How to Install Blind Spot Mirrors Easily?

How many times did you suddenly see a car right next to yours and you did not even notice that a moment ago? It is even scarier, especially in crowded urban areas.

Although you are a skilled and experienced driver, it is always stressful to drive or pull out of your driveway where you find yourself driving alongside joggers, bikers, kids, and neighborhoods.

Luckily, you can overcome this situation simply by installing a blind spot mirror.

This little car accessory I found helpful to avoid road accidents. Once you have one, it would seem to you that you have total control over where you are driving.

In this article, we will be talking about the blind spot mirror and will show you how you can install it in your car.

But now at first…

What Is A Blind Spot Mirror?

At first, you need to know what a blind spot is. A blind spot is referred to an area around your car that you cannot see while driving. Even though vehicles such as cars, motorboats, trucks, and even aircraft have their blind spot, but transport like bikes, horses do not have it.

So, there are areas on either side of your car that you cannot see in the viewing mirrors. Therefore, to alleviate this problem, you can install a pair of small curved mirrors on both the stock viewing mirrors of your car. This small curved mirror is known as a blind spot mirror.

Why Do You Need It?

You do not want to get hit by a car. And if it happens without your notice, the frustration would be even worse. Road accidents may happen where vision paths are intersected.

Herein, a blind spot mirror can help you to overcome this visionary limitation while you are holding the steering.

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With the help of a blind spot mirror, you can avoid accidents with passing traffic, pedestrians, or even structural elements. You can place the mirror in what position makes you feel more secure.

There will be a time when you will think about taking hard left or right, but through a blind spot mirror, you will see a car approaching. You will be aware of that situation and change your mind which will prevent you from an accident.

How To Install A Blind Spot Mirror In Your Car?

Installing a blind spot mirror is not a difficult task. Follow your instructions to install one in your car properly.

The first thing that you need to make sure that the viewing mirrors are positioned correctly. It should naturally make the blind spot minimized. Before installing the blind spot mirror, it would be best if you clean and dry both the viewing mirror.

Note that, the glasses should be completely dry off before the installation. Now, choose a suitable place for the mirror to install. The best place would be on the upper outside corner of the mirror or the bottom outside corner of the stock viewing mirror.

However, the position varies depending on the vehicle. So, if you have more than one type of vehicle, you need to separately experiment with the positions to find an optimal coverage of the blind spot.

Bear in mind that, you will not get benefits from the passenger viewing mirror even though there is a blind spot mirror. For the driver, it limits the visibility of the reflection. While on the other hand, passenger side-view mirrors are convex to provide blind spot coverage.

You will find a sticky surface on the back of your blind spot mirror. It will help you to stick it on the side view glass surface. Peel off the paper from the sticky surface and stick it on the glass.

When you are done, take a towel or a piece of cloth and rub and press the mirror viewing mirror glass. It will tell you whether the mirror is firmly stuck to the glass.

Was that too difficult? I bet not.

How To Align Blind Spot Mirror?

Once you have bought a blind spot mirror, make sure it is worth spending every penny. If you take care of a few things, the little device can provide you with a more optimal view when you drive.

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For the driver, the adjustment should be in such a way that you can see your car’s body and what’s its position side by side with another car. Try to reduce overlap between the sides and central mirror range and make sure it captures a wide view between them.

While for the passenger, adjust the mirror by moving your head over the center of your car. The side of your car should be in viewing range.

How Blind Spot Mirror Works?

How Blind Spot Mirror Works


In figure 1, the driver is only able to see what is in the side view mirror. As you can see, a red car is passing by, but the driver will not have any idea until that red car gets closer to him.

If the red one comes with great speed, and the driver is about to take the left turn, then you know what would happen.

In figure 2, the side viewing mirror is positioned in the traditional manner, where the driver can see his car and also the yellow one, but he is unaware of the red car.

If that car installs a blind spot mirror, what would the scenario be? Let’s find out.

In figure 3, as soon as the green car leaves the center mirror, it appears on the outside one.

And when the side mirror is adjusted to the traditional manner in figure 5 with a blind spot installed on it, it reflects what shows in the center mirror, and the blind spot mirror does its work as well.

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Frequently Answer Questions

1. Where is the best place to put blind spot mirrors

It depends on the driver’s preference. Usually, it is most beneficial if the mirror is on the outside corner of either the upper or bottom position.

2. Does blind spot mirror work?

Without a doubt, a blind spot mirror can minimize the risk of accidents. See, no matter how you adjust your side view mirror, there will always be a blind spot. That is where this little solution strikes. It provides you will have an optimal view of that scary blind spot.

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3. What is the blind spot?

The name pretty much tells you everything about it. Yes, it refers to a spot that you are unable to see while holding the steering. A car can hide in your car’s blind spot without your notice.

Furthermore, you might want to pull over, but there is a kid in the blind spot with his toy approaching your car’s door.

4. How many blind spots are in a vehicle?

In most vehicles, there are two blind spots on each side of the car. This area extends roughly from the rear of a vehicle creating a triangle. However, depending on the type and size of a vehicle, the numbers of blind spots vary.

5. What is a no-zone for large vehicles?

No zone refers to the blind spot for large vehicles like trucks. The number of no-zone areas for a truck is, even more, these include: directly in front (due to its height), directly behind, and each side of the trucker, especially on the opposite side of him.

Final words

Blindspot mirrors help a lot for driving in a city with lots of traffic. There are hundreds and thousands of vehicle crashing accidents due to not being able to see what is in the blind spot. No matter how carefully you drive, anything can happen from that scary spot.

Therefore, taking a precaution is always appreciated. Hopefully, our article was able to provide you with the necessary knowledge regarding the blind spot mirror.

Now, you know why you should get one, and how to make the most out of it.

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