The Best Motorcycle Coolant

It doesn’t matter if you ride a Harley or a Honda; having motorcycle coolant is essential. This important liquid helps your bike remain cool by transporting heat from the engine block to the radiator, where it is dispersed.

Over time and due to use, your motorcycle’s coolant can deteriorate, causing many mechanical problems. This is why you need to select a high-quality motorcycle coolant that has been designed to last.

Trying to figure out the best motorcycle coolant can be confusing; fortunately, ToolsPicks is here to assist you. This article will highlight the best motorcycle coolant products available, enabling you to make an informed choice.

There will also be a buying guide that provides you with essential factors you need to consider when purchasing coolant for your motorcycle. Before highlighting the best motorcycle coolants, it is important to first highlight essential factors to consider.

Buying Guide for the Best Motorcycle Coolant

The coolants highlighted in this article are the best out there, and there is no doubt one on the list that best suits your preferences. To help make your decision easier, we at Toolspicks have taken the time to compile this guide.

Ready Mixed

While it isn’t as important to buy a coolant that is ready mixed, it can help make things easier. Moreover, if you purchase a water-based engine coolant, a ready mixed option is best as it will most likely be made using deionized water.

Compared to tap water, deionized water is free from any minerals that might cause limescale or corrosion in your cooling system.

Long Service Life

The aim of taking care of your motorcycle is to have it working for a long time. A great way to do this is to choose a coolant created to last. When you choose a high-quality motorcycle coolant, you not only improve your fuel efficiency but also help prevent a host of mechanical problems and save money.

High Boiling Point

The best motorcycle coolant is one that comes with a high boiling point. Such coolant is capable of transferring the heat away from your engine. This is why it is imperative to find a coolant with a high boiling point – of at least 250 F.

Antifreeze Protection

Coolants made today have been designed to provide year-round protection to your engine. This is achieved by including antifreeze in the mix, so you should be looking for coolants that can protect your engine at colder temperatures.

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Corrosion Resistance

The best motorcycle coolant comes with anti-corrosion additives that help prevent deterioration in your cooling system. Furthermore, the coolant you select for your motorcycle should be free from carboxylates, borates, phosphates, nitrates, and silicates.

Type of Coolant

Reading the list of the best motorcycle coolant below, you will discover that they come in two major types: water-free and water-based.

Water Free

Waterless coolants don’t contain water meaning their composition helps to eliminate the probability of corrosion in your motorcycle’s cooking system. This, however, does make them expensive to purchase. Fortunately, the chemicals utilized to make the coolants come with a higher boiling point and heat capacity than water-based coolants.

This design allows heat to be transferred away from the engine more efficiently. This increases efficiency and makes waterless coolants perfect for high-performance conditions. They also tend to last a lot longer than water-based motorcycle coolants.


As the name suggests, water-based coolants contain water, with around 50% of the entire volume made up of water. Depending on the brand, you can purchase a water-based coolant ready mixed or one that requires you to add water.

This coolant is the most commonly used type as it is much more cost-effective compared to waterless coolants. Nevertheless, you should note that water-based coolants have a lower boiling point making them unsuitable for certain applications such as racing. Moreover, water can be quite corrosive to your cooling system if it contains certain minerals.

The Best Motorcycle Coolant

1. Red Line Super Coolant With Water Wetter – Best Motorcycle Coolant With Watter Wetter

Red line Performance Coolant with Water Wetter 1/2 US gallon

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The Red Line Performance Coolant with Water Wetter is the first motorcycle coolant on this list. As its name states, it is a high-performance engine coolant fit for use with karts, ATVs, motorcycles, and more. This product has been blended with pure, deionized water to stop corrosion from happening, which can cause damage to your engine’s cooling system.

Furthermore, adding lubricants and corrosion inhibitors makes this quite a versatile solution as it can be sued to lubricate and clean seals, ensuring they remain in optimum condition while on the road.

When used, this coolant from Red Line drastically lowers the formation of vapor and bubbles, lowering the coolant’s average temperature by 20 F. Compared to other engine coolants available on the market, this water wetter engine coolant isn’t made with glycol compounds.

Overall, this product is extremely effective in transferring heat, ensuring engines remain at their optimum temperature. This regular coolant has been created for all engine types, from bronze, brass, and copper to aluminum and cast iron.

Key Features

  • Suitable for all modern engines
  • Water-based coolant
  • Ready to use formula
  • Manufactured using deionized water
  • Provides corrosion resistance


  • Suitable for use with bronze, brass, cast iron, copper, and aluminum cooling systems
  • New formula improves heat transfer
  • Free from glycol compounds
  • Lubricates pump seals


  • Fine print says it is already diluted. Some may prefer the concentrated version

2. Motorex Motorcycle Coolant M3.0 Ready to Use – Best Aluminum Engine Coolant

Amazon product

Amazon product

Motorex is another motorcycle coolant manufacturer that has earned its spot on the list thanks to its ready-to-use coolant. This motorcycle coolant uses an ethylene glycol-based formula that protects against corrosion, limescale deposits, overheating, and cold temperatures.

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The Motorex 198463 is a versatile blend capable of being used with all modern engines. However, it works best on aluminum engines, particularly those with high loads. This is why it makes a wonderful racing coolant, ensuring the bike maintains a stable temperature even in the toughest conditions.

Using this specific engine coolant is easy as it has already been diluted with distilled water. Unlike coolants made years ago, this aluminum engine coolant is free from nitrates, silicates, phosphates, and amines. This ensures that it has a long service life.

Apart from being a very effective engine coolant, it can also be used as an antifreeze—it can protect your motorcycle engine at temperatures as low as -28 F.

Key Features

  • Protects the engine in low temperatures
  • Can be used with any modern motorcycle engine
  • Ethylene glycol composition helps protect against overheating, limescale, and corrosion.
  • Water-based coolant
  • Ready to use


  • Excellent service life
  • Free from phosphates, amines, nitrates, and silicates
  • Can be used with any modern engine
  • Comes in a 1-liter bottle


  • Price is higher than other coolant options

3. Maxima Performance Motorcycle Coolant – Best 50/50 Blend Coolant

Maxima 82964 Coolanol 50/50 Blend Performance Coolant - 64 oz. , Black

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The Maxima 82964 Coolanol is a 50/50 blend performance coolant. It utilizes a ready-to-use formula that blends antifreeze and cooling properties. This makes it the best coolant for year-round use. This Maxima product is a premium blend that balances antifreeze ingredients with deionized water, ensuring that your engine performs optimally even in -34 F weather.

The 82964 comes with a high boiling point—which at 265 F ensures it can handle the heat of the summer months. Asides from protecting your motorcycle engine against extreme temperatures, this distilled water motorcycle coolant has been manufactured to prevent cavitation and corrosion, thanks to the addition of glycol and anti-foam agents.

It also has a low-silicate content making it useful in just about any motorbike. It doesn’t matter if your motorcycle uses a cooling system made from magnesium or aluminum; the Maxima 82964 provides excellent results.

Key Features

  • Low-silicate formula
  • Contains 50% deionized water
  • Boiling point of 265 F
  • Contains anti-foam agents


  • Protects against cavitation and corrosion in cooling system
  • Can be used for most motorcycles
  • Comes in a large 64-ounce size
  • Keeps engine function even in temperatures as low as -34 F


  • Doesn’t come in a liter bottle

4. EVANS Cooling Systems High-Performance Motorcycle Coolant – Best Waterless Coolant

EVANS Cooling Systems EC53001 High Performance Waterless Engine Coolant, 128 fl. oz.

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This Evans Cooling Systems EC53001 engine coolant is a waterless engine coolant that protects a host of engines. While others on this list might be specially designed motorcycle coolants, this waterless coolant has been created to work with many vehicles – from diesel and gasoline to classing and modern. This means it is a great choice for those with more than one bike.

Its boiling point is impressive at 375 F, meaning this rugged motorcycle engine coolant won’t vaporize with intense driving. It reduces the strain on your motorcycle engine by helping to eliminate boil-over. This high boiling point is achieved due to the waterless coolant formula.

This Evans product’s lack of water helps prevent cavitation and corrosion, lowering long-term maintenance costs. Since the coolant can significantly reduce engine temperature, it can also prevent engine and pre-ignition lock problems.

With these problems prevented, your motorcycle can run much more efficiently and gain better fuel economy.

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Key Features

  • High boiling point of 375 F
  • Decreases the strain placed on your engine’s cooling system
  • Water-free formula prevents cavitation and corrosion
  • Made for use in most classic and modern vehicles


  • High boiling point
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Waterless formula


  • Slightly on the pricey side

5. Engine Ice High-Performance Motorcycle Coolant – Best High-Performance Engine Coolant

Engine Ice TYDS008-03 High Performance Coolant, 0.5 gallon, 3 Pack

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The Engine Ice TYDS009-03 is a high-performance motorcycle engine coolant made phosphate-free, biodegradable, and non-toxic. Each bottle comes already mixed and ready for use. When used, this Engine Ice product can seamlessly keep boil-over temperatures to just 256 F while also doubling as antifreeze, providing protection up to -24 F.

Your motorcycle engine is always kept at its optimal temperature regardless of the season. This coolant can reduce your engine’s temperature by 20 degrees, making it perfectly suited to any bike, whether a racing bike or a dirt bike.

This feature is underlined as it has been approved for use on a variety of racetracks around the world. It is constructed using a high-performance formula that protects your motorcycle’s engine from corrosion, regardless of whether the engine’s components are made from cast iron, copper, magnesium, steel, aluminum, or solder.

Furthermore, the TYDS008-03 contains propylene glycol, which can help prevent pump gasket failures.

Key Features

  • Helps to keep corrosion at bay regardless of the cooling system
  • Approved for use on racetracks worldwide
  • Lowers average engine operation temperature by 20 F
  • Provides antifreeze protection down to -24 F


  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Premixed coolant
  • High-performance coolant
  • Great for race and road applications


  • Available in just 0.5 gallons

6. Genuine Honda Long Life Motorcycle Coolant– Best Coolant With Antifreeze

Honda Genuine COOLANT (Type-2) (OL999-9011)

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This product is a high-quality engine coolant from Honda Motor Company. It is a one-stop-shop solution that can ensure your motorcycle engine remains at a steady temperature throughout the year. This is because it can also be used as motorcycle antifreeze.

While it has been specifically engineered for Acura and Honda vehicles, it is a great option for a vast array of bikes. This Honda motorcycle coolant is free from silicates -a traditional antifreeze ingredient that deteriorates over time—providing a long shelf life. Certain motorcycle enthusiasts swear by this motorcycle coolant, stating that it is durable enough to last five years.

This product has been constructed using deionized water, ensuring that it doesn’t create scale on your engine’s components. The long-life type 2 coolant is easy to use – it comes as a premixed coolant, so all you have to do is simply pour it in. This product should be seen as a budget-friendly, durable and functional option offered by Genuine.

Key Features

  • Silicate-free
  • Budget-friendly price point
  • Can work for up to 5 years
  • Already mixed for quick use
  • Constructed using deionized water
  • Can also be used as an antifreeze


  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be used as an antifreeze
  • 5-year operational warranty


  • A little pricey

The best motorcycle coolant will reduce operating temperatures and is non-toxic. A premixed coolant may be easier to use, but you should still familiarize yourself with the knowledge needed about proper ratios, so you combine water and coolant properly when it isn’t premixed.

Finally, always consider the weather conditions in your area. During the summer, your motorcycle needs to remain within a certain limit, so it doesn’t overheat.

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