The Best Oil Catch Can Reviews in 2022

Do you have a direct-inject engine in your car? Want to make sure that the performance stays optimal by ensuring that there is a low amount of contaminant build-up inside the intake?

Then what you have to invest your money in is an oil catch can, which is also known as an oil catch tank. These can also reduce the number of oil vapors getting recirculated back to the intake.

However, the overabundance of options in the market can make it hard for you to choose the best catch can for your car. Well, it is your lucky day because we are here to make things easier for you. Hopefully, by the end, choosing one for your car will not be any hassle for you.

Top Picks
In Hurry! Then here are our top 3 oil catch can.

1. Best Overall – uRuien 0046 oil catch can/u

2. Best Value – uEVIL ENERGY Baffled Universal Oil Catch Can/u

3. Honarable Mention – uMishimoto Compact Baffled Oil Catch Can/u

5 Best Oil Catch Can : Review 2022

Not all the catch cans that you are going to find in the market are going to be able to offer you optimal functionalities. To make things simple for you, we went through the most popular ones and picked only the ones that can. Take a look a the list that we made especially for you:

1. Ruien Polish Baffled Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can – Best Overall

Ruien 0046 Polish Baffled Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can Reservoir Tank Black

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Do you care about the looks under the hood as much as you do for the outside? Well, this oil catch can breather that is from Ruien will not ruin the overall aesthetics of your car’s internals.

To begin with, it comes in four different color options. It comes in red, black, white, and blue. You will be able to choose the one that will blend well with the rest of the internal parts that are under the hood.

Aside from coming in different sleek colors, it also comes featuring a durable 0046 aluminum body. This material makes the unit achieve a substantial amount of strength. You can expect it to function optimally for an extended amount of time.

Alongside being exceptionally sturdy, it is relatively lightweight too. It will not add that much amount of extra weight to your car. The overall capacity is 350 milliliters, which is more than enough for daily commuting. And as it is universal, you will be able to get it installed in most of cars without any issues.

Other than that, the unit does not skimp one bit in the overall functionalities too. It will catch the moisture and oil vapors and prevent contaminant build-up inside. You can expect it to extend the overall lifespan of the engine and push an optimal amount of horsepower out of it.

Lastly, the TIG welding and threading that comes with tight o-rings will make sure that there is no leakage of oil.


  • Comes in four different color options
  • Features durable aluminum construction
  • Lightweight
  • 350 milliliters of overall capacity
  • Enhances the overall performance of the engine


  • Cheap quality hose
  • Some units ship with broken O-rings

2. ESPEEDER Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can Polish

ESPEEDER Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can Polish Baffled Reservoir Tank Black with Breather Filter 300ml

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Apart from just including the ones that enhance the overall performance, we wanted to add some that offer some extra functionalities in our oil catch can reviews. And, one of them that we found is this one that is by ESPEEDER.

Just like the label states, the unit is universal. You will not have to worry about fitting. It also comes in four different colors. The one that stood out the most to us is the silver one. It is quite reflective and will be sleek inside the hood.

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The functionality is on point too. It will be able to catch the moisture and oil in the intake that causes sludge and carbon build-up. Because of the lower amount of contaminants in your engine line, you can expect to get the peak performance out of it without any fluctuation.

Other than that, the overall construction of the unit is quite sturdy as well. It is of T6061 aluminum that will be able to withstand the heavy-load scenarios. You can expect it to last for a long time.

The extra functionality that it can offer over most of the units that are out there is the built-in dipstick. It will allow you to check the level of the fluid. Alongside that, the removable bottom will make the cleaning process much easier.

It comes with TIG welding and has tight O-ring gaskets. You will not have to worry about it leaking over time.


  • Integrated dipstick
  • Features a complete seal to prevent oil leakage
  • Durable overall construction
  • Comes in a polished silver color
  • Easy to clean


  • Included hose emits a burning smell when the engine is under load
  • Threading comes with metal shavings all over it

3. EVIL ENERGY Baffled Universal Oil Catch Can

EVIL ENERGY Baffled Universal Oil Catch Can Reservoir Tank Kit with 3/8" NBR Fuel Line Aluminum Black 300ml

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You probably know by now that oil catch cans are an extra car part. And while installing that additional part inside your car, you would not want to add that much of excess weight. Well, you will not have to worry about that if you get this one that we are going to include in our oil catch can review.

Functionality wise, it is up to par with the rest of the units that are on the market. It will be able to cool off the hot oil vapor and turn them into liquid. Also, it will catch the excess moisture in the intake line and prevent contaminant build-up inside the engine. You can expect it to enhance the overall performance substantially.

The dipstick that it comes along with will allow you to remove the bottom and drain it, which makes it reusable. It also will let you check the fluid level inside, and when it gets full, you will have to empty it up and reinstall it.

Talking about installing, it has a universal fit. That means it will go along with the rest of the components inside your vehicle without any issues. You can also make it blend well by choosing any of the two colors that it comes with. It comes in black and blue.

In the case of the overall build, it features a T-6061 aluminum body. This material does not only make it exceptionally lightweight but also will make sure that it lasts for an extended amount of time.


  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Drain the fluid inside easily
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to install
  • Has a built-in dipstick to check the fluid level


  • Some units do not come with a mounting arm
  • Comes filled with machine oil on every part

4. Vincos Aluminum Oil Catch Can Dual Cylinder

Vincos Universal 3/8"&9/16" 400ml Aluminum Oil Catch Can Dual Cylinder Polish Baffled Engine Air Oil Separator Tank Reservoir Kit with Breather Black Small Drain & High Pressure Hose...

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Want a catch can that comes with a relatively large capacity? Well, you are in luck here too because we got an oil catch can with a breather for you that is from Vincos.

To begin with, it comes with an overall capacity of 400 milliliters. This capacity is comparatively larger than most of the units that are out there. Because of such capacity, you will not have to empty it that frequently, which will make the maintenance process hassle-free.

Talking about the maintenance process, it becomes more hassle-free because of the bottom screw that comes along. You will be able to clean it up without even having to dismount it from your vehicle.

Apart from the large capacity, it also comes with an air filter. You will be able to install it in vented systems. It is held in place with a washable stainless screw and a hose clamp. Both of them will make sure that it does not come loose over time because of vibration.

The unit has a high-quality aluminum body that is not only durable but also exceptionally lightweight. It offers excellent overall functionality too. You can expect to get a significant amount of performance bump after installing it because it will lower the build-up of contaminants inside your tank.

Lastly, the tig welding and the beefy rubber gaskets that it comes along with lower the chances of oil leakage substantially. It also comes along with an upgraded NBR 3/8 inches hose pipe inside the box.


  • Comes with an air filter
  • Has a large 400 milliliters capacity
  • Features a durable and lightweight body
  • Beefed-up O-rings included
  • The maintenance process is hassle-free
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  • Comes with metal flakes all over and inside the unit
  • The bottom screw is a bit on the small side

5. Mishimoto Compact Baffled Oil Catch Can

Mishimoto MMBCC-MSTWO-BK Compact Baffled Oil Catch Can, 2-Port

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We are going to end our oil catch can review section with this unit that is from Mishimoto. If you are looking for a can that will not only reduce the number of contaminants but also will purify the oil to some extent, then you should take a look into this one.

As we mentioned above, the unit comes can separate oil particles from CCV and PCV air. It can do that using the bronze 50 microns filter that it comes along. You will not only have less contaminant build-up inside but also the engine will feed on purified fuel.

The unit comes with a 6061 aluminum body that is completely sealed. It is exceptionally lightweight and durable. You can expect it to enhance the performance of the engine for an extended amount of time.

Other than that, the internal baffle that it comes with will keep all the collected oil separate. That means you will not have to worry about the oil splashing when the engine is at a heavy load.

It comes with 3/7 inches NPT threads on the body. There are separate inlet and outlet ports too. Also, it comes with a drain screw that will allow you to empty the can when it is full of contaminants easily.

The universal bracket that it comes along with will make it compatible with most vehicles. It also comes along with all the required nylon fittings, which will make the installation process feel like taking a walk in the park.


  • Can filter the oil efficiently
  • Comes with a universal bracket
  • Has an internal baffle
  • Includes all the fittings in the package
  • Features a durable aluminum sealed body


  • Capacity is relatively small
  • Included fittings feel a bit cheap

What to Look for Before Buying?

Well, going through the reviews will not be enough if you want to get a unit that will let you get the most out of your engine. For that, you will also have to keep some factors in mind. And, these are the ones that you should keep in mind before you decide to make a purchase:

The Build

Before you make a purchase, the first thing that you have to consider is the overall build quality. Even though most of the units will come with an aluminum body, there might be some other material.

And we would recommend you to stick with the aluminum ones only because they are exceptionally durable and will last for a long amount of time.


Alongside the build quality of the unit, you should also factor in the overall weight. If you get something that is not lightweight, you are going to add unnecessary heft to your vehicle, which is not ideal.

Most of the aluminum ones are generally lightweight and will add a minimal amount of weight to the car. So we would suggest you opt for those ones only.


Most of the catch cans have a general feature, which is to lower the number of contaminants from the intake to enhance the overall performance. However, some come with some extra features backed in. Such as the oil catch can with breather can filter out the air too. So if you are looking for additional functionalities, we would recommend going for those.


A proper seal of the body is an important factor in the case of oil catch cans. In that case, we would recommend you to opt for the ones that have TIG welding and comes with thick O-rings. Those will be able to make a proper seal and will not allow any oil leakage to occur while the can is functioning.

How to Make an Oil Catch Can?

If you do not like to spend some extra bucks to get an oil catch that can be installed in your car, you can make one by yourself. And we are going to simplify that process too. The steps that you have to follow are:

Step 1: Gather Necessary Materials

To begin with, you are going to have to gather some materials. The things that you are going to need are:

  • An aluminum bottle, motorcycle air filter
  • A section of rubber hose
  • Steel fiber
  • Mount for a car fire extinguisher
  • Epoxy putty
  • Copper or bronze fitting
  • self-tapping screws, nuts, and bots

After getting all of this, you should be ready to begin the assembly process.

Step 2: Assemble the Parts

First, you will have to fit the hose section on the mouth of the aluminum container. Make sure you have a proper seal for that, or else you are going to have face leaking problems.

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Then you will have to drill a hole into the container. The hole should be 2/3 from the bottom and to the top. This hole will have to be widened, and you can use a round file for that. After that, you will have to install copper or a brass fitting.

Next, you will have to apply epoxy putty to the base of the copper or brass fitting that you just installed. Then you will have to stuff the inside of the container with steel fiber, which will trap the oil and water droplets and also carbon deposits.

Lastly, you will have to use an extinguisher mount at the engine bay. You can use a rubber to make it hold on to the bay securely. And you can scavenge that from the inner tube of a punctured wheel.

Step 3: Install the Catch Can

You are going to need a couple of bolts, self-tapping screws, and nuts. Use them to connect the catch can to the valve cover. And for that, you will also need a rubber hose.

Moreover, you will have to factor in the movement of the engine, or else the fitting can disconnect or break while the engine moves. After you have connected the unit properly, you should have a working oil catch can in your vehicle.

Breather Tank vs. Catch Can

Even though a breather tank and a catch can sound like the same thing, they are not. In fact, each of the units has a separate functionality, and one can not replace the other. We are going to let you know what each of them is for.

Breather Tank

The functionality of a breather is to relieve the gas pressure and allow it to evaporate throughout the filter. It is just a cap that you have to install on the top of the valve cover. For sealing the intake properly, you will have to cap it to the intake line too.

However, there are some caveats with this unit. The breather might cause the engine to emit a smell from the raw fuel and oil. Alongside that, you will have to replace the unit every time it becomes full.

Oil Catch Can

As you know by now that oil catch cans are installed directly to the fuel intake of the engine. That means you will not have to fiddle around with the installation process as much you have to for a breather tank.

It will keep the engine bay clean and will be able to make the fuel vapors recycle into the engine efficiently. With that, it will not only emit the strong fuel smell that a breather usually emits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I get an oil catch can?

Usually, in the cylinder and chamber dividers, you will notice there is no proper seal. Because of this, the pressure and the oil can outflow the cover area. And this outflow can cause carbon build-up, which an oil catch can mitigate.

2. Can an Oil Catch Can increase the overall performance?

They can not directly increase the car’s overall performance. However, having one of these in your vehicle will make sure that the engine is clean, which will make sure that it can perform optimally.

3. How often should I drain the oil catch can?

It will totally depend on the workload of the engine. However, we would recommend you to check the internal fluid level after every 500 miles of driving.

4. What is the benefit of having a dipstick in an oil catch can?

If the oil catch can have a built-in dipstick, you will be able to check the internal fluid level directly. Apart from that, you will also not have to dismount it to empty the fluid inside.

5. Does an Oil Catch Can need a breather to work?

No, they will not require any breather to work optimally. However, if you require one that comes with a breather, you will be able to find one.

Final Words

With that, we would like to wrap it up here by hoping that we were able to make choosing the best catch can easy for you. We wish you good luck and hope that you can get the most performance out of your engine without facing any deterioration.

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