Lg Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working? Here’s The Fix!

Are LG refrigerator water dispenser sticks not working? While the water dispenser on your LG refrigerator may seem like a pretty simple feature, there are actually a lot of things that can go wrong and cause it to stop working properly.

Fortunately, most of the time these issues can be easily fixed without having to call in a professional.

If your LG fridge’s water dispenser is not working, here are a few things you can check and do to fix it:

Ways To Fix LG Fridge’s Water Dispenser

Turned On Dispenser Lock

The first thing you’ll want to check is if the dispenser lock mode has been turned on. This feature is designed to prevent accidental dispensing, but it can also be easily turned on by mistake.

To turn off the dispenser lock mode, simply press and hold the Dispenser Lock button (usually located on the control panel) for 3 seconds.

Frozen Water Line

Another common issue that can cause your LG fridge’s water dispenser to stop working is a frozen water line. This usually happens in the summer when the humidity is high and can be easily fixed by thawing out the frozen line.

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To do this, unplug your fridge and turn off the water supply to it.

Then, use a hairdryer to thaw out the frozen line. Once the line is thawed, turn the water supply back on and plug your fridge back in.

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Water Filter

If there is water coming out of the dispenser, but it tastes funny or looks cloudy, then it’s probably time to replace your water filter. A clogged or dirty filter can cause the water dispenser to work less efficiently and can also lead to poor water quality.

To replace the water filter, simply follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.

Door Switch Not Engaged

Another common issue that can cause the water dispenser to stop working is if the door switch is not engaged. This switch is located on the fridge door and must be in the “on” position for the water dispenser to work.

To check if the door switch is engaged, simply open and close the fridge door and see if the water dispenser works.

If it doesn’t, then the door switch is likely the issue. To fix this, simply press and hold the door switch for 3 seconds to engage it.

Problem With Refrigerator Water Supply Line

If you’ve checked all of the above and the water dispenser still isn’t working, then there may be a problem with the refrigerator water supply line. This line runs from the fridge to your water supply and can become clogged or damaged over time. To check for a problem with this line.

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Here’s how to assess the following water supply issues:

Water pressure: Check your water pressure using a pressure gauge. If it’s too low, that might be the reason your water dispenser isn’t working.

A clog: Remove the screen from the end of the water supply line and check for any debris that might be blocking it. If you find a clog, clear it out and then reattach the screen.

A kink: Check the water supply line for any kinks or bends. If you find a kink, straighten it out and then try using the water dispenser again.

A leak: Inspect the water supply line for any cracks or leaks. If you find a leak, you’ll need to replace the water supply line.

Broken Refrigerator Dispenser Switch

This switch controls the water dispenser and is located inside the fridge door. To check if the switch is working, simply press on it and see if the water dispenser comes on. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to replace the switch. To do this, simply follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.

Where is the reset button on an LG refrigerator?

There is no reset button on an LG refrigerator. If your fridge is not working properly, you’ll need to troubleshoot the issue to find the root cause. Once you’ve found and fixed the problem, your fridge should work as normal.

Common issues that can cause an LG refrigerator to stop working include:

  • A power outage
  • A tripped circuit breaker
  • A blown fuse
  • A faulty door switch
  • A clogged water filter
  • A problem with the water supply line

Why is my refrigerator making ice but not dispensing it?

There are several possible reasons why your refrigerator is making ice but not dispensing it. The most common reason is that the ice maker is turned off. To turn on the ice maker, simply press the “Ice Maker” button on your fridge. If this doesn’t work, then there may be a problem with the ice maker itself and you’ll need to call a repairman.

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Other possible reasons include a clogged water filter, a frozen water line, or a faulty ice maker switch.

How can I make my refrigerator colder?

If your refrigerator is not cold enough, there are several things you can do to fix the issue. The most common reason for a fridge not being cold enough is that the thermostat is set too low.

To fix this, simply turn up the thermostat until the fridge reaches the desired temperature. Other possible causes include a dirty condenser coil, a weak door seal, or a problem with the evaporator fan.

What are some common problems with LG refrigerators?

Common problems with LG refrigerators include:

  1. The fridge is not cold enough
  2. The water dispenser is not working
  3. The ice maker is not working
  4. There is a leak from the fridge
  5. The fridge is making strange noises

Do all refrigerators need a water line? LG Refrigerator Water Dispenser Sticks

No, not all refrigerators need a water line. Some fridges have a built-in water dispenser that doesn’t require a water line. However, if your fridge does have a water dispenser, then it will need a water line.

Most homes have a water line already installed that can be used for the fridge. If your home doesn’t have a water line, you’ll need to have one installed.

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