How To Take Off Refrigerator Doors For Delivery

If you’re curious about the possibility of removing refrigerator doors for delivery, then this article is for you. Find out more!

Can You Remove The Doors Of The Refrigerators To Deliver Them?

Yes, the refrigerator doors may be removed for delivery. When a refrigerator is too large to fit through a door, delivery staff often remove the doors.

The larger the refrigerator, the more difficult it is to get it through standard entrances. Refrigerators are heavy and delicate, making them difficult to move.

Small mistakes have the potential to ruin your fridge. Refrigerators have delicate parts that must be handled with care. Repairing or replacing a refrigerator is also a costly endeavor.

Experts suggest removing the door while moving a refrigerator through a tiny entryway to minimize damage. Fortunately, removing the fridge door is a simple process.

Removing a refrigerator door is a simple task if you see how delivery men do it. To remove a battery, you may not even need to review your device’s user manual. How to properly remove the refrigerator door is outlined in this guide.

Removing Refrigerator Doors For Delivery

Detach The Waterline And The Electrical Cable

Disconnecting the waterline and the electrical cord is necessary if the refrigerator has a dispenser, an ice maker, or both in the door. If there is an ice maker in the door, disconnect the refrigerator if it is attached.

Take Off The Front Grille

To begin, remove the refrigerator’s front grille from its bottom. Pulling it off will do the trick. Whirlpool refrigerators need the doors to be open and put at a 90-degree angle to the fridge to remove the front grille.

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To remove the waterline, you just take off the supply pipe from the junction beneath the grille.

If the electrical cord for the ice maker is at the water’s edge, just pull it apart to disconnect it. The wire is often hidden behind a cover on the top joint of GE and Frigidaire machines. To remove the connection on these models, just unscrew and remove the lid.

Remove The Doorknob

It is time to remove the door, which may be done after you have disconnected the waterline, the electrical wire, and even before you remove the grille. There are two tools needed to remove the door from the refrigerator: an Allen wrench or a Phillips screwdriver. Most variants use a triangular configuration of screws.

Lift The Door

Lift the door of the pivot after loosening the three screws from the hinge bracket. Since the door may be heavier than you anticipated, use additional caution while opening it.

Get a friend or family member to raise the door and place it on the wall. Instead of resting the door against the wall, you must put it on a towel for Whirlpool refrigerators.

Do Refrigerators Come With Their Doors Off?

In certain cases, a new refrigerator may be delivered without doors so that it can fit through a narrow doorway. Remove the doors, and you’ll find it easier to move them into place.

Once the fridge is inside, the delivery staff from the merchant are normally trained to unscrew and reinstall the door. The purchase of a refrigerator is a common occurrence in most people’s lives.

Our refrigerators don’t last nearly as long as they did in the ancient days, and we buy new ones every few years instead.

Buying a larger or nicer one, or one that matches their newly redone kitchen is one reason for this. A new refrigerator may be purchased, but getting it into the home might be a whole other ball game. When moving a refrigerator into your home, you may have to take the doors off to make it fit.

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removing refrigerator doors for delivery

Do All Fridges Come With Their Doors Off?

Certain refrigerators come with their doors open. Many single-door and top-and-bottom-door refrigerators are accessible from both inside and outside the home.

However, it gets more difficult when dealing with double-door refrigerators. The kind of doors in your home also affects whether or not you have to remove the fridge doors.

There’s no need to remove the fridge doors if your home has double-leafed or French doors.

How Can I Tell If The Refrigerator Doors Need To Be Removed For Delivery?

Home Depot and other appliance dealers give a step-by-step tutorial on how to get your refrigerator into your home. Before delivery, you may select whether or not the doors of your new fridge need to be removed.

They want you to have a look at the delivery route. As a result, you’ll have to take precise measurements of the journey your refrigerator will travel to reach its final destination inside your home. When you get the fridge through the door, that’s only the beginning.

Your home’s eventual destination must also have enough area for you and the fridge to get there. In addition, it is essential to measure the final location where the fridge will be installed. Fitted kitchens, where the fridge is incorporated into the room’s design, are an exception.

Do The Delivery Men Remove The Doors?

Refrigerator doors can typically be removed and replaced by the vast majority of large-chain store delivery staff.

Removing the doors on older refrigerator models is a simple task. Different rules apply to refrigerators with ice makers and water dispensers. You’ll need some competence to remove the doors since they include mechanics and electrical connections between the door and the body.

Refrigerators come with a variety of pipes and cables that need to be unplugged and reconnected after they’ve arrived in your home. A great deal of care must be used while removing and replacing these components.

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If you don’t do things correctly, you might end up damaging the pipes or electrical connections. Once the doors are disconnected, you may not be able to put them back together correctly.

The door’s mechanisms may not function correctly as a result of this. There have already been several well-known refrigerator manufacturers introducing smart refrigerators to the market. To remove and reassemble doors with more electronics, you’ll need more experience.

The manufacturer’s guide for removing fridge doors may be followed if you have a positive attitude about electronics or DIY in general. In most cases, you may find instructional videos or user manuals on either YouTube or the company’s website. This work should be rather straightforward if you follow the instructions in the letter.

Remove the doors for most door spaces and you’ll be good to go. However, in rare cases, the available space may be significantly reduced. Door hinge latches may also need to be removed if the fridge is unable to go through small gaps.


It is usually necessary to take the doors off your fridge when moving it into your home. You’ll have to take precise measurements of the journey your refrigerator will travel to reach its final destination inside your home. When you get the fridge through the door, that’s only the beginning.

All in all, it is a good idea to remove the fridge doors before delivery. This way, you’ll avoid any potential damage to the door mechanisms or electrical connections. You may also find it easier to maneuver the fridge without the doors attached.

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