How to Siphon Gas out of a Car Easily? in 2022

Siphoning involves the act of drawing off, specifically a liquid from one position to the other by use of a siphon. A siphon is a kind of tube that serves the purpose of transferring a liquid from an upward storage to a lower base level.

It is important for one to have the ability and skills of siphoning gas out of a car. Waiting for someone else to do it for you, should not be an option.

In this article, learn how to do it yourself.

Procedures To Siphon Gas Out Of A Car

We are going to discuss some of the ways that you can siphon gas from a car. Note that it is an easy and cheap process to siphon gas from another car, but it is considered illegal.

When you are caught, you could be taken to court and penalized by either paying a fine or going to jailed.

By Using A Siphoning Pump

Start by finding a siphoning pump. Get to the market and purchase a new siphoning pump that, if you don’t want to make it manually by yourself.

The siphoning pumps come in different forms and sizes. There are automatic ones and hand potentially types of siphoning pumps. Both are made to perform the same kind of task.

siphoning pumps


They are made with a tube inside that creates the suctioning pressure to help draw water from one point to the other terminus.

The pumps are useful in that they help one to maintain hygiene by siphoning gas effortlessly and harmlessly from one point to another. These types of siphoning pumps are ideal to avoid complications.

1. Connect The Tube

The first thing is to put your gas can on the floor under the tank of the car and connect the tube from the tank to the vessel you intend to use. Suctioning creates intensity that is needed to begin the initial process.

This is necessary for siphoning to happen. Then, gravity ensures the whole process is continuous once gas starts to stream down.

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For this process to work, it is required that the vessel for receiving gas is put at a lower gas interval compared to where the tank is situated. The pumps are made with two holes, with one meant for the liquid to penetrate in and another one meant for the liquid to pour out.

There will be more air moved inside the gas storage if you do not properly position the siphoning tube.

2. Start Pumping

Start the pumping when you are prepared. The mechanical pumps are easy to use as you just have to snap a switch.

In case you are making use of a hand managed pump, depending on its form, you could use a plunger and press in and out and in some cases use an inflatable bulb by compressing it.

Several pumps made to be used by the hands get the liquid flowing by a small number of pumps, then, the gas commences to flow easily.

For automatic pumps, you should check the guideline provided while purchasing the product. This is because they might or might not need to be left on during the siphoning process.

3. Elevate The Terminal Part Of The Tube

After you have had your fill, elevate the terminal part of your tube to halt the flow. This will inverse back the remaining gas inside the engine, and then you can switch off an automatic pump, in case, it is what you are using.

4. Slowly Carry Away The Pump From The Tank

As you have concluded the process, shut both the tank of the gas and your gas can, then wash your siphon pump if it came with the instructions to wash it after use during its purchase.

Mix water with soap and then pump in the siphoning pump to wash it and then let it dry in the air.

By Using A Gas Can Or Closed Container

Technique two of siphoning gas from a car is by ensuring you have a gas can or at least a closed container that will contain gas to be siphoned.

Be advised, gasoline fumes are highly perilous to your health, so it is advisable to be precautions while handling it. That is the key reason why gasoline can’t be moved from one place to another using any form of open container.

Using A Gas Can Or Closed Container

1. Get Your Transparent Tubing

Ensure you have transparent plastic tubing for the siphoning process. It should be about 2.5cm. Now, you ask, why should this tubing be transparent?

This is because it will allow you to watch the gasoline pass inside the tube. The method ensures that you are protected from gasoline getting into your mouth.

What you need are two tubes, one longer enough to reach deep into the gas tank and another one that is shorter but long enough to just reach into the tank’s opening.

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Two short but equivalently cut tubes can also be used in the process to produce the same objective.

2. Put Your Gas Can Close To The Gas Tank of Your Car

Since there is difference in height between the two, gravity ensures that siphoning will take place accurately.

At the moment, when gas begins passing through your tube, the flow will go on since their positioning supports the process.

3. Insert The Two Tubes Inside The Tank

Put the long tubing in the gas tank while the terminal side of it pointing deeply inside your vacant gas can.

In this case, you are not able to determine where the tubing end is located, that is, if it is fully put inside the gasoline tank or not, keenly blow inside the tube and pay attention if you might hear any bubble noise.

This is a method of confirming if the tubing is submerged or not without breathing in the harmful gasoline smoke. Then place the smaller tube slightly in the tank and ensure the two tubes are beside each other.

4. Cover The Tubes With A Rag

The idea here is to extend the level of air force that is inside the tank to relocate the gas to pass through the longer tube that is meant to receive gas.

5. Cover The Tubes

Closely cover the tubes but not so tightly because it will stop the movement of air and the required gas. The best types of seals are the one that are covered with water, so put your rag first in water then make a tight covering.

6. Exact Pressure Towards The Small Tube

By this time, the furthest point of your tube is already inside your gas container. Fill the short tube with air to raise the levels of air force in the tank. Use your mouth to blow if you can but be careful not to breathe in any form of gas.

The recommended tool needed here is a mechanical air pump. Increasing compression in the shorter tube raises air pressure levels in the gas tank, thereby leading to the flow of gas into the gas vessel from the long tube.

Ensure that air only passes through the shorter tubing by accurate with all of the above procedure of this method.

7. Check Out How The Gas Flows

As blowing occurs; so should the process of transferring of gas occur from the long tube into your gas container. Stop blowing immediately when the gas flows at ease by itself, and of course, by the power of gravity.

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8. Stop The Gas Flow

When you have gotten the amount that you want, stop the gas flow by putting your thumb on the long tube and lifting it up over the height of the engine of the gas. The leftover gas in the tube will get poured back in the tank.

After this, you will be done for the whole process and you will have your gas ready.

Release the short tube and get rid of the top covering of the tube in an instance where the gas isn’t able to return into the tank while you would like to halt siphoning. This allows air to move from the tank to allow gas to pass back in.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can one dispose polluted gas just in case you make mistakes in the process?

There are several measures involved in doing so. You can choose to pour it on the floor, that is, if it is legal in your area, or even flame it away. It is necessary to make sure that your gas doesn’t spill in excess.

2. Is it possible to siphon gas between two vehicles?

Well, it is, provided that the level of your car’s siphoning place is a bit raised in comparison with the tip end of your hose of the gas supplier.

3. How do we eliminate the smell of gasoline from the vehicle?

In order to eliminate the smell of gasoline from your vehicle, use a combination of baking soda, white vinegar plus hot water.

Thoroughly mix the ingredients in a dish. Use a piece of cloth to soak in the mixture and then wipe off on places, such as seats and other places that smell gasoline in your car.

4. Is siphoning gas from a car easy?

Siphoning gas from a car is an easy process that requires a lot of caution.

To conclude, the main idea for this siphoning process is to have the difference in positioning heights. This difference is the main secret to push through the process to success.

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