How Do I Make My Tonneau Cover Waterproof?

Coming to the tonneau covers, the first thing that will come to your mind is a truck or a pick-up truck. Because it is clothes that we humans wear as a part of our sustenance similarly, tonneau covers are the outfits for your truck.

If you cook something, it becomes so much crucial to cover the food. In the same way, things become as vital to the truck as protecting them by covering them with the tonneau cover.

This is the only thing that can prevent a car’s storage from the harsh factors of the external environment. That includes dust, dirt, pollution, water, and so on.

For the ease of performance in all weather conditions, the importance of waterproofing features comes in handy. This brings to you, are the Tonneau covers waterproof, and if not, then the possible ways to make them resistant to water.

All these following questions made us attached for an extended period!

Are Tonneau Covers Waterproof?

In brief, the answer is no. tonneau covers are not waterproof when it comes to the standard water-resistance level of any material. That is to say, if you want to compare its water resistance, then it would disappoint you in front of the original non-water components.

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Coming towards the protection and shade given by the covers, they are not all bad in this job. To be clear with that, the main task of your tonneau covers is to provide security to the goods. For the majority of the case, these successfully handle this task.

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So, what about the waterproof feature of these covers, which is a very constantly asked phenomenon of the people?

Yes, when it comes to the water, they will get inside your truck bed any way or other.

In most cases, you are not even seeing from where water is entering inside your truck bed. There are numerous gaps which makes the reason for water to enter inside.

However, the tonneau covers are much enough to provide shelter to the products that remain inside your truck or on the truck bed. They serve a decent service at their non-modified state, even if they are not entirely water-resistant.

As your valuable goods remain safe, dry, and protected from water and other outer environmental factors, you can go away with them. So, being the original water-resistant material is not required, as long as you are getting your job done!

What Are the Necessities For a Tonneau Cover to Be Waterproof?

At times, waterproof technology becomes a crucial sector in our daily demands. This includes the water-resistance of covers, specifically Tonneau covers used for the trucks, for their job.

The first most important thing for the waterproofing facility of the Tonneau covers is the necessity. That is to say, the requirements for the Tonneau cover being waterproof are crucial.

The primary necessity of a Tonneau cover in your truck is to make it complete by providing security, safety, shelter, shade, and so on.

You need clothing for your survival, without which your basic demands are not met. The same goes for your truck and the combination of Tonneau covers which are their protector and survivor.

In separating the outer environment from the environment inside your truck bed, Tonneau covers works as the prime controller. They save your valuable things from the bad sights and give total control over your goods. They also play the leading role in safeguarding the products during delivery.

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For all these things, it becomes the ultimate necessity for your Tonneau to be waterproof. As a result of this water-resistance feature, no obstacles can prevail between performing their job.

How to Make a Tonneau Cover Waterproof?

With all that being said, it is clear that tour crucial Tonneau covers are not waterproof. With those hints, you are already aware that they are either not ready as a completely water-resistant material to be served. Nor can they ultimately be made water-resistant.

As their manufacturing style and preconditions do not allow them to be waterproof, they don’t do the same. It is as simple as comparing salt with sugar. But, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be prepared for serving to protect from water.

Some modifications can be done to add to their level of water resistance. This means all you need is some simple things to improve the waterproof feature.

Some common modifications are seals or the placement of rubbers at the sides of the cover to protect water from entering. This is the most usual thing which doesn’t come to a great of use.

Selecting the best type of Tonneau cover is also necessary in terms of the waterproofing feature. The level of resistance against water also depends on the variety of bodies. For example- the hard surfaces are more waterproof than that the soft tonneau covers.

Keeping all these things aside, some of the modifications you can do all by yourself to improve the water resistance are:

Additional Seals

As you are already aware, your Tonneau covers are not waterproof. But, they give the least amount of waterproofing facilities to save your goods, which is their ultimate mission.

By the name of this protection, some rubber seals are already systemized within your covers. These seals are somewhat enough to give security, but they can also fail in the same!

When the existing seals fail to do their job or water starts to leak inside your truck, then the necessity of additional seals arrives. Other seals can be fixed just like existing seals were attached during the manufacturing of the cover.

You can have an approach to the local hardware shop to adjust the additional seals around your cover. They can get the job done in the best way and change the body according to your need.

Ready-made kits

All you need to get rid of this problem once and for all is to buy the best ready-made kit out there in the market. There are many kits available to solve the problem of leakage in your covers.

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The leakage through which water comes out of your cover and gets inside the truck beds causes the main restriction in water resistance. For solving this problem, the customized and ready-made solutions are made available in the markets.

One of those ready-made kits is the famous “Bed Seal,” which completely solves your problem. They provide all the necessary items that include the Seals to the blocking foams.

Even if water somehow manages to get inside, the active drainage system is always ready to drain away from the water. That makes you find no reason not to choose them in getting rid of the leakage!

But, the best of things come with a price. The benefits of this kit are so much that some drawbacks become a must to prevail. The number of defects is not less, which includes a high price while purchasing them.

As a result, you should not buy them unless you are eager to eliminate the considerable leakage and vast mass of water entering. Also, if you don’t have a problem with the budget, the kit is undoubtedly made for you!

Insulating water pipes

This process is neither expensive nor a rare thing to execute in getting rid of all your problems. The problem you may go through with your crucial cover may be occasional, but the solution is s and affordable.

Water pipes are something you would find everywhere around you. No matter how hard you go through because of the leakage, you can find a pipe and use it to solve the problem.

The process is straightforward, and the availability of the material is also praiseworthy. As water pipes are inexpensive and easy to use, this procedure is the most suggested for any leakage.

For the modification of waterproofing tendency, slits can play a magnificent role in blocking the leakage. And the water pipes work as great slits to be used in the places from where water leaks.

Just by some simple steps, you can prepare them to be used on your own at home. With the lower costs and effort, get ready to expect higher and more effective yields from your Tonneau covers!

Final Words

At the end of the day, we all need to be sure about the safety and security of the goods we carry. That’s why we use tonneau covers to keep things safe. I hope we have ideas on making a tonneau cover much more water-resistant than ever from this article.

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