Best Ice Maker That Only Makes Crushed Ice

Looking for an ice maker that only makes crushed ice? Throwing in crushed ice is the best way to cool down a beverage. This is because, in contrast to an ice cube, there is a larger surface area to which the liquid can adhere. That’s not the only advantage, however.

Best Ice Maker For Crushing Ice

The use of crushed ice in fruit mixed drinks is common to expedite the melting process. Drinking the liquefied water makes the alcohol more tolerable while also enhancing the intensely sweet flavor of the beverage you’re taking in as well.

It’s time-consuming to use an old-fashioned method of pounding ice cubes out of a Ziploc bag with a mallet. In the market, you can find hand-cranked ice crushers, but they still require a bit of arm wrestling. It’s for this reason electric ice makers are so popular: they make it quick and easy to make crushed ice for any kind of drink.

Crushed ice comes in as many varieties as ice makers. Although they appear crushed, the size, shape, and texture can all vary. There are two types of snow cones: those made from crushed bullet ice, and those made from fluffy snow.

Sonic or nugget ice is a type of ice that resembles small pebbles.

Because of its porous nature, this type of ice was introduced by the Sonic fast-food chain decades ago and quickly became popular because it melts rapidly but doesn’t dilute the flavor of the drink. Soluble in water, the tiny ice pebbles add flavor to your drink.

As the only type of ice that can be chewed, it’s extremely popular among those who enjoy the sport. You can’t crush large cubes to make it because it isn’t made that way Flaked Ice is compacted into small pellets and used to make the product. Because of this, the ice is crunchy and soft, rather than sharp or hard.

It was the Scotsman brand that created the first nugget ice maker, but the advantage of using this type of shredded ice maker has spread to several other companies.

Compact and transportable, these new models are intended for home use. The fundamental features of both are also very similar, if not identical. As a bonus, they’re more reasonably priced than comparable commercial products.

We’ve compiled a list of the ice maker that only makes crushed ice that is both fast and affordable for the average household. This is the list of the best ice makers for crushing ice.

Top 5 Best Ice Maker That Only Makes Crushed Ice

GE Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

20 minutes later, this countertop ice maker is ready to start making chewy, crunchy ice. Each day, it can produce up to 25 pounds of ice, which works out to about a pound per hour on average. 3 lbs of ice can be stored in its ice bin.

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Stainless steel and plastic are used to make them lightweight and easy to carry. It has a side tank that increases ice production by three times and eliminates the need for water hookups. There is no waste because it recycles the melted ice water.

When the ice bin is running low, it will automatically resume ice production thanks to the device’s smart features. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled, so you can keep tabs on its status or program it to make ice at specific times.

The parts and labor of this product are covered by a 1-year limited warranty.


  • WiFi support for UV water purification


  • An expensive Bluetooth app only works from a distance of 40 feet.

IGLOO Portable Ice Machine and Crusher

In just 10 minutes, this machine can produce 14 chewable nugget-style or bullet-shaped crushed ice. A 2-pound ice reservoir can produce 33 pounds of ice per day.

The water tank holds 2.5 gallons and is made of stainless steel. A water line can be connected to it if you want to use it as a dispenser.

The LED control panel features a wide range of useful functions. An indicator light tells you when the water reservoir is low, and there are settings for making small or large bullet ice, as well as nugget ice production.

It has a stainless steel drip pan that can be easily removed for cleaning, as well as a transparent lid that allows for easy monitoring of ice production.

A one-year warranty is included with this product.


  • Crushed ice machine for making chewy ice.
  • The water dispenser is used to provide water.


  • The Proposition 65 label is issued by California.

NewAir Nugget Ice Maker

In less than 12 minutes, this countertop ice maker can produce crunchy ice. It’s also a powerhouse; it can produce 40 pounds of ice in a day and store 4.8 pounds of ice in its detachable ice container. Having a thicker interior wall extends the time it takes for the ice to melt away.

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Water recycling and self-cleaning features are built-in. The built-in water tank, which is free of BPA, is located beneath the ice bin, making it easy to collect and reuse the meltwater.

This unit also comes with an ice scoop. A one-year limited warranty is included.


  • Self-cleaning ice production technology


  • Quite a bit of noise
  • Only works with tap water.

Frigidaire Nugget Ice Maker, Stainless Steel

This ice cube maker takes just 15 minutes to produce square, crunchy ice cubes. At 3 pounds, it can produce up to 44 pounds per day of ice, making it one of the most efficient bins on the market today.

Because it’s so small, it’s easy to transport and use. The machine’s water reservoir can be easily removed for cleaning. Recycled ice water is used in the process as well.

The button’s UV light kills bacteria and mold, making it a useful tool. If possible, leave it on while using the machine to keep germs at bay.

A one-year warranty is included with this product.


  • The icing on the cake for Sonic style
  • Contains UV light


  • There is no water supply connection included.
  • Users find the manual difficult to understand and use

Ice-O-Matic Pearl Ice Machine

It makes chewable, crunchy pearl ice under the counter. The ice bin capacity is 22lbs, and it can produce 85lbs of ice per day.

It’s quieter than traditional compressor-cooled ice makers because they make use of Air Condensing Cooling Technology. The NSF has also certified its Pure Ice® anti-microbial technology, so you know the ice it produces is free of odor and bacteria.

An optional drain pump is included in the design, which is 115 volts and plugs into the wall. The easy-to-use control panel is hidden behind a stainless steel swing door. It has four 1″ adjustable legs as well, so it won’t sit on the floor.

The unit also comes with an ice scoop. It has a two-year part and labor warranty.


  • Stillness is ensured by an automatic shutoff feature.


  • To be used indoors only.
  • Installation with a water filtration system is required.

Final Thoughts

The best ice maker for crushing ice is the one that suits your needs the most. If you want a machine that is portable and easy to use, then the Frigidaire Nugget Ice Maker, Stainless Steel is a good choice. If you are looking for a machine that is quieter and produces ice that is free of bacteria, then the Ice-O-Matic Pearl Ice Machine is a good choice. Ultimately, the best ice maker for you is the one that fits your needs the most.

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The Frigidaire Ice Maker Stuck On Crush

Frigidaire ice makers are a convenient addition to any minimalist kitchen, but sometimes they can get stuck on the “crush” setting. This usually happens when there is too much ice in the unit or the blades are blocked by debris.

If your Frigidaire ice maker is stuck on crush, the first thing you should do is check the ice storage bin. If it is full, empty it and clean it before restarting the ice maker.

If the storage bin is not the problem, then you may need to clean the blades. First, unplug the unit and remove any ice cubes that are stuck in the blades.

Then, use a small brush or compressed air to remove any dirt or debris that may be blocking the blades. Once the blades are clear, plug the unit back in and press the “crush” button to see if it works properly.

If your ice maker still does not work, you may need to contact Frigidaire for further assistance.

Kenmore Ice Maker Won’t Dump Ice

If your Kenmore ice maker won’t dump ice, there are a few possible reasons why.

First, make sure that the ice bucket is properly positioned under the ice maker. If it isn’t, the ice won’t be able to fall into the bucket.

Second, check to see if the ice maker’s bail arm is in the down position. If it isn’t, the ice maker won’t be able to release the ice.

Finally, make sure that there isn’t anything blocking the path of the ice as it’s released from the ice maker. If there is, the ice will get stuck and won’t be able to fall into the bucket. If you’ve checked all of these things and your Kenmore ice maker still won’t dump ice, you may need to call a repairman.

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