The Best Septic Tank Treatments for 2021

Best Septic Tank Treatments

Every day we are generating waste through all the housework we do, as well as our bodily functions. Once we see them getting flushed or going down the sink, we don’t really think about the next step. Until we get hit by a malodor of gigantic proportions or the surrounding ground starts to look soggy. …

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How to Gut a Catalytic Converter : How Hard It Is?


This entails an apparatus which transforms some specific risky substances found inside the car exhaust to non-risky substances by use of a catalyst. It is popularly known as “goat belly”. There are three dangerous gases emitted, and they are; carbon monoxide that gets produced when fuels are burnt, a hydrocarbon that releases smog brought about …

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How to Clean Car Battery Terminals: Step By Step

how to clean car battery terminals

Battery slime causes trouble and reduces the life of your car’s battery. It can cause leaks, therefore leading to serious effects on your batteries. Maintaining the cleanliness of your batteries helps cut down on unnecessary costs that you may incur due to battery failure that may be caused by dirt. It is quite hard to …

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How to Fix a Radiator Leak on Your Own?

how to fix a radiator leak

Got a leaking radiator? Well, it’s time to get under the hood and fix it. In this article, I’m going to show you how to fix leaks on your vehicle. The radiator is an important component of your car. It keeps the engine cool and keeps the car running smoothly. Without it, your engine will …

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