Different Types Of Wood Screws and Their Uses

Do you have a woodworking project and need to join several pieces together? The best way to have a strong and firm bond is when you use wood screws. However, before heading to the stores to buy wood screws, it would interest you to note that there are so many different types of wood screws.

Wood screws have become a popular option for anyone who is looking for mechanical fasteners. You can use them to create what is known as clamping force and will provide you with a very strong joint.

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Which Type of Wood Screw to Use?

Now that I have informed you that there are many types of wood screws, this can be confusing. From a distance, you can hardly tell the difference as most of them have a similar design. They have a head, a threaded shank, and a sharp tip. However, with each type of wood screw, you will realize that the gauge, head, and drive type are different.

With so many different types of wood screws, I may not be to cover all of them. I will take you through some of the common ones and their uses. At the end of this guide, you should be able to tell the specific type of wood screw to use, for your projects.

Let’s take a look at some of the main types of wood screws:

1. Standard Wood Screw

Chances are this is the type of screw that you have seen. This is the most common type of wood screw and will be used to join two wood pieces together. They come with a threaded shank and a smooth top. Most of them have a flat head, which will give you a neat finish when they are driven into the wood.

These wood screws are not expensive and come in different lengths as well as head types. If you need to use these wood screws, you should consider those that have a tapered head. Most of the screws have the square and star type of drive.

2. Pocket Screws

Pocket screws are known for their unique self-drilling capacity. They have a wide head, which is attached to the flat shoulder. These are best suited for wood that has pocket holes as they will be able to secure the woods securely. If you choose to use the standard wood screws on woods that have pocket holes, they will go all the way in and split the wood.

The most common pocket screws have a square drive and this makes it easier to place them. If you have some pocket holes that need to be joined, these are the type of screws to go for. You can use screws with a pan-head as a substitute for the pocket screws.

3. Deck Screws

For all your outdoor woodworking projects, you should use deck screws. These are made of copper or hardened steel and this makes them corrosion-resistant. They have deep threading on the shank and sharp tips. You will be able to drive them into the boards easily. They can be used for hardwood and softwood applications.

deck wood screws


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Even if you stay in areas that have salty waters or harsh weather elements, these would be the screws to use. They are known to withstand all manner of weather patterns and will give you a firm and secure bond.

4. Drywall Screws

Last, but not least, are the drywall screws. These are the cheapest that you can find on the market and are commonly used for most jigs and shop projects. They have a very think shank and the threading runs in the entire length of the screw.

Due to the thin shank, they are not very strong and may not be the best choice for hardwood applications. If you have any serious woodworking projects, I do not recommend using this type of screws.

Wood Screws Buying Guide

Now that we have already established that there are so many different types of wood screws, how do you find the right one? There are a number of essential factors that you should put into consideration when shopping for wood screws.

Here are some of the main considerations:

Type of Head

Consider the type of head before buying any type of wood screw. Most of the screws will have a flat head or a cross-head.

types of wood screw heads

However, in the recent past, there have been other types of screw heads that have been introduced.

There are star head and square head type of screws and these are known to have a better grip. You will need a screw that will not strip when you are driving it with your drill.

Head Shape

The shape of the head is also a significant consideration when it comes to the choice of wood screws. Most of the wood screws will be flat, round, or oval-shaped. The round head screws are designed for thin objects to wooden surfaces.

As for the flatheads, they will be used on objects with holes like hinges. The oval heads, on the other hand, work as a combination of flat and round heads. They have a rounded top and a tapered bottom.


The other significant thing that you may want to consider is the length of the screws. In most cases, the screws will be from 0.5 inches to 3 inches. You should pick the right length, to serve your project.

Final Words

Wood screws are essential and will be quite useful as long as you can find the right ones. You will easily affix pieces of wood and have a strong joint. Unlike nails, wood screws are more secure and will hardly damage the wood. With a clear understanding of the different types of wood screws and their uses, you can make an informed decision.

I also mentioned that there are so many other types and I have only covered the main types. This information will make your woodworking projects better as you now know which type of wood screw to use.

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