product is developed and thoroughly tested by in-house ASE-certified specialists, professional racers, and dealerships across America.

The Pro-Billet Series Adapters have been machined from solid T6 Aircraft Bille blocks and are finished with a specialized anodized coating. This premium material is known for its low weight and sheer strength, ensuring it can withstand even the most extreme conditions.

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Each spacer in the series features splined studs pressed into place – other cheaper brands glue them into place, where they run the risk of imbalance or vibrations.

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Supreme Suspension makes the following truck accessories:

  • Wheel alignment
  • Track bars
  • Tie rods
  • Sway bars
  • Striker plates
  • Shock extenders
  • Sensors
  • Lower shackles
  • Light bars
  • Lift kit installation tools
  • Flat Top U-bolts
  • Fender flares
  • Drop brackets
  • Billet shock reservoir clamps
  • Supreme New HD steel blocks



Supreme Suspension has its own brand of shock absorbers that have been created to better accommodate the full lift kit while providing enhanced suspension comfort and travel. These shocks are Nitrogen Gas Charged to help driving enthusiasts who require maximum performance in extreme situations.

These shocks consist of a self-compensating heavy-duty nylon-branded full displacement piston and double-welded mounts. This design ensures maximum durability and strength regardless of the operation—off or on-road, unloaded or loaded, cruising, or hauling.

These shocks have been created to adjust instantly to the road inputs to enhance ride control, comfort, and stability.

Control Arms

Control Arms

You can use the Supreme Suspension Upper Control Arm and Caster/Camber Lock-Out Kit to upgrade your vehicle’s front-end components. These control arms are constructed from 4103 Chromoly steel and thoroughly tested by ASE-certified specialists. They have been designed to correct your lifted truck’s caster and camber adjustments.

The lower control arm kit comes with Zerk Fittings to seamlessly grease the Teflon-coated FK 1.25 PTFE-Lined Uni-Ball Bearing and Polyurethane Bushings, which replace the weak stock ball joints. These materials provide unparalleled strength and toughness for off-road or heavy-duty use.

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The Supreme Suspensions Camber/Caster Adjusting & Lock-Out Kit has been designed to replace the OEM left and right upper control arm, providing enhanced stability. All the necessary hardware to ensure correct alignment has been included.

Each cam plate is a precision CNC laser cut from 3/16 inch steel. They have also been designed with seven alignment holes to ensure alignment is locked in place. This also helps to prevent any sudden changes brought on by worn eccentrics, lost locating pins, or off-road driving.



Supreme Suspensions offers a Recovery Gear Kit that protects a vehicle’s trailer wiring, rear bumper, and hitch. The Supreme Suspensions heavy-duty forged steel hitch receiver skid plate has been designed to incorporate an OEM fit to any 2” existing hitch receiver.

It does this by offering protection to the rear of your vehicle when you aren’t towing while also preventing hand-ups on obstacles with high inclination or steep departure angles.

The Skid plate has been constructed using heavy-duty forged steel ¾ D-ring shackle, and the strap is a professional-grade high-tensile woven polyester strap—both of which make for a great off-road accessory.

High-tensile woven polyester strap

  • Max break strength of 25,300 pounds
  • Safe working load 5,430 pounds
  • Balances strength to stretch ratio
  • 10 feet long and 3-inch wide tow strap

Heavy duty ¾ D-ring anchor shackle features

  • Max break strength of 41,850 pounds
  • Safe working load of 10,450 pounds
  • Anchor point for safe towing and recovery
  • Easy to install 7/8 security screw pin
  • Heavy duty forged steel construction
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