Everything You Need to Know About Kryptonite Suspension

Kryptonite Suspension has been created to provide the best replacement parts to customers. To do this, the company has spent years designing and developing its suspension and steering components. It doesn’t matter if you require replacement parts for your daily Chevrolet Silverado or something that can help you compete. Kryptonite Suspension and Steering products have the strongest products available on the market.

This expertise has been gained by experimenting with heavy-duty full-sized Duramax diesel truck platforms. With hundreds of thousands of miles recorded, the research and development team has ensured that Kryptonite suspension components and products are the most reliable and free from manufacturer defects.

With that in mind, let’s highlight Kryptonite Suspension components you may want to consider purchasing for your stock height truck!

Kryptonite Suspension Parts

Before highlighting the various Kryptonite UCA Kits and suspension parts, it is important to state that Kryptonite Suspension only creates products for three pickup truck brands and stock height trucks of a specific make. They are:

  • Ram
  • Ford
  • GM

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Kryptonite Suspension

Kryptonite Suspension

The Kryptonite Stage 3 Leveling Kit with Fox Shocks is designed for GMC 1500HD, 2500HD, and 3500HD trucks created between 2001 to 2010. They also fit 2002 to 2009 Hummer H2, 8 Lug trucks.

The Kryptonite suspension components consist of the Kryptonite upper control arms that have been laser cut and welded to create an extremely hard boxed design. The Kryptonite UCA kits are backed with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser and are designed to improve the overall ride experience of any lifted, leveled, or stock GM HD truck.

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The Kryptonite suspension kit comes with everything required for installation:

  • 2 x Fox Shocks Part# KRS664
  • 2 x Fox Shocks Part# KRS663
  • 2 x Leveling Kit Keys
  • 1 x Hardware package
  • 2 x Kryptonite Bolt on Upper Ball Joints
  • 2 x Upper Bump Stops
  • 8 x Control arm Bushings
  • 4 x Control arm sleeves
  • 1 x Kryptonite Upper Control Arm Pair
  • The leveling torsion key

The leveling torsion key offers up to 2 feet of body lift, providing clearance for a tire as large as 32 inches for the best in air lift performance.


The Performance Series 2.0 IFP smooth body shocks have been created using the latest technology. It can transform the performance of your SUV or truck by using Kryptonite’s race-certified damping control to offer predictable off-road handling in the toughest conditions and a comfortable on-road ride.

The precision metal impact aluminum body of these Kryptonite products never rusts and helps increase cooling capacity. The shocks use an Internal Floating Piston monotube design that isolates the shock oil from the nitrogen-charged, high-pressure gas chamber. This IFP helps to eradicate oil aeration while enabling maximum air lift performance from factory-tuned precision valves.

Kryptonite’s race-inspired high-flow damping piston is matched with application-specific valving to provide you with predictable ride quality even with the toughest road conditions.

Cam Bolt Kit

To improve the performance of the Kryptonite UCA kits, you can purchase the Kryptonite cam bolt kit, which offers a superior top lock Nord lock style flange nut. This Kryptonite cam bolt replacement part is recommended for trucks with countless miles or those located in harsh climates.

It is important to note that this cam bolt kit doesn’t function with a Kryptonite upper stock control arm drop body lift kit. It only fits if the upper stock control arm is kept in its stock location.

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Kryptonite Steering

Kryptonite Steering

The Kryptonite steering product is an extremely strong center link created to meet all the stock steering geometry and alignment specs. This Kryptonite steering is inspired by the Center Link found on the H1 Military Hummer; however, this product is significantly stronger thanks to the design. As stated earlier, Kryptonite steering is available for select Ford, GM, and Ram pickup trucks.

When used on a GM truck, the steering can be used with stock or Pitman / Idler control arms. They can also function on the PISK support system. When installing this Kryptonite steering on a leveled GM HD truck, it might be necessary to install longer sway bar end links. This depends on how high the torsion bars have been altered. You can also install the Kryptonite HD sway bar end links for the best performance.

Ball Joints

Ball Joints

The ball joints created by Kryptonite suspension kits are a replacement part for the stock ball joints. The stock ball joints are prone to accelerated wear on lifted GM HD trucks, especially those with large off-road tires. They have a fully greaseable metal-on-metal design and have been machined from 1045 steel, bronze, and sintered graphite to create a smooth and strong bearing surface.

The ball joint stud is constructed from 4140 steel and has an induction heat-treated bearing surface to promote maximum life and smooth operation. The ball joint boot is made from wear and tear-resistant silicone polyurethane.

Kryptonite steering ensures its kits have the highest quality control, and this quality is proven in the fact that this upper ball joint assembly outperforms the assembly of the stock ball joints.

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The ball joints have been specifically created for heavy-duty use, which can handle the toughest driving conditions while offering great performance. For even more durability and ultimate strength, the ball joints come with a durable black oxide finish which helps them maintain performance integrity and resist corrosion.

Wheel Bearings

Wheel Bearings

The wheel bearings from Kryptonite UCA are made from the highest quality materials. These wheel bearings are exclusively from Kryptonite and have been designed to withstand higher forces and stress placed on a  GM HD truck by body suspension lift kits and larger tires.

The unique ball and taper bearing arrangement and the hub face’s reduced deflection help improve handling, braking, behavior, and steering accuracy.

Each wheel bearing comes with 8-wheel studs and an ABS brake sensor. This Kryptonite product is a bolt-in unit that can seamlessly fit both left and right spindles. Installing typically takes about two hours for each side.

Optional Inner Spindle O-Ring

When you purchase wheel bearings and other suspension products from Kryptonite Steering, you can also buy the Kryptonite Inner Spindle O-Ring. This O-ring can be a direct replacement part for your GM HD truck. The O-Ring serves as a barrier, protecting the axle and wheel bearing from internal corrosion.

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