Jeep Hardtop Storage Ideas

When the summer season is finally here, it’s time to start thinking about taking down the Jeep‘s hardtop and storing it for a while. It’s just a matter of removing the hardtop and putting it away somewhere. However, if we do it incorrectly and store it irresponsibly, we may end up paying a significant price for our carelessness. Because it will require maintenance too. We must also consider how much these hardtops are actually worth. What are some of the best Jeep hardtop storage ideas in light of this information?

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What Are The Benefits Of Adding A Hardtop To A Jeep Wrangler?

Soft tops are more convenient to remove and store, which is why many Jeep Wrangler owners prefer them. Hardtops, on the other hand, are considerably easier to take off and store. However, there are several reasons why only hardtops are available as an option for these devoted drivers.

You Can Have A Roof Rack With A Jeep Hardtop Storage

If you want to mount a roof rack on your hardtop, the hardtop allows you to do so without difficulty. This roof rack installation will most often transport bicycles, kayaks, or any other object you wish to carry on the top.

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Jeep Hardtop Can Last Longer And Are Tough

A soft-top will seldom cause any damage to a hardtop. There’s no doubting that the hardtop is the more durable of the two roofing alternatives.

Jeep Hardtop Provides More Insulation From The Outter Side

When you must drive your Jeep in inclement weather, such as snow or ice, you will appreciate having this kind of roof. The hardtop is more insulating than a soft top in many ways. However, it has several advantages in the winter as well as the summer. You can also turn on the air conditioner.

When you close the doors with your garage door opener, they will automatically snap shut and hold the air inside. Hardtops also make driving in an automobile significantly more peaceful. All of the air will remain within the automobile without any leakage when you use your garage door opener to close them.

Jeep Hardtop Storage Ideas

When the summer approaches and the heat becomes more apparent, we know it’s time to remove the Jeep Wrangler’s hardtop. Because the hardtop of the Jeep is large and heavy, it’s a must-have if we’re going to be able to find a tool that will make our lives easier every time this procedure happens. The most important thing to remember is that there are many alternatives for all budgets and tastes. We’ll go through the most common and creative ones below.

The Manual Jeep Hardtop Storage Hoist

The winch is attached to the windshield frame, which makes this system not dependent on an electric motor. The hardtop’s weight is distributed and evenly lifted by a set of reinforced pulleys. This system is frequently less expensive than an electric hoist. Even so, it may cause major installation difficulties and operational problems; as well, it will put a lot of wear on the force we’ll have to employ.

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However, if the truck’s owner installed it correctly, we will have a powerful, easy-to-use, and inexpensive hoist at our disposal.

The Electrical Jeep Hardtop Storage Hoist

With a static-line hoist, the advantage is that it does not require much strength on the part of the operators. Electric hoists employ strong, heavy-duty electric motors to raise and lower hardtops.

Hoists are heavy, expensive, and complicated to install. Even though they have a lot of power, they may cause difficulties during the installation. To support the considerable electric motor, this hoist requires significant roof support. However, if you prepare carefully, you can make the most of this strong lifting system.

Another interesting feature of this intelligent machine is that it may not only raise the roof. It serves as a static storage device in addition.

The Storage And Transportation Cart

This storage solution has been popular among Jeep Wrangler drivers in recent years. The main benefit is that the trolley performs three tasks at once: as a lift, practical transportation for the hardtop, and also storage space.

These carts may be simply set beneath the hardtop. they will be lifted. Then they will be rolled without a lot of struggle to hold them in a convenient location.

The major disadvantage of these transport carts is their high price; nevertheless, it’s critical to consider this purchase as a long-term investment. They’re heavy-duty trolleys with a lifespan of many years.

DIY Jeep Hardtop Storage System

DIY hardtop lift systems have one main feature in common: they allow Jeep Wrangler owners to use their own creativity and resources to solve problems. People who enjoy doing things themselves will always choose this approach over the old methods.

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The rope-only model is a popular choice for most people. This method might be very similar to the manual hoist. Perhaps its main distinction is that no two people make this system in the same way. The risk associated with this technique is that individuals may frequently skip crucial phases of disassembling the hardtop, resulting in safety and efficiency losses.

Is It Safe To Leave The Jeep Hardtop On Its Side?

No, you should not keep your Jeep hardtop on its side. This might cause harm to your hardtop or the side windows if it is kept on its side. The Jeep hardtop has a structure on the sides that supports the weight of the top when stored vertically.

The hardtop is essential since it provides support and protects the occupants of the vehicle. When stored on the side, the hardtop takes on a “C” shape that supports weight, and where pressure points may develop stress fractures are on the top portion of the hardtop. This isn’t ideal, and it might reduce the longevity of your roof.

Bottom Line – Jeep Hardtop Storage Ideas!

We must be aware that hardtops for Jeeps Wranglers are not a cheap item. Hardtops are huge, hefty, and take up a lot of room, therefore we must take precautions when they are not in use. This information should push us to put these storage solutions into practice in order to protect our money and make the process as simple as feasible.

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