Why You Should Buy a Hand Mixer With Storage Case – Top 5 Benefits

Watch any baking show, and you will likely see an iconic mixer standing on the counter. An automatic hand mixer is impressive at churning through dense batters and whisking light creams. These popular appliances are completely worth the hype and will become the next centerpiece of every kitchen.

The market is loaded with varieties of mixers right now, each offering distinct benefits. Today, we’re going to answer the age-old question of hand mixer vs stand mixer. Here at ToolsPicks, we believe that hand mixers with compact storage cases are the clear winner. Why? Continue reading to find out!

Stand Mixers vs Hand Mixers

A few years ago, stand mixers were the crown jewel of the baking world. And the hand mixers felt like their unacknowledged, poor cousins that were not as useful and far less glamorous.

But now? Not so much. With time, people have realized that these small, mighty gadgets are just as valuable and adaptable as their larger cousins.

The best hand mixers can handle stiff dough and thick batter, just stand mixers. But the area where these handheld appliances truly shine is in the small kitchen doing light-duty tasks.

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Hand mixers are way cheaper than standing mixers and occupy minimal space on your counter or shelf. Not to mention that many models come with a built-in case, so they’re super easy to store and travel with (which we will soon get to!).

From beating egg whites to whipping cream to blending cake batter or cookie dough, the speed settings of hand mixers make them just as powerful as standing mixers. Of course, hand mixers are not ideal for kneading pasta or bread dough, but isn’t it satisfying to see the ingredients come together with the collective force of machine and muscle?

Finally, cleaning these magic wands is super easy, and since they are not attached to a larger unit, they are perfect for recipes that require scaling up.

Hand Mixers with Storage Case

The best feature of hand mixers is that they are small and portable, making them super convenient and versatile. But some are better than others, thanks to their extra accessories, advanced features, and space-saving design.

Our advice for all the bakers who are tight on space is to opt for an electric hand mixer with a smaller body and a storage case to occupy minimal space and give your kitchen a neat look.

But there are other benefits to getting a hand mixer with a storage case. Here are some others.

Top 5 Benefits Of Buying A Hand Mixer With A Storage Case

1. No More Lost Whisks

Most hand mixers come with a snap-on storage case, like our favorite Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Hand Mixer, which is the perfect size to fit all of your mixer attachments. From its various beaters and whisks to the dough hooks and cord plug, you can keep everything for this Hamilton Beach hand mixer together in one place with these snap-on storage cases. Plus, you don’t need to waste minutes (or worse, hours) hunting them down every time you want to use your handheld mixer.

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2. Store Your Accessories without the Fear of Contamination

The ergonomic design of these compact storage cases lets you seal them completely, providing zero ventilation and ensuring that all the fixtures remain clean and free from dust, bacteria, or impurities, resulting in their efficient and long-lasting performance.

3. Convenient To Carry

Storage cases are also useful for moving your handheld mixer around the house, whether you need to take it from the kitchen counter to the table or a friend’s house for a big day of baking.

A good storage case is designed for maximum carrying comfort from your kitchen shelf to your potluck and parties. It features sturdy handles on each side to help bakers easily transport their mixers and mixer attachments.

hand blender making sweet banana chocolate protein powder milkshake smoothie

4. Takes Up Less Cabinet and Counter Space

It is no secret that baking can be very messy. Whether you are whipping up your cookie batter or an airy meringue, suddenly, your counter is filled with hooks and whisks (and maybe flour, dough, or batter).

And just like that, storing so many accessories can also be a menace that can take nearly all of your cabinet space.

Committed mixer brands, like Shardor, have designed wide storage cases to solve this problem, as seen in the Shardor Hand Mixer. These mixers and storage cases are ideal for small spaces and for those who want to keep their cooking spaces clean.

So, with these mixers, get ready to say goodbye to cramped cabinets and hello to intelligent and efficient storage.

5. Adds an Elegant Touch to Your Kitchen

Want to take the look of your kitchen to the next level? If so, invest in a decent electric hand mixer with a storage case that can sprinkle your kitchen with some oomph.

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These sleek, graceful containers are the perfect blend of style and substance. From shiny aluminum storage cases that provide a fresh, minimalistic look to the more easy-going plastic ones that can coordinate with any color scheme, mixers with storage cases are an affordable way of spicing up your cooking space.


There are many benefits of using handheld mixers; however, some electric hand mixers are superior to others, and handheld mixers with storage cases take the lead. Be it their improved portability, space-saving framework, or elegant appearance, they are the best bet for culinarians on a budget.

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