Top 10 Copper Kitchen Accessories to Brighten Up Your Space

Kitchen design trends always seem to be evolving. One minute, your kitchenware might be the hottest addition to your living space, while the next, it may look old-fashioned. So, what is the key to building a kitchen with both style and substance that will stand the test of time? Yes, you guessed it right. Copper!

Incorporating the best of both contemporary and conventional design, copper seems to be the new favorite of every homemaker. From its neutral palettes adapting to any decor, to its shimmery and colorful accents, this metal looks glorious and inviting, all at once.

Though we take pride in our stainless-steel appliances, wooden cabinets, and silverware, a quality copper accessory can turn out to be as solid and dependable as any of the typical kitchen gear, and best of all, it can brighten up your cooking space in an instant.

Read on to find out more about our ten favorite copper tools and accessories to help you bring your dream kitchen into reality.

Copper Light Fixtures

One of the simplest routes to include copper in almost any kitchen decor is by employing copper light fixtures. This is the perfect choice for those who admire the look of copper but are not committed enough to make it permanently fixed in their kitchens.

Copper lights are a great way of introducing soft metallic tones into your interior. They finish your kitchen with an impressive pop of color that can easily harmonize with other steel accents and wooden decor.

These eye-catching light fixtures come in several shapes, sizes, and designs. From hanging ceiling pendants to deliver a modern look, to retro wall lamps to boost lighting for cooking, and to the more sophisticated Newton chandeliers that also serve as an art piece, these copper lights have something for everyone.

Even though these lights are rather expensive than your traditional aluminum or plastic pieces, they can be beneficial in the long run. Due to their high stability, natural beauty, and increased resilience, they can add value to your home and make it worth the initial investment.

Copper Cookware

The relationship between humans and copper cookware goes as back thousands of years when copper was first hammered into bowls and dishes. Even though copper cookware costs twice (sometimes thrice) the amount of your typical non-stick pans, its added advantages render it a successful investment.

It is no secret that copper is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, as seen from the usage of copper wires worldwide. It is great at conducting heat, slow heat-retention, and not holding on to heat after removing from the stove (unlike your cast iron pans). Copper pots and pans are ideal for preparing slow-cooking dishes such as sauces, steaks, and other delicate proteins by preventing overcooking.

Apart from the cooking, well-made copper cookware can add glamour to your home decor, and who knows, its preciousness might inspire you to cook more frequently and creatively!

Lastly, this kitchenware is built to last. It is extremely durable and has no chance of breaking down from heat or accidental falls. The hassle-free maintenance by simply rubbing a little lemon juice or vinegar on once in a while further lets the users buy them with confidence. With these copper utensils, say goodbye to hiding your pans in the cabinets and hello to hanging them on your kitchen hooks with pride!

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Copper Sinks

copper sink

Seeking something unique but not too prominent for your kitchen? Upgrading to a copper sink can be a smart decision.

Many people often mistake copper sinks as delicate and unfit for rigorous use, but this is certainly not the truth. Copper sinks do not corrode or rust and are known to retain their integrity and strength even after decades of use. They are prone to scratching and may get a little dinged with time, but that adds to the sink’s allure. It indeed is glorious to experience the transition of your contemporary sink to this traditional form.

Another advantage of copper sinks includes their anti-microbial qualities, which reduces the chances of harboring bacteria and foul odors. Unlike conventional sinks, they possess deeper depths, which renders them helpful in washing numerous dishes or cleaning large pots.

Lastly, these sinks are truly versatile and come in many styles and configurations based on the user’s cooking and cleaning needs.

So, if you are ready to spend a little more on your kitchen design and get some added benefits, then copper sinks are clearly what you require.

Copper Pulls and Handles

Copper door and cabinet handles are perfect for creating a neat and fresh look in your kitchen. These elegant handles can add a unique guise to any area through warm tones and an up-to-date feel.

These eye-catching handles tend to brighten up your kitchen, especially when paired with black or white furniture. In addition, these copper pulls are super affordable and easy to install so that every homemaker can accentuate their kitchen without worrying about the expense.

Copper handles are perfect to be used in both residential and commercial kitchens. These handles serve as the finishing touch for residential kitchens to take the decor to the next level. While in the commercial sector, they are often used for their germicidal properties. This prevents the transmission of germs and ensures safe and healthy service.

Copper Kitchen Countertops

While granite, quartz, and marble countertops dominate the kitchen surfaces world, a metal countertop such as copper can be an attractive and adaptable alternative. The unique tinge of copper can serve as the perfect complement to white cabinets and provide an impressive contrast for light or medium-colored wooden cabinets.

In addition to its good looks, copper is a preferred choice for countertops due to its antimicrobial character. Its natural defiance against bacteria is an ideal option for hygiene-conscious homeowners.

Copper countertops come in two types; sealed and unsealed, and both have their distinct features. An unsealed copper countertop oxidizes with time and thus develops an intricate patina with numerous shades of green, brown, and red. Countertops like these give a rustic touch and blend in well with rural, farmhouse, or vintage kitchen decors.

On the other hand, sealed countertops hold their gleam longer if they are maintained appropriately. In addition, these countertops are well-suited to a fresh and modern design scheme with their sheen and brilliant deep-colored exterior. In a nutshell, both categories of copper countertops possess enough personality to allow you to compose your entire kitchen around them.

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The most adored feature of these countertops is their eco-friendliness. Since copper is a natural product, it does not have to go through manufacturing processes that produce toxic and harmful gases.

Unlike wood, copper does not weaken over time and lasts for decades. This implies that it can easily be peeled off and removed from salvaged items and converted into countertops without compromising its durability or strength. Then, if you get bored with your countertop, you can sell it to be recycled.

If your kitchen is already equipped with a copper range, a copper sink, lighting fixtures, or other copper accessories, buying a copper countertop might be considered going overboard.

Copper Range Hood

copper range hood in the classic kitchen interior

Augmenting your kitchen style with an upgraded range hood is a promising way of intensifying its overall charm and functionality. What is a better way to do this than with a high-quality copper range?

Unlike the conventional range hoods, the copper range arrives with numerous privileges that you will appreciate for years beyond installation.

Copper is a gorgeous metal. When used in constructing a vent hood, it amplifies its beauty while making the kitchen this a statement piece in your kitchen. Copper range hoods look both ageless and new and hence promise to satisfy as a stunning addition to your traditional or modern kitchen space.

How can we forget about the effortless cleaning of these hoods? Tidying up your copper stove hood merely requires an occasional wipe with a damp cloth followed by a quick dry to attain absolute cleanliness. Thanks to the smooth surface with no cracks or grooves, copper hoods diminish any chance of building up dirt and grime, resulting in a sanitary cooking environment.

Copper Kitchen Wall Clock

A wall clock serves as an ideal addition to any room while simultaneously offering functionality. Credited for their versatile metallic color, copper clocks are trendy and stylish. In addition, these robust kitchen clocks are as dependable as they are chic, turning out to be a long-term accessory for your kitchen.

But what makes these copper wall clocks distinct from the others? The answer lies in their durable composition and sleek metallic texture. Many traditional styles feature Roman digits, while some are formatted with Arabic symbols. In addition, the vibrant copper hands make telling the time easy and enjoyable.

These gorgeous clocks can be hung anywhere, be they at the entryway of your kitchen, above the dining table, or simply next to your pan rack. Copper wall clocks guarantee to compliment any area and color scheme.

Styling these clocks is also extremely easy. With larger styles that exceed a two-foot diameter, these clocks are perfect for filling up open areas and large walls. They can either stand alone with grace or be paired with photos, vintage signs, and other art pieces to create a gallery wall that may serve as a lovely focal point.

Copper Fruit Baskets

Whether you are planning to use it in your kitchen pantry or showcase it on your table, adding a copper fruit basket is a great way to lighten up any empty spaces in your kitchen.

These baskets are made in a sleek and attractive two and three-tier design for holding your fruits, veggies, and other foods together while giving the interior of your house a modern look!

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Along with being a great storage container, copper baskets help keep your fruits fresh and let them ripen naturally.

Copper fruit baskets bring nothing but ease and style to your life and mostly come preassembled. These baskets are also super easy to clean and maintain by simply wiping them with a clean wet cloth from time to time!

Copper Tea Kettle

copper kettle and drink black tea on restaurant table

Want to make an impression on your guests? Serve them tea in a copper kettle!

A copper kettle does not rust and can last up to twenty years or more, depending on frequency of use. Copper kettles also provide a formal and eccentric look, so you don’t think twice before leaving them on your counter or stove to sprinkle your kitchen with some style.

It is no hidden fact that copper is an excellent conductor of heat. This property of copper gives copper kettles an upper hand over the stainless steel or glass ones by allowing the water to boil faster.

Also, when it comes to flavor, copper does pure justice to every tea. It does not retain any taste and vows to extract every last bit of flavor from your tea. For cleaning, a quick rinse from the water after every brew does the job.

If you are looking to add a hint of copper to your kitchen while saving time boiling water, these environmentally friendly kettles are precisely what you need.

Copper Water Bottles

Copper bottles are the perfect blend of looks and practicality, from serving batch cocktails with your new copper bottles to simply displaying them on your counter.

These shiny vessels have been all over social media lately, and anyone who looks at them feels the need to acquire one (or more!) Apart from their bright and lustrous look, these bottles have many benefits for your body and mind.

Being the only metal approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for killing pathogens and microbes, the copper composition ensures that your bottled water remains protected from any contaminant. This helps promote immunity, relieve inflammation, and assist the digestive system.

Moreover, when stored in copper bottles, water gets positively charged by the metal and therefore turns into an energized dosage to rejuvenate your body. This water also works as a powerful antioxidant, slowing the aging process and stimulating your brain and body.

In short, these copper vessels are the trick to drinking happy and healthy.

Still not sure what copper accessory will suit your kitchen? Don’t worry; here are a few short videos to help you out!

Final Word

Even though a bit heavy on the pocket, adding a copper element to you kitchen comes with multiple benefits and a sleek and stunning look that can easily conform to any decor style. From less intrusive copper handles and lighting to the more noticeable kitchen sinks and ranges, copper additions are brilliant addition to every kitchen. We are confident that this list of ours will help you find one for yourself.

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