How to Use a Clay Bar? (Easy Guide)

how to use a clay bar

Claying works miracles with its puzzling and outstanding abilities to its proficient users. It means getting rid of dirt particles that attach to the clay during the time it’s scrubbed along the surface of the car. Many talk about how a clay bar helps eliminate impurities and create a smoothing surface, yet they don’t try … Read more

How to Use a Grease Gun Properly?

how to use a grease gun properly

Have you ever imagined how painful it would be working with machines if there was no grease? I bet, you cannot even think of repairing work without this essential liquid. Using a grease gun makes the grease work even easier. But how to use one, is something you need to learn first. I am not … Read more

How to Fix Rust Holes on a Car?

how_to_fix-rust_holes_on_ a_car

Rusting is the most common problem with old cars. If you ever had it, you know how painful it feels to see such spot on your car’s body. It is one of the most hated enemies of car owners.If someone lives in a cloudy, harsh cold, wet winter area; his car is prone to more … Read more

How to Check Radiator Flow?

How to Check Radiator Flow

For the wellbeing of your car, it is an indispensable factor to keep the thermostat in top-notch condition. And one of the key components of the entire regulatory system (also known as the thermostat) of your car is the radiator. Hence, if you want your car to give you its best performance, the radiators need … Read more

How to Clean a Radiator with Baking Soda?

How to Clean a Radiator with Baking Soda

When your car starts overheating or leaking underneath, that is when you know you have problems with your car radiator. This can happen despite how well maintained your car is. The radiator is just one of those parts that need to go through special or intense cleaning since it can easily get clogged with rust. … Read more