How to Put a Tire Back on the Rim by Yourself

A common problem car owners experience when doing routine car maintenance is wondering how to put a tire back on the rim correctly. That’s because, without adequate knowledge and experience, it can be challenging to do. There are several ways to fit a tire on the rim, either by hand or machine. 

If you’re interested in doing this yourself, this article is for you. The first step is making sure you have the correct tire and rim size. Rims and tires are marked for size and should always be the same size. 

How to Put a Tire Back on the Rim by Hand

Method 1

For this method, you should have a few pieces of equipment to simplify this process. These tools include:

Step 1: Deflate the Tire

Release the air from the tire. This step is important as it ensures the rim fits nicely with the tire bead.

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Step 2: Put Your Ratchet Strap Around the Tire

Place your ratchet strap in the center of the tire to fit the tire properly. Once you’re sure the ratchet has been correctly placed, you can tighten it. Make sure it grips the tire firmly. 

Step 3: Pump Some Air Into the Tire Until It Pops Into Place

Using your air pump, pump some air into the tire. After a short period, release your ratchet strap from the tire. Once this is done, keep pumping the air and wait for a popping sound. This sound indicates that you should stop pumping. You can then proceed with fixing your tire back to the car.


Method 2

This is another method to fix a tire back on the rim by hand. 

Step 1

Lay the rim flat on the ground. Ensure that the front part of the rim is facing up. 

Step 2

Coat the tire beads with some dish detergent. The inside edges around the hole are referred to as the tire beads. Lay the tire on the rim after this step. 

Step 3

Stand on both sides of the tire and attempt to work the back tire bead open. Attaching a pair of vise grips will help you keep the tire in place and detached from the rim.

Step 4

Insert a pry bar or a screwdriver between the rim and tire bead. Pull it back and slide the tire bead over the rim. You should do this in two to three inches at once.

Repeat this procedure to fix the second side of the tire. Proceed to inflate the tire once this is done. Similar to the first method, you should look out for a loud pop, as this signals the tire sitting on the rim. Confirm that both sides of the tire are sitting firmly on the rim. 

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You should then inflate your tire pressure according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Using Fire to Put a Tire Back on the Rim 

This method is quite technical and requires more expert handling. For this method, you will need several tools, including:

Step 1: Put the Tire Rim Back

Once you have resolved the problem with your tire, you should place the rim inside the tire. 

Step 2: Spray Starter Fluid Around the Bead

Get some starter fluid and spray it lightly around the tire bead. Do not overspray the tire. 

Due to how highly flammable starter fluid is, it is recommended to spray some in a straight line on the ground. This line should lead to the tire bead, allowing you to keep a safe distance.  

Step 3: Light the Match and Prepare Yourself

Get ready to light the match almost immediately after you’re done spraying the starter fluid to prevent it from drying out. As soon as the fire gets to the tire’s bead, listen for a popping noise. 

You should put out the fire immediately when you hear the pop sound to prevent heat damage to the tire.

Step 4: Pump Air Into the Tire

As with other methods, the popping noise confirms the tire is now on the rim. Use your air pump to pump the recommended air pressure into the tire.

This step is recommended for experts due to its sensitivity. If done wrongly, it can lead to your tire overheating and cause Pyrolysis or other severe damages to the tire. You should also ensure you’re within a safe distance to prevent fire burns. 

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Preventive Measures When Using the Fire Method 

  • Do not attempt the fire method unless you have no other option. 
  • Do not attempt to fix a tire on the rim if it is not deflated. 
  • Always allow the tire to cool down before fixing it on the rim.
  • Check for damage or deterioration before fixing the tire. 
  • Always observe safety measures before starting the fire.

What to Do if Your Tire Comes off the Rim

Here are a few steps to follow if your tire comes off the rim unexpectedly. 

  • Avoid panic. A loose tire is definitely a cause for concern. However, try to stay as calm as you can. 
  • Try to park your car in a safe spot. 
  • Use your car tools to remove the tire from the wheel. 
  • Lay the tire flat on the ground and decompress it. 
  • Pump air into your tire until you hear the pop sound. 
  • Re-attach your tire to the wheel.


Having a tire come off the rim is common, especially for people who drive over muddy terrains often. 

If you have the required tools in your car, you might not need professional help. The methods above should help you figure out how to put a tire back on the rim successfully.

Regardless of which method you choose to use, remember to always prioritize your safety and seek professional help if you’re ever unsure.

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