Everything You Need to Know About Belltech Suspension

Belltech is one of the most trusted names in aftermarket suspension kits. This company offers various kits, from complete lowering kits with components such as shock and struts to lifting and leveling kits. This article aims to give you more information on Belltech Suspension and how you can utilize the company’s products with your vehicles.

History of Belltech Suspension

The company was created in 1983 in Fresno, California, to develop the most effective lowering suspensions for the Chevrolet pickup. Belltech was founded in Fresno as the city has long been a haven for lowered trucks and vehicles.

At the time, lowered trucks had terrible suspensions—so much so that they weren’t deemed roadworthy. The springs that replaced the OEM suspension parts weren’t necessarily the best tools for the application.

Furthermore, the springs used were heated using a torch or cut at the local mechanic shop to give the vehicles the trademark lowered stance. Ride quality suffered at the hands of aesthetics.

Fortunately, Belltech engineers and design staff figured out a better way. The way was to create a drop spindle in which the wheels are higher while the rest of the truck’s front end remains the same. This idea and invention launched the advent of the American sport truck.

For the drop spindle design to function, the other components of the truck’s suspension had to be addressed. This meant the release of Flip kits, Lowered Coil Springs, Shackle Hanger kits, and more.

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All of these suspension parts have to be the best performing to earn the Belltech name, meaning the suspension components have been created using superior designs and materials. This, in turn, has made Belltech suspension one of the country’s most successful truck suspension brands.

At first, Belltech suspension was created for the Chevy truck; however, as time passed, more and more people became interested in the Sport truck niche. It wasn’t long before Dodge, Ford, and even owners of foreign truck brands wanted to alter their trucks with Belltech’s suspension components.

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This demand, in turn, created a new niche of truck owners looking to alter their trucks in ways never seen. Belltech engineers designed and manufactured suspension components suited for various applications, which, in turn, caused the previously small company to grow.

When a vehicle’s suspension is lowered, you must consider several factors. Aside from those previously mentioned, another factor to consider is the suspension dampening system, also known as the shocks. OEM shocks are perfectly designed to work with OEM suspension.

However, when the suspension is changed, or the ride height is altered, then the geometry of the shock becomes affected.

For this reason, Belltech created the Nitro Active shock line, which utilizes a monotube design. This shock line has been proven to further enhance ride quality.

With that in mind, it is time to highlight the suspension components that Belltech offers:


Complete Lowering Kit

Complete Lowering Kit

The complete lowering kit best suits those who want to properly lower their SUV or truck the first time. This complete lowering kit consists of all the suspension parts and components required to achieve the stance you want. The suspension components attached to the kit also ensure that you have the alignment, safety, and performance required.

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The kit comprises a wide range of individual lowering suspension components and alignment and installation pieces required to achieve the look.

There are 5 stages available:

  • Stage 1 is the basic lowering kit without shocks
  • Stage 2 comes with ND2 shocks to improve ride quality
  • Stage 3 comes with the complete lowering kit and Street Performance shocks that improve ride quality and handling
  • Stage 4 comes with the Complete Handling Kit, coupled with sway bars and adjustable coilovers
  • Stage 5 is the top tier and comes with Dampening and Height Adjustable high performance, say bars and coilovers


  • NitroDrop2 or ND2 are the entry-tier shocks available on a lowering kit
  • Street Performance Shock offer increased handling
  • Street Performance Struts are front struts with height adjustable spring seats
  • SP Plus Shocks are the ultimate 2-way dampening adjustable performance shocks
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Lowering Components

  • Coilovers
  • Spindles
  • Lowering struts
  • Springs
  • Torsion bar keys
  • Lowering blocks
  • Leaf springs
  • Hangers and shackles


Complete Lifting Kit

The Belltech Suspension Lift Kit system is designed to raise a truck’s suspension first by adding two height adjustable Street Performance replacement struts to the front and two Street Performance twin tube shocks to the back. While other manufacturers only use 2 rear monotube shocks, Belltech takes it further by adding twin tube shocks.

The complete lifting kit with custom engineered twin-tube rear shocks that focus on tuning the low-speed rebound and compression. All of this engineering means a great ride. The front Street performance struts have been precision-engineered and are adjustable to provide superior ride quality, responsiveness, and handling.

The complete lifting kit further enhances the truck’s suspension by adding two new OE-inspired spindles. These drop spindles have been created to bolt on just like OEM spindles; however, these increase the strength of the front end while retaining the factory alignment specs, cams, and track width.

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Complete Lifting Kit

You can also be sure that the drop spindles do not induce bump steer, typically when a truck’s wheel steers itself without input from the steering wheel. In all, this helps to avoid a sloppy ride and steering experience.

The heavy-duty ¼ thick high clearance rear and front cross members help to increase the overall strength of your Belltech suspension while providing additional clearance for any obstacles you might experience offroad.

The complete lifting kit includes a ¼ thick laser-cut skid plate that protects your steering and drive-line components while on the road.

drop-down bracket

A highlight of the Belltech suspension system is the one-piece differential drop-down bracket. This bracket comes in a single piece and has been designed to retain the OEM CN joint angles and front differential geometry. This design ensures a tight handling and steering experience, providing immediate response when you turn.

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