How to Put on Disposable Mechanic Gloves Without Any Trouble

Your work as a mechanic is usually not kind on your hands. You often find yourself dealing with oil, grease, grime, and chemicals. Although some substances are hardly harmful and easily cleaned off, others can cause staining and possibly a harmful chemical reaction on your hands.

Disposable mechanic gloves are an affordable and effective way to protect your hands as you work. However, you have to put them on properly for them to be effective.

Types of Gloves Worn in the Automotive Industry

Most automotive workers you speak to will probably tell you that they choose latex gloves when working. However, many have since switched over to powder free nitrile gloves instead.

The type of gloves best for those in the automotive industry are those that have a certain degree of puncture resistance, offer chemical protection, and have a high level of dexterity.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile is a synthetic material that is made to mimic natural latex rubber. They are designed to be thinner than latex gloves, which helps improve dexterity when worn. Nitrile is also three times more puncture resistant than latex.

For these reasons, nitrile gloves have quickly become the industry standard for those in the automotive industry. Since they are latex and powder free gloves, they can be worn by those who have a latex allergy or may be sensitive to certain materials.

Black nitrile gloves sometimes offer a raised diamond texture which allows a technician or mechanic to maintain a solid and unbeatable grip when wearing their work gloves with textured fingertips.

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Natural Rubber Latex

Latex gloves can effectively protect one’s hands from various chemicals and solutions, including acetone, thinners, and many water-soluble acids and alkalis, but they don’t really provide the excellent grip most mechanics need when working.

Another main concern when using these gloves is for those who have a latex allergy. With continued exposure, latex gloves can bother those who didn’t have a previous reaction.

How to Wear Disposable Mechanic Gloves

Below are the steps for wearing your disposable mechanic gloves without any trouble.

  1. Get the right size of disposable mechanic gloves
  2. Remove all your jewelry. It may scratch or tear your gloves
  3. Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water or sanitize with an antibacterial hand gel before wearing gloves
  4. Dry your hands completely
  5. Remove the gloves from the packaging and inspect them to ensure no tears or rips
  6. Start by putting on one glove on the dominant hand. Pick the glove with your non-dominant hand by the inside of the cuff with the finger pockets facing downwards. Spread out the fingers of your dominant hand and slide them into the glove. Adjust the fit as need be to ensure that fingertips fit up to the furthest point of the finger pockets
  7. Repeat step 6 to wear the glove on your non-dominant hand. But this time, hold the glove by the inside cuff on your dominant hand, with the finger pockets facing downwards
  8. Make any necessary adjustments for a snug fit

How to Remove Your Disposable Mechanic Gloves

When removing your disposable mechanic gloves, you must do it in such a way that any grime, dirt, or chemicals do not come in touch with your skin or nearby clean objects. Below are the steps to follow:

  1. With your dominant hand, pinch a section of the inner cuff of the glove (at the wrist areas) on the non-dominant hand
  2. Slowly peel the glove on the non-dominant hand downwards as you turn it inside out. Keep pulling downwards until the entire glove comes off your hand
  3. To remove the remaining glove on your dominant hand, slide your ungloved fingers inside the glove at the wrist
  4. While taking care not to touch the outside of the glove, peel the glove downwards away from the wrist. As you continue to roll it downwards, it turns inside out.
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How to Determine the Right Sizing for Disposable Mechanic Gloves

For easy put-on, removal, and ease of use, disposable mechanic gloves must be the right size and offer a proper fit. They should not be too tight or too loose. If they are too loose, they reduce dexterity and may fall off. If they are too tight, they may rip and inhibit optimal circulation in the hands.

The best way to determine the right size of disposable gloves for your hands is by using the size chart provided by the manufacturer. You will need to measure around your palm.

For an accurate measurement, use a cloth tape measure. Hold your non-dominant hand up, hold the tape measure on your dominant hand, and wrap it around your palm. Record the measurement and compare the circumference of your hand against those provided on the sizing chart.

Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Tips for Using Disposable Mechanic Gloves

  1. Do not reuse disposable gloves. They are not designed for repetitive use. Each use exposes them to harmful chemicals and wear and tear, minimizing their protective effects
  2. Disposable gloves are difficult to wear and remove from wet or sweaty hands. As such, you want to wipe your hands dry before attempting to wear them. Whenever possible, go for powdered latex gloves or friction-resistant nitrile gloves. The powder minimizes friction. Alternatively, apply powder or corn starch to your hands or inside the gloves before wearing them. This minimizes sweating when using gloves or when you are working in warm and humid settings
  3. If your nitrile or latex glove rips while you put it on, replace the damaged glove with a fresh one
  4. If switching between tasks, wear a fresh pair of disposable gloves for each task
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Wearing your disposable mechanic gloves incorrectly can cause chemical injury or hard-to-clean stains on your hands. Follow the procedure described above to put them on. If you find the latex gloves sticky, apply some cornstarch or powder on your hands before putting them on. Also, ensure to remove the correctly to avoid touching the contaminants with your bare hands

Disposable Mechanic Gloves FAQ

Still have questions about disposable mechanics gloves in general? Review our brief FAQ below for answers to some of the more commonly asked questions.

How do you choose the right pair of mechanic’s gloves?

When choosing the best pair of mechanic gloves, looks for those with textured fingertips or textured palms to provide a solid and non-slip grip. You also want to be sure they fit properly to offer improved chemical resistance and offers elasticity for improved dexterity as you work.

How long will disposable nitrile gloves last?

Latex and nitrile gloves will be good for up to five years when stored properly. All gloves should be kept in the original packaging and stored in the right place to ensure they work as they should.

What gloves do you wear if you have a latex allergy?

If you suffer from a latex allergy or other skin sensitivities, you want to wear gloves made of nitrile. It is 100 percent latex-free and durable, making them the ideal option for hand protection.

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