RideTech Suspension Detailed Review

RideTech suspensions are aftermarket suspension kits and components designed to offer luxurious and comfortable riding on different types of cars. The company also manufactures products for marine, military, and OEM applications.

The RideTech company was started in 1996 to build air suspensions for better-lowered cars. Its mission has grown over the years to make vintage cars drive like modern supercars, trucks like a family sedan, and ensure your car can ride smoothly on all roads.


  • Wide variety of suspensions to choose from
  • Compatible with a wide range of cars—from small cars to trucks, classics to modern cars
  • Easy to install
  • Incorporate innovate technology
  • Enhance comfort, handling, and performance
  • Durable
  • Damping adjustability


  • Some RideTech suspensions are quite expensive

RideTech Suspension Product Range

RideTech has numerous suspension products, including air suspension, Coilovers, shock absorbers, coil and leaf springs, roll bays, sway bays, tubular control arms, and much more.

RideTech upgraded suspension lineup falls into 3 main categories—air suspension, Coilovers, and StreetGrip.

RideTech Air Suspension

Air ride has two categories of air suspension packages – Shockwave and CoolRide. Both are designed to provide super low stance, excellent handling, and ride quality even on public roads. The ride height is easily adjustable with a push of a button to suit your driving conditions.

Shockwave air suspensions were first introduced in the market in 1999. These compact air suspensions are suitable for both cars and trucks. They have a unique patented design incorporating a shock absorber and air spring. The air springs and shock absorbers fit in your vehicle just like Coilovers.

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On the other hand, CoolRide air suspension kits are an advanced model of Air Ride suspensions. Air Ride suspensions were the earliest type of air suspension made by Air Ride Technologies before the company rebranded to RideTech. The initial design included air springs and bracket assemblies used as coil spring replacements. They could either be dropped in, bolted, or welded in.

RideTech 11204099 CoolRide Rear Suspension Kit
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There are a variety of CoolRide kits available—some for stock control arms and others for RideTech strongarms. Typically, the kits come with separate shock absorbers and custom brackets to enable you to upgrade your traditional suspension system to air suspension. Also, some come with adjustable shock absorbers.

Aside from the air suspension kits, RideTech offers different air suspension components at different prices that you can buy separately. These include air springs, digital and analog compressor systems, wishbones, tubular A-arms, Weld-in, and Bolt-on links.


Ridetech 11160201 Coilover Suspension System 1967-1969 Camaro and Firebird
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Coilover suspension design includes a coil-spring assembly and self-contained shock absorbers. They have adjustable preload to enable you to alter ride height and spring rate, offering control over shock settings. They incorporate the Monotube shock technology often used in high-end sports and race cars. The technology makes them highly responsive.

You can choose between the HQ and TQ series. The HQ series Coilovers have single adjustability, while the TQ series Coilovers have triple adjustability and are suitable for street and road racing cars. The Coilovers are also available in universal specs to fit most cars and trucks and application-specific designs to fit with RideTech front and rear suspension upgrades.

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StreetGrip Suspension

RideTech 11175010 StreetGrip Suspension System
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The StreetGrip line of suspensions is designed as complete, easy-to-install, affordable kits. They include everything you need to set up the suspension in your car or truck, including adjustable shock absorbers, tall ball joints, ball joint wedge plates, hardware, shackles, heavy-duty sway bars, leaf springs, and high-performance bushings.

They are suitable for upgrading the suspension in pickup trucks and classic muscle cars for high performance, excellent handling, lowered height, and modern quality ride. They have a 100% bolt-on feature that works well with existing factory frames, spring mounts, and control arms.

RideTech Suspension Features and Benefits

Wide Range of Application

RideTech suspensions can be used on a wide range of vehicles to improve handling and performance. They can be used in muscle cars, trucks, or Corvettes. Or in show cars, restoration cars, track day cars, and high-speed auto-cross.

Excellent Handling and Ride Quality

RideTech incorporates dual-rate springs in their suspensions, which ensures a smooth ride even on pothole-filled roads. The suspensions also enhance cornering ability.

Premium Quality

RideTech suspension and suspension components offer durability, performance, and efficiency. All products are made in the U.S in the company’s manufacturing facility in Jasper, Indiana.

Easy to Install

The RideTech suspensions are built to offer easy installation. You do not need advanced automotive mechanical skills or an elaborate installation tool set.

Warranty and Return

RideTech offers a 1-year warranty on all their products starting from the date of purchase. Aside from the 1-year warranty, RideTech offers a 1,000,001-mile lifetime warranty on all RideTech shock absorbers purchased after January 2013. The warranties are non-transferable.

The RideTech return policy allows customers to return new (re-sellable) products for a refund within 30 days of receipt of the product. The returned product must be accompanied by its invoice number or original purchase order to be eligible for a refund.

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Social Proof

According to reviews on various online platforms, most RideTech customers like their suspensions. They say that the suspensions improve handling and comfort massively. The kits and components are also quite easy to set up. We installed a Coilover suspension in the rear of our corvette. It works well, and the only thing we do not like about it is that it uses a small front wheel bearing.

RideTech Suspension RideTech Suspension Alternatives

Ridetech Coolride Suspension


The Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems (SES) is a great alternative for the RideTech suspensions. They have a unique, axle-less design for easy installation. They are made of rubber helper springs and prevent rear sag. They are quite durable and have a high spring rate.

The Timbren SESs suspensions are best suited for use on vehicles that haul heavy loads, such as work trucks, trailers, RVs, and campers. They are more affordable and easier to install than RideTech suspensions.

Sumo Springs

Like the Timbren suspensions, Sumo Springs combat rear sway and are best suited for use with heavy haulers. They have a multi-component design made of micro-cellular urethane.


Airlift is another great option for air suspension. The company stands out as it has been building air suspensions for over a decade. They started with a focus on air suspensions for aircraft but incorporated a product range for cars and trucks over the years. The suspensions use sensors to adjust ride height accordingly.


RideTech suspensions are among the top options in the market. Whether you are looking for air suspension, traditional suspensions, or a hybrid, RideTech has a wide range of options at different prices.

You can buy complete kits or select components to install in your car. RideTech suspensions are reliable, efficient, and durable. They are suitable whether you want suspension for your classic car or to tune your regular sedan to sport-car standards.

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