10 Best Wheel Bearing Grease Reviews In 2022

You will not find many quality reviews on the best wheel bearing grease. The reason is pretty understandable. Guys like you and I who know about this topic do not have time to waste on the internet.

But these days, home deliveries are saving me so much time that I decided to return the favor to the internet. Here in this wordy piece, you will find everything you need to know about greases. You will also find the explanation of some mechanical terms.

Follow the instructions given below and you should have your match soon.

In hurry! Then here is our top 3 wheels bearing grease for you.

Allstar ALL78241 Timken Brand Premium Red Type
[lasso link=”B006K8VIAM” title=”strongAllstar ALL78241 Timken Brand Premium Red Type” link_id=”477″ ref=”allstar-all78241-timken-brand-premium-red-type-wheel-bearing-grease-16-oz-tub” id=”8116″]
Sta-Lube SL3121 High Temp Wheel Bearing Grease
[lasso link=”B000CPJMY8″ title=”strongSta-Lube 14 Ounce Marine Boat Trailer” link_id=”478″ ref=”sta-lube-sl3121-water-resistant-marine-grease-14-oz-tub” id=”8086″]
Timken GR224C Wheel Bearing Grease
[lasso link=”B0077K8WJC” title=”strongMag Red Disc Brake Wheel Bearing Grease” link_id=”479″ ref=”mag-1-720-red-high-temp-disc-brake-wheel-bearing-grease-1-lb” id=”8120″]

Best Wheel Bearing Grease Reviews

Here, you have our top eight picks for best bearing grease and their details. You can count them as the top contenders in the market.

1. Allstar ALL78241 Timken Brand Premium Red Type


[lasso fields=”B006K8VIAM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Allstar ALL78241″ link_id=”480″ ref=”allstar-all78241-timken-brand-premium-red-type-wheel-bearing-grease-16-oz-tub” id=”8116″]

[lasso fields=”B006K8VIAM” value=”button” link_id=”481″ ref=”allstar-all78241-timken-brand-premium-red-type-wheel-bearing-grease-16-oz-tub” id=”8116″]

The Allstar Timken brand has a lot of products that explains their goodwill in the market. Their premium red wheel bearing grease is another of those reliable merchandises.

Our research tells us after applying the Timken; you will be good to go for 40,000 miles. It doesn’t let any moisture to get in the parts you used it on, keeping it free from corrosion for a long time. The product further has an LGI No. 2 lithium-complex thickener.

This grease prevents small bits of metal to get in the bearings. It also prevents breaking of small metal parts in the bearing itself.

Even if the metal bits get in somehow, the grease deters them to roll around and cause problems to the bearings.

It can withstand a very high temperature ranging from -40° Celsius to 149° Celsius or -40° Fahrenheit to 300° Fahrenheit. A big problem for purchasing grease online is that when they are delivered, they are either entirely spilled or have dropped out of the container. But the Timken has no such problem.


  • Long working life
  • Works in high temperature
  • Two lithium-complex thickener


  • Little hard to clean

2. Sta-Lube SL3121 High Temp Wheel Bearing Grease


[lasso fields=”B00BYQO3DO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Sta-Lube SL3121″ link_id=”482″ ref=”crc-marine-boat-trailer-and-4-x-4-wheel-bearing-grease” id=”8117″]

[lasso fields=”B00BYQO3DO” value=”button” link_id=”483″ ref=”crc-marine-boat-trailer-and-4-x-4-wheel-bearing-grease” id=”8117″]

The Sta-lube packs 14 ounces of the best trailer wheel bearing grease for you. It has a tacky blue look with a soft and rigid texture.

This grease is created from highly refined oil. It also has a polymer that forms adhesiveness.

This grease will not mix with water rather water will wash out without doing anything to the lubricant itself. You can call it one of the top water repellent grease in the market. To state in numbers, it has 5% water washout possibility at 175°F.

It can also perform at high temperature. The dropping point of this grease is 500° F or 260° C, but the company generously tells us that the working temperature is 0 to 325° F or -17.8° to 162° Celsius. It also has a prolonged evaporation rate.

It has an aluminum complex base. The flash point of this grease is better than 450° Fahrenheit or 232.2° Celsius. Some other features of this grease is a pour point of 0°F or -17.78°C, oxidation stability of 5, and leakage possibility of 5 which is excellent.


  • Works in high temperature
  • Water repellent grease
  • Good ISO viscosity


  • Less versatile than other brands

3. Timken GR224C Wheel Bearing Grease


[lasso fields=”B00460DVFQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Timken GR224C Wheel Bearing Grease” link_id=”484″ ref=”timken-gr224c-wheel-bearing-grease-14oz-cartridge-packaging-may-vary” id=”8124″]

[lasso fields=”B00460DVFQ” value=”button” link_id=”485″ ref=”timken-gr224c-wheel-bearing-grease-14oz-cartridge-packaging-may-vary” id=”8124″]

Timken has again made it to our top eight list for its exceptional performance. The story of Timken is a story of success and innovation – growing from a homemade product to a conglomerate – expanding in all the continents having 30 factories around the globe.

This time, they provided you with grease that comes in a 14-ounce cartridge.It features NLGI No. 2 lithium complex thickener.

The number two grease is the most common hardness and consistency for grease. It can stay in place over a wider but normal temperature range.

The thing also provides mechanical stability which is hard to find in the market. It resists softening which every driver looks for in grease that he is going to put in his trailer or some other mechanical parts.

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It is also great in wet conditions. This prevents water from getting into your machines and bearings. The grease contains anti-wear and water-resistant additives.

So, it works very well with water and moisture. It also reduces oxidization. So, if you are a farmer and looking for grease for your tractors, then this is for you.


  • Best in watery conditions
  • Mechanical stability
  • NLGI No. 2 lithium complex thickener


  • Not versatile

4. Mag-1 720 Red High-Temp Disc Brake Wheel Bearing Grease


[lasso fields=”B0077K8WJC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Mag 1 720″ link_id=”486″ ref=”mag-1-720-red-high-temp-disc-brake-wheel-bearing-grease-1-lb” id=”8120″]

[lasso fields=”B0077K8WJC” value=”button” link_id=”487″ ref=”mag-1-720-red-high-temp-disc-brake-wheel-bearing-grease-1-lb” id=”8120″]

Mag 1 is another of the market leader for automobile and petroleum chemicals. It gives you one of its best products; the 720 disc brake wheel bearing grease in a one pound bucket.

It is easy to apply and not very hard to clean. So you don’t have to sweat while getting it in your bearings. According to our research, it gives the best pump ability in all kind of temperatures and weathers.

Dropping point of 260°C or 500°F makes it very strong and gives it a long life. It also hosts an NLGI 2 grade which is the most common one in the market and also the most versatile.

The operation temperature of this grease is measured by the manufactures to be from -40°F to 325°F.

It also has oxidization stability of 5 ASTM D942 which is also pretty standard in good quality greases. The grease passed the ASTM D1743 rust prevention test. And, its effective penetration is 265-295 at 77°F. The manufactures also provided the measurement of wheel bearing leakage which is 6.0.


  • Good working penetration
  • Works well in high temperatures
  • Long life
  • Good smell
  • Versatile


  • Cannot reseal the container

5. CRC SL3184 Marine Grease


[lasso fields=”B000M2QS4S” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”CRC SL3184″ link_id=”488″ ref=”crc-sl3184-marine-grease-for-boat-trailer-and-4×4-wheel-bearing-3oz-cartridge” id=”8094″]

[lasso fields=”B000M2QS4S” value=”button” link_id=”489″ ref=”crc-sl3184-marine-grease-for-boat-trailer-and-4×4-wheel-bearing-3oz-cartridge” id=”8094″]

This is another of the blue tacky semi-solid greases. It has an aluminum complex base with a highly refined base oil.

The grease comes in three cartridges each having 3 ounces of the lubricant. This makes the application of the grease very comfortable and easy, especially in narrow spaces. You don’t need any tactic to get the grease in place.

Safety always comes first when working with big machines. Herein, the manufactures made the SL3184 marine non-flammable.

Dropping point of 500°F is accompanied by pouring point of 0°F. More so, its oxidization stability and leakage level are both measured at 5.

These features make it one of the best cartridge greases that can work in varied conditions.The ISO viscosity is 180Cst at 40°C or 104°F.

You might feel it is a little low, but CRC SL3184 is specialized for slow moving vehicles. The working penetration for this grease is an ideal 265 to 295.

Working temperature for this grease is 0° to 325°F or -17.8° to 162°C. You can use it in boat trailer bearings, marine equipment, slides, wheel bearings, winches, turnbuckles, shaft log seals and all types of other places. You can also use it in a bike. You may even call it the best grease for wheel bearings.


  • Versatile
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy to use
  • Good for the grease gun


  • Not the best choice for large and heavy machineries

6. LubriMatic Aqua 11400 Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease


[lasso fields=”B00O7CLV1O” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”LubriMatic 11400″ link_id=”490″ ref=”lucas-oil-10682-marine-grease-3-oz-pack-of-3″ id=”8119″]

[lasso fields=”B00O7CLV1O” value=”button” link_id=”491″ ref=”lucas-oil-10682-marine-grease-3-oz-pack-of-3″ id=”8119″]

Lubrimatic gave us this unique grease that has a base component of calcium sulfonate complex. You don’t see this base a lot in the market.

This feature makes it specialized in marine application. You can also use it in other places like in farming tractors or machines that will come in contact with water and high levels of moisture.

You can use it in wheel bearings, disc brake wheel bearings, swivel hinges, pins, anchor chain reels, and many more places especially where moisture and oxidization is the problem.

High level of dropping point makes it efficient in places where temperatures can rise rapidly. The dropping point is 550° F or 287.78° C. It is tested by NLGI and has a rating of 2 which makes it ideal for most applications.

This grease comes in a package containing four packs of three-ounce mini cartridges. It is ideal for your grease gun. As I said earlier, it is suitable for marine application making it useful for coastal areas where salty water and the air is a big problem.


  • Great in salty conditions
  • Perfect for marine use
  • Strong protection against corrosion
  • High dropping point


7. Sta-Lube Marine Grease


[lasso fields=”B000KKLLPS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Sta-Lube SL3120″ link_id=”492″ ref=”sta-lube-marine-grease-for-boat-trailer-wheel-bearings-14-ounce” id=”8092″]

[lasso fields=”B000KKLLPS” value=”button” link_id=”493″ ref=”sta-lube-marine-grease-for-boat-trailer-wheel-bearings-14-ounce” id=”8092″]

This is the best marine grease that you can find in the market. It has a tacky blue appearance with a base type of aluminum complex. It also uses a highly refined base oil.

Like all the other good quality marine greases, it uses a special type of polymer that is effective in keeping water out of the applied area.

It also allows it to stick to the bearings and make them smooth as possible. They will not come out as the consistency is maintained to be in the optimum point.

This comes in a 14-ounce cartridge which will be perfect for your grease gun. The product is non-flammable, so you don’t have to be extra careful and divide your focus while you are working with the grease.

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It will have a working temperature range from 0° F to 450° F or -17.78° C to 232.22° C. The dropping point of this grease is 470° F or 243.33° C. These features infer that it can be used in high-temperature areas where the grease needs to maintain its structure and place.


  • High dropping point
  • Good for marine use
  • Will work in salty conditions


  • Can’t be used for disc brakes

8. Star Brite Bearing Grease


[lasso fields=”B000XBIX1E” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Star Brite 026016″ link_id=”494″ ref=”star-brite-wheel-bearing-grease-1-lb” id=”8104″]

[lasso fields=”B000XBIX1E” value=”button” link_id=”495″ ref=”star-brite-wheel-bearing-grease-1-lb” id=”8104″]

Star Brite wheel bearing grease designed primarily for marine usage. It is perfect in damp conditions. You can use it in boats, boat trailers, and all kinds of other machines that come in contact with water too much.

It will also be useful for other farming machine bearings and industrial bearings that also have to deal with water.

Star Brite made it especially for coastal areas where air has a higher density of salt in them. The oxidization rate rapidly comes down to 5 after applying this grease. It has special chemicals that create a force field around the bearing to protect it from corrosion.

It comes in a 16 ounce or 454 grams pot. You can also get it in a cartridge that fits your grease gun. You can use it in pumps, hinges, winches, pins, anchor chain reels and any other places where it is needed. This grease is NLGO rated #2 making it perfect for all kinds of uses.


  • Best for marine use
  • High corrosion resistant
  • Low price


  • Irritates hands and eyes

9. TRIAX RED Wheel Bearing Grease


[lasso fields=”B07RY3D9NB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”TRIAX RED Wheel Bearing Grease” link_id=”496″ ref=”triax-spheron-ht-2-grease-red-wheel-bearing-lithium-complex-high-temp-550f-ultra-tacky-extreme-pressure-virtually-waterproof-14-oz-cartridge-1-tube” id=”8125″]

[lasso fields=”B07RY3D9NB” value=”button” link_id=”497″ ref=”triax-spheron-ht-2-grease-red-wheel-bearing-lithium-complex-high-temp-550f-ultra-tacky-extreme-pressure-virtually-waterproof-14-oz-cartridge-1-tube” id=”8125″]

TRIAX RED Wheel Bearing Grease is a premium, heavy-duty, multi-use lithium complex grease that comes fortified with polymers, tackiness additives, and anti-wear agents, rust and oxidation inhibitors, and high viscosity base oils.

It’s designed to stay in place and lubricate even under the most severe conditions of water-mud-dirt. It delivers exceptional adhesion that performs well in applications like mining, quarrying, agriculture, heavy-duty trucking, and more.

It boasts of high-temperature stability which makes it the perfect lubricant for high-speed wheel bearings on the disc brakes, say in racing applications. The product will also hold up to high-temperature industrial applications running up to 500F.

With the highest Timken load test in its class (over 70 pounds), this grease offers extreme pressure protection. And while lubricating, this oil also protects the critical metal surface and moving parts against rust and corrosion. The grease has a distinctive red to help you easily identify it and detect any defective bearing seals.


  • Mechanical stability
  • High washout resistance
  • High water resistance
  • High-temperature grease
  • Extremely high load-bearing capacity


  • The grease might feel too slippery

10. Neo Synthetics HP800 High Performance Wheel Bearing Grease


[lasso fields=”B004UC8VIC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Neo Synthetics Wheel Bearing Grease” link_id=”498″ ref=”neo-synthetics-hp800-high-performance-wheel-bearing-grease-1-lb-tub” id=”8122″]

[lasso fields=”B004UC8VIC” value=”button” link_id=”499″ ref=”neo-synthetics-hp800-high-performance-wheel-bearing-grease-1-lb-tub” id=”8122″]

If you’re looking for EP high temp grease, this Neo Synthetic high-performance grease is a good option. The lubricant was specifically designed for the precision rolling elements in high-performance racing cars. It appears slightly thinner in consistency and has a higher viscosity compared to the standard grease you’ll find in passenger vehicles.

It’s designed to withstand extremely high temperatures applications, up to 425-degree C (800 degrees F). It comes integrated with special additive technology plus synthetic fluids which grant it high film strength in the most severe applications. Since the grease constitutes a highly specialized mixed base complex soap structure, it also delivers excellent dropping point, thermal, and mechanical stability.

Thanks to the grease’s low bleed characteristics, it delivers maximum protection against high temperatures as well as high radial force.

Keep in mind that this grease also offers high resistance to water and emulsions washouts, enabling it to stick in place and do its job of lubrication. Unlike most of its competitors out there, this grease can also work with sensitive metallurgy such as silver, tin, copper, aluminum, and their alloys.


  • Superior adhesiveness
  • Versatile
  • Excellent washout resistance
  • High dropping point


  • It’s not cheap
  • A bit hard to clean (highly tenacious)

Best Wheel Bearing Grease Buying Guide

When selecting a grease, it’s important to check the owner’s manual which includes relubrication intervals and recommended greases. It is also important to know under what temperatures and environment the grease will be used, for example, is it going to be cold, wet, hot or dirty.

All in all, you have to know the conditions your bearings are going to be in before you purchase your grease. Now, here are some facts you need to know when you are looking for the perfect wheel bearing grease.



It measures the hardness of the grease. Viscosity is critical. For wet and cold areas, you need to have a low viscosity, and for hot and rough regions, need to have a high viscosity level. The NLGI has set standards for that.


NLGI Number

This stands for National Lubricating Grease Institute, and they certify grease and give points to them. You will commonly see NLGI 1 and 2 but these can range from 000, 00, 0, 1 and all the way up to 6.

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It measures the hardness of the grease. The lower numbers are softer and easier to pump while higher numbers are harder.

If you have a long hose or you are in cooler temperatures, then lower numbers are better. Number 2 is the most common hardness. It has a wider but normal temperature range.


You will find three kinds of certification, the GC, LB, and GC-LB. If the grease is GC approved then that is acceptable in disc brake wheel bearings.

LB certification means it is accepted for chassis lubrication. Lastly, if it is GC-LB approved then it is wheel bearing and chassis lubrication certified.


Dropping Point

It is the temperature where a substance loses its semi-solid characteristics and becomes a flowing liquid. It is crucial for grease because if in high temperatures it drops out from the bearings then it will not serve its purpose.

The ideal dropping point should be around 500° F or 260° C.

Pour Point

It is the opposite of dropping point. It is the temperature where a substance loses its flowing liquid characteristics and becomes semi-solid material. The ideal pour point for grease is 0° F or -17.78° C.

Working Temperature

Dropping point and pour points are the extremes where the grease either jams the bearing or flows out of it entirely. But it does not describe the working temperature where the grease will perform ideally.The ideal working temperature for grease is 0° F to 300° F or -17.780° C to 1480° C.



The most common and useful base type is the aluminum complex base type. It is better than most other varieties. Sulfonate complex base type is also gaining popularity these days.

General Purpose Grease

These types of grease are used where a low-cost product is needed. It is used in inexpensive and non-critical parts where premium performance is not required. The grease is mostly used in low-speed bearings with frequent relubrication requirements.

How To Grease Wheel Bearings?

I am gonna be showing you two methods of greasing; one with your hand, another with a handy packer.

1. Hand Method

Take a good amount of grease on your non-dominant hand. Don’t be skimpy, the amount should be overwhelming.

Now, take the bearings on the other hand. Hold it firmly and choose a single side of the bearing to start from. Then begin to press the bearing on the grease until it starts to come out from the other side. It will take some time and hard work.

When you see grease coming out from the top of the bearings, you are done with that side. Now, keep doing that until you have 360° of spilling out grease. Also, wipe out some grease on the outside of your bearing.

2. Handy Packer Method

Generally, the way to use a handy packer depends on the way the packer is built. You need to use it if you have less time and more bearings or you just don’t want to get your hands messed up.

Put grease in the handy packer jar. Don’t need to fill it up. Then unscrew the plunger and put the bearing in place. You will see that there are holes underneath the bearing which will push the grease in your bearing.

Now, screw the plunger in and push it down. Keep pushing it down until the grease comes out of the other side. If it is a used bearing, then you will see dirty black old grease coming out of there. That’s how you can ensure perfect greasing.

Frequently Answer Questions 

Q: Why is dropping point so important?

A: The dropping point tells you the maximum temperatures in which the grease retains structure. It is important because if it is too low, then you will not be able to use it in high-temperature conditions.

Q: What is penetration?

A: Penetration is the measurement of consistency. It indicates how consistent the grease will be in its performance.

Q: What is viscosity?

A: It is the stiffness of the lubricant meaning how well-resistant it is to flow.

Q: Why the rate of viscosity is so important?

A: You are gonna be using the grease in places where the temperature gets high. So, if the level of viscosity is less in those high temperatures, the lubricant is going to be runny and come out of the bearing or any other machine you put it in.

Some machine requires a high viscous level, and others require a low viscous level. That’s why the level of viscosity is so essential.

Q: What is the pour point?

A: The temperature where oil turns into semi-solid is called the pour point. Here, it almost losses its flowing capabilities.

Final Words

The guys with experience in hardware maintenance know the importance of grease very well. Here, we have tried to equip you finding the best wheel bearing grease to solve all those maintenance problems.

Hopefully, you will not have to get into trouble with grease again.

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