Timbren Suspension Review

Timbren is a family-owned company located in Canada. It specializes in manufacturing suspension upgrades for trucks and suspension kits for off-road vehicles, campers and trailers. Typically, these are axle-less suspensions. They are a great alternative for steel and airbag suspension.

Timbren offers three main categories of after-market suspensions, including:

  • Suspension upgrade kits
  • Axle-less trailer suspension
  • Active of-road bump stops

Other types of Timbren suspensions include:

  • Dakota Air Trailer Suspension
  • Silent-ride trailer suspension
  • STI trailer suspension

Overview of Timbren Suspensions

Suspension Upgrade Kits

The suspension upgrade kits are also known as the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System (SES). They are designed to prevent roll and suspension sag and eliminates trailer sway on trucks when carrying a load. They can be used on trailers, work trucks, snowplowing trucks, HD trucks that haul massive loads, RVs, slide-in campers, etc., to improve ride quality.

The Timbren Suspension Enhancement System is designed with rubber helper springs that keep the load steady. They are available in two options—front suspension upgrades and rear suspension upgrades. Front suspension upgrades primarily improve your truck’s handling when using a snow blow blade. On the other hand, the rear suspension upgrades prevent rear swag.

Independent Suspension

These are axle-less trailer suspensions that enable your trailer tires to operate independently. Independent suspensions are most suitable if you use your truck or trailer on uneven surfaces and road conditions. They can be used on farm trailers, construction trailers when taking a camper off-road, and during hunting trips.

Active Off-Road Bump Stops

These types of Timbren suspension kits are designed for off-road use. They offer a cushioning/ dumping effect and enable optimal deflection when the suspension bottoms up. They are made of Aeon rubber springs, which minimize stress on the chassis and the entire vehicle, whether you are maneuvering dips, rocks, or crevices.

Their design incorporates two Aeon rubber springs and a precision-cut hanger with a metal control arm. The design allows for an easy DIY bolt-on installation. The Timbren axle-less trailer suspension offers maximum ground clearance and optimal shock absorption.

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  • Durable
  • Innovative design
  • Effective and efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Improve load handling
  • Do not increase load capacity

Things to Consider When Buying Suspension

Timbren SES

Most vehicles come with a suspension system in place. It may be spring suspension or air suspension. The suspension is often sufficient for normal use to improve handling, enhance safety and performance, and absorb shock. However, you may require additional after-market suspension for offloading and hauling.

The key things to consider when buying after-market suspension include your type of vehicle, the reason you need additional suspension, and your budget. Other factors to consider include durability, ease of installation, and load capacity.

The purpose of the additional suspension will determine the most appropriate style to go for. For instance, independent axle-less suspensions are suitable for use with trailers and trucks on uneven surfaces and road conditions.

On the other hand, bum stops are most suitable for offloading. The price of after-market suspension starts at $100 and above. Most are sold in pairs, either for the front or rear suspension.

Timbren Suspension Features and Benefits

Easy Installation

Timbren suspension kits are easy to install with basic DIY skills and tools. Usually, the suspension is mounted between the chassis and the axle. The manufacturer provides detailed installation instructions and the required hardware in each package.

Most only require a socket wrench to install. They do not require drilling or welding. Also, there are no airlines or wiring to connect.

If you misplace the instruction manual that comes with your package, you can find it on the Timbren website. Follow the instructions carefully for an accurate installation and improved suspension performance. You can also contact the customer service team for assistance with installation. Alternatively, have a professional mechanic install it for you at a fee.

Backed With Warranty

All the Timbren suspensions are backed with a warranty against material and workmanship defects. The axle-less trailer suspensions have a 3-year warranty, while the Timbren SES kits and off-road bump stops have a 5-year or 250,000-mile warranty. The Aeon Springs for OEM customers are warranted for three years from the date of purchase.

The warranties are limited to the replacement of the failed parts. They do not cover return, labor, and collateral damage costs. Your warranty only applies to the original owner and if the damage occurred under normal use. Timbren reserves the right to inspect the failed part and the circumstance of failure to establish the validity of a warranty claim.

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You must contact Timbren customer service to make a warranty claim with your issue or concern.

Innovative Design

The Timbren suspension design incorporates Aeon rubber springs. These are unique rubber springs with an exceptional spring rate. The spring rate is variable—as the load increases, they push back harder. The springs have self-damping properties that offer optimal shock absorption. They also isolate vibrations enabling smoother rides.


Timbren suspensions are available in three main convolutions: single, double round, and double rectangular.

Single convolution suspensions are suitable for vehicles with limited space for after-market suspension. Despite their relatively smaller size, they have a high spring rate and handle heavy loads efficiently. The single convoluted Aeon hollow rubber can be used in in-bed campers, utility beds, trucks, etc.

Double convolution round suspensions consist of two sections with a slight tapering at the meeting point—in the middle. They are taller than the single convolution ones and offer a long deflection curve. They are mostly used on the rear axle of light and medium trucks, RVs, and vans.

Finally, the double convolution rectangular suspensions’ deflection curve is three times longer. They are most suitable for excessively heavy loads. Although they do not enhance the load capacity, they significantly stabilize heavy loads. They are designed for Class 8 trucks.


There is practically no maintenance required for Timbren suspensions. They enable you to install and forget since no inflation or wiring is required.

Social Proof

Timbren’s suspension reviews across various online platforms are mostly positive. The suspensions stand out among similar products for their remarkable efficiency in shock absorption and for preventing sagging and swaying when hauling.

They also stand out for the rubber spring design, which offers variable spring rates and durability. Further on, the reviews indicate that Timbren suspensions are easy to install. It took us less than 20 minutes to install the SES on our truck. Overall, they offer value for money.

Timbren Suspension Alternatives

Timbren SES System

Below is a look at the top three alternatives for Timbren suspensions and how they compare.

Sumo Springs

Like Timbren, Sumo Spring suspensions are after-market suspensions that reduce rear-end sag. Both are suitable as all-terrain shocks and for installation to improve load handling.

The main difference between Sumo Springs and Timbren suspension is the material used to make them. While Timbren suspensions are made of rubber springs, Sumo Springs are made of micro-cellar urethane. Also, Sumo Springs has a multi-component design, which offers a wider range of motion.

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Sumo springs are more suitable for use with motorhomes, while Timbren suspensions are more suitable for heavy haulers.

Air Spring Suspensions

If you are keen on an airbag type of suspension, the Air Spring suspensions are a great alternative for Timbren rubber springs.

Both types of suspensions complement the primary suspension system to reduce rear sag, ensure load leveling, and improve driving performance. They are relatively easy to install, although, Timbren suspension is comparatively much easier to install.

The Timbren suspensions are installed between the chassis and axle. Conversely, airbag suspensions can be installed on the axle, coil, or leaf springs. Once installed, they must be inflated relative to the load and driving conditions. They also require regular maintenance.

The main difference between the two suspension system types is their overall design and operating mechanism. Air Spring suspensions enable you to adjust the spring rate by adding or reducing the air pressure. Nevertheless, they must have a minimum of 5 psi to work. On the other hand, the Timbren rubber springs adjust the spring rate depending on the load.

Dexter Torflex

Dexter Torflex is a great option for the Timbren axle-less suspension. It is usually welded or bolted on the main frame of the axle and significantly improves the center of gravity. The Timbren axle-less suspension can be used independently or alongside the Dexter Torflex to improve ground clearance.

The other advantage of the Timbren suspensions is that they are less prone to failure than torsion axles. In case of failure, the Timbren suspension can be easily replaced with a new one from anywhere.


Lack of adequate suspension can cause rear sway in vehicles hauling heavy loads. It can also compromise the driving performance and bumpy rides in off-road vehicles, RVs, campers, trailers, and trucks.

Timbren suspensions come in handy in preventing rear sway, dampening shock, and promoting better driving performance. They have a compact yet effective design that fits between the chassis and axle. They are easy to install with minimal tools. All suspensions feature the Aeon spring, which offers a high spring rate.

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