5 Surprising Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter

Out of many of the vital organs in the human body, the liver is worth mentioning. The human body is a biological machine, and the car engine is a mechanical one. I often find a close relationship between the human liver and the car’s catalytic converter.

Let’s make the thing clear!

Because of the food we eat every day, energy is broken into simple particles for digestion and absorption in the body by various chemicals released through the liver.

The liver not only detoxifies the chemicals but also metabolizes drugs mixed within the blood inside the body.

For the normal of cases, the liver will keep supporting you until your last breath. But, if you are not prone to an active life and have higher fat intakes, then your liver got a higher chance for dysfunctions and clogging.

The very same thing can be related to your vehicle who’s the role of the liver is played by a catalytic converter. With the dysfunctions of a liver, all the facilities you seek out of it remain no longer viable.

This comparison has drawn out to emphasize the importance of catalytic converter in car-like Ford F150.

And, our today’s article will be about the facilities that a catalytic converter has got to serve whose interruption can also obstacle its following properties.

So, let us march towards the main section.

What is a Catalytic Converter, and Why is it Important?

No matter it’s a Ford F150 or simply any other vehicle, the importance of a catalytic converter is indisputable. But, that doesn’t mean that your car cannot run without a catalytic converter. Just as you can live without a liver, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll throw it away.

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If you do so, all the essential reactions taking place inside your body with the help of the liver will also be thrown away at the same time. But, still, you can see many people surviving without a liver due to liver dysfunctions.

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The very same thing also happens in terms of a catalytic converter in your car or truck. You will not drive your car throwing away the catalytic converter without any of its issues. It is always best for the endurance and longevity of your vehicle to use a catalytic converter to assist as a part of the engine.

To understand all these in more detail, you first need to interpret what a catalytic converter is in the first place! With that being said, a catalytic converter is an emission control device that mainly takes care of exhaust gas.

All the pollution, toxicity, and harmful chemicals in your exhaust gas are purified with the help of a catalytic converter. Exhaust gas remains in the internal engine of combustion, which is not in a pure state. A good catalytic converter catalyzes a redox reaction that makes the pollutants of the exhaust gas into a lesser toxic version.

And thus, it becomes a crucial part of the internal engine of your car.

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Five Surprising Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter

Now that you understand the role of a catalytic converter, you can feel very much about what may happen if the catalytic converter starts to be dysfunctional anyway?

A catalytic converter can stop working when it becomes no longer eligible to fit into your vehicle. Such a scenario is mainly seen in the old and worn-out cars as a catalytic converter lasts a good test of time. However, a catalytic converter becomes terrible most of the time when they are clogged.

The things that can happen with you and your truck in case of a bad catalytic converter are:

  •  Facing problems when starting the car

We want to remind you again that a vehicle’s catalytic converter is similar to the liver in a human body. So, we can relate both of them in every phase of the description.

 When suffering from any liver difficulties, one of the many symptoms is tiredness and the inability to wake from sleep quickly. This is because the whole system of the body gets disinterested in a natural way like it used to before. So, the outcome of this is seen in various forms of suffering like oversleeping.

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The very same occurs in terms of a vehicle for a bad catalytic converter. Your vehicle finds it hard to start the engine. At first, it may seem alright, and everything may remain in your favor. But, as far as you move with your vehicle, it shows various issues with time.

The main reason behind it is the excessive pressure from the exhaust gas implied on the engine. As a result, it causes the engine to get weak and obstacles in its general flow.

  • You are far away from getting a good efficiency of fuel

In the same way, a dysfunctional liver causes low appetite and fatigue, such kinds of phenomena also occur with your vehicle. A bad catalytic converter can be the full-proof reason behind your lower gas mileage. If you suddenly feel your car has less mileage, then a bad catalytic converter is responsible for that.

The lower is the oxygen transfer into your engine, the higher is the amount of gas it will consume. And, the higher gas it consumes, the lower the miles that your vehicle can serve.

  • The check engine light of your vehicle will always remain on

Your body will tell you various signs and symptoms if you have a terrible liver that does not function correctly. The same also occurs again for your vehicle, which will let you know in case of a bad catalytic converter.

And, one of the most significant signs to spot it is the engine light of your vehicle. There are some sensors in every car which cause the engine light to blink or stay on when any unwanted activities occur.

A wrong catalytic converter is a must to be alerted by your Ford to become aware and take steps fast. The sensor of the oil-to-fuel ratio is what triggers the engine light. When the balance is imbalanced in the absence of a good converter, the light starts to blink.

  • The test of your vehicle’s emission system is failed

It needs no required to interpret that a catalytic converter is the crucial part of your vehicle’s emission system or gas emission. As a result, an emission system without the catalytic converter is like a boat without a rudder. So, in its absence, it is a must to spot problems or failures in the emission system.

Which is to say, if you find the emission system of your car or truck to be faulty or failing, then the most probable outcome is due to a bad catalytic converter.

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It can be related to the liver when you go to the doctor and have the sample of enzymes in your liver and find no traces of the enzymes. This also happens when the liver of your body becomes dysfunctional.

  • An inferior acceleration may be experienced

Finally, the engine’s lousy performance and lower efficiency of your vehicles bring a red flag and represent a bad catalytic converter. When running your Ford f150, when you press at the gas pedal or try to accelerate your vehicle but find it difficult the rest of the time, you should check your converter.

For the majority of the time, all these things happen when your catalytic converter gets clogged. It’s pronounced to become blocked by impurities when cleaning the dirt from the exhaust system.

As a result, the clogged converter makes the exhaust gas trap in front of the catalytic converter, and thus, the gas cannot enter into the vehicle’s engine. As a result, it decreases the performance of your engine, which leads to a lack of acceleration in the long run.

Again, during the acceleration, jerking may occur in your vehicles which is also caused by the flawed catalytic system.

How to Deal With a Bad Catalytic Converter?

All you need after learning about the symptoms of a bad catalytic converter is to take immediate options.

The reason for that is so much noticeable, which not only includes you to be prevented from being legal in the streets. But, it can be equally the reasons for less performance of your car and very high fuel expenses. The performance and the costs are directly and indirectly dependent on the engine exhaust system, a catalytic converter.

Not only that, but your vehicle will also go through various wear and tear with the danger of internal damages as well. So, continuing with a bad catalytic converter can be your mistake in life.

With that said, it becomes so much essential to deal with a bad catalytic converter. And the easiest way to do it is to replace the catalytic converter without any further argument. In most cases, it becomes necessary to replace the converter. And, the same scenario even becomes higher in the case of the catalytic converter of modern vehicles with more complex functionalities.

The old catalytic converter has the scopes of fixing, which is difficult in the case of the modern one. Again, the job can often be done just by removing the excess dirt or unclogging your catalytic converter, as it may be one of the reasons for the dysfunction.

Final Words

Here, I have discussed the apparent symptoms of a bad catalytic converter. These symptoms are universal. Either it is Ford F150 or any other car, if you face these issues, don’t hesitate to change the catalytic converter as soon as possible.


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